The Compassionate Liberals Who Throw Their Hate At Little Boys

You can imagine the scene at the homes of each Eagle Scout as they prepared for their big night. Imagine the honor of being picked for the opening ceremonies of such a major event. It would be on national television and the whole family would see them walk proudly out on the stage, carrying the nation’s flag. Imagine the excitement as beaming grandparents called to wish them well. Fresh hair cuts were in order. Polished shoes. The uniform they were so proud of, pressed and ready to go. Then the big moment as they walked, straight and tall, out on stage; the bright television lights blinding, hot. And the crowd of delegates standing and … booing.

Yes, this was the scene at the Democrat National Convention as the troop of Eagle Scouts walked out on the stage for the opening ceremonies. The ever vigilant Democrats can thank California delegate Gloria Johnson for being alert enough to notice the scouts filing in. Immediately she sprang into action, making makeshift signs and recruiting more delegates to “send the message” of solidarity with gay boy scouts. The cause, always the cause with liberals. So busy are they “feeling” everyone’s pain that they ignore (and probably don’t care about) the pain they cause others.

What crime had those young scouts committed? They were little boys excited about their big night. They knew little of the issues that swirl around them. It was a Supreme Court decision that gave the Boy Scouts (a private organization) the right to choose who their leaders will be. The bullies of the Democrats couldn’t win that fight in a court of law – so they took it out on little boys – all in the name of compassion.

Take a good look at liberal compassion, America. And the next time you’re at a party listening to one of these bores pontificating about his concern for the little guy – perhaps you can just pour a drink over his head and walk away. It would be a much kinder act than their destruction of a special moment in the lives of some young boys. And it would make you feel good about yourself too. I’m looking forward to cooling these blowhards off with a whole pitcher.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.