Strong Cities Network; DHS; and the SPLC

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally to Destroy Freedom

On September 29, 2015, Attorney General Loretta Lynch delivered a speech to the United Nations that should be considered one of the most powerful and frightening threats to American freedom ever conceived. Lynch was announcing United States’ support and participation in a new program called the Strong Cities Network.

Of course her words were cleverly prepared to disguise the obvious threats of the program. She spoke of creating a link between cities to learn new ways to “lift up communities …

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Compassion, Thy Name is Theft

I am fed up to my burning ears with Cart Blanc castigation of Conservatives! The other day I accidentally landed on MSNBC just in time to hear a discussion about Conservatives and their lack of compassion for the fate of the poor.

Said the spokeswoman, with great authority, “Conservatives always talk about the family and about spending time with your kids. And they say all you have to do is pull yourself up by your boot straps to get ahead.” Then with great disdain she said, …

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Know Your Enemy: Attack of the NGOs

The UN just wrapped up yet another international meeting attended by thousands of delegates and world leaders. This time they introduced and unanimously approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This is the 17 Goal reboot of Agenda 21 with plans to fully enforce it by 2030.

Many people ask me who writes these Agendas and who attends these meetings. And especially people ask how they wield so much power and influence over our government. It’s a vast matrix composed of both private Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) groups …

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American Policy Center teams up with Constitutional Alliance to Award the “Badge of Honor”

Michigan Representative Gary Glenn along with Michigan Representative Tim Kelly have each been awarded the Constitutional Alliance’s Badge of Honor. In addition, legislative aide Nancy Bareham is the first staff member of a legislator awarded a Badge of Honor. Each of the honorees received their plaques in October. The Badge of Honor is not about opposing smart meters or any other technology. As you read this short essay, you will learn the real issue is representation; the very issue that led to our founding fathers …

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It’s 1992 All Over Again

A New Agenda 21 Threatens Our Way of Life

If you had a time machine and could travel back to 1992 as the UN’s Earth Summit was underway, your efforts to abort this subversive policy would be aided by all you had experienced in the Orwellian world of “Sustainable Living”. You wouldn’t have to wonder what the NGOs who created it had in mind. You wouldn’t have to trust the news media to provide the details. You would know because you would have lived it. You would …

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Patriots vs. Politicians 2015

Many of the younger generation must be truly bewildered over the emotions older Americans display when expressing love, devotion, respect and reverence for our country. A tear in the eye for a patriotic song… a hand over the heart as the national anthem plays… a salute to the flag as it passes in a parade. Why would we older folks do that?

What frame of reference could younger Americans possibly have? Patriotism, nationalism – even American citizenship are taboo in today’s school curriculum. Globalism, diversity, and …

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A New Symbol Has Been Cast: People • Property • Liberty

Time to Treat Property Owners like OWNERS!

The American way of life, based on a strong middle class established through free enterprise and ownership of private property, is under assault like never before.

That assault will dramatically increase in September as thousands of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), global elitists and United Nation’s bureaucrats converge on New York City to reboot Agenda 21. This time they are calling it the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This new 15 year plan demands 17 points of global control to reorganize the …

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Tom DeWeese in Rindge, NH

Last week I spoke in the tiny community of Rindge, NH. Here local citizens discovered strange things happening in their local government. Turned out to be Agenda 21. So they took action to stop it. Changed the local government and made it mandatory that before the government could apply for a HUD grant they first had to have a vote of the people. Creative, inspiring stuff! I went there to congratulate them and to warn them to stay vigilant because the battle isn’t over.

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Take Control of this Presidential Election!

APC Sledgehammer Action Alert

Take Control of this Presidential Election!
How do we make the policies of Agenda 21 a major issue in the upcoming election campaign? Let’s take it directly to the candidates, in front of their own audiences!

I’ve prepared three main questions for all anti-Agenda 21- property rights activists can ask anywhere the multitude of Presidential candidates appear.

Each of these questions pertain to one of the three planks of Agenda 21. The three planks are 1. Social Equity; 2. Economic Prosperity; 3. Ecology (the …

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Why The Patriot Act is Tyranny and Rand Paul is a Hero

Senator Rand Paul is taking a lot of heat from establishment Conservatives and some in the media for his unwavering stand against the Patriot Act. The party line that is emerging says that we are now vulnerable to terrorist attack. Even Senator Paul, himself, said he was being accused of damaging America’s defenses against such attacks.

These accusations are almost humorous considering that many of these same establishment Republicans have refused to force Barack Obama to enforce immigration laws. That fact now allows literally anyone who …

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