The Time is Now… The United Nations – Irrelevant and Dangerous

March 28, 2003

By Tom DeWeese

The world is in chaos and, quite frankly, it’s the United Nations’ fault. It gives validity to zealots and petty bigots. It helps to keep tyrannical dictators in power. It provides money and aid to international terrorists. And it sets itself up as the international economic and environmental standard to which all nations are to mirror. The truth is, the United Nations is the root of international trouble, not the answer.

Saddam Hussein is in power, able to threaten world peace today because the United States allowed the United Nations to dictate the terms for the finish to the Gulf War after an American-organized coalition all but annihilated Iraq.

In the intervening ten years, Iraq has time and again broken the terms of that treaty. The UN’s response has been to pass 17 resolutions to demand that Iraq behave itself. Those resolutions are toothless and irrelevant because other nations that have economic dealings with Iraq refuse to take action for fear of losing money.

When President Bush went before the UN to make his case against Iraq, he simply was asking the Security Council if it agreed with the U.S. assessment that Iraq “has been and remains in material breach,” of the terms of the Gulf War disarmament provisions.

True to form, the UN was unable to act on so clear of a position. Instead, France, Russia and China, all nations who have Iraqi economic ties to lose in a war, and all members of the Security Council, used their power to delay and deny U.S. action.

As a result, the UN resolution #17 does not allow for U.S. action if a breach is found. Instead it demands that the UN basically issue resolution #18.

Delay. Negotiate. Recommend. Study. Reconsider. Do nothing. This is the same game the UN has played in nearly every international crisis. It is the reason North Korea remains a threat and its violent dictator remains in power after 50 years. It’s the reason why Zimbabwe’s murderous dictator, Robert Mugabe, is able to steal his election and then steal the land of white property owners and still have a voice at the UN’s Sustainable Development Conference a few months ago in South Africa. It’s the reason why the Communist Chinese are able to ignore any UN rules not to their liking while growing as an international military and economic threat. It’s the reason why a terrorist nation like Syria can be given a seat on the UN’s Human Rights Council while the United States is removed.

The United Nations’ main purpose is to provide voice and power to irrelevant or vicious nations to counter the United States. The UN will never approve U.S. military action against Iraq or any tin horn dictators who threaten the peace, because they are the very dictators who now control UN decisions.

It is, however, the United States that is to blame for this situation, because we allow this circus on the East River to exist. The only credibility the UN possesses comes from recognition by the United States. The only financial security the UN enjoys comes from funds provided by U.S. taxpayers. The only military punch controlled by the UN comes from American military might.

The United States is dutifully providing an elegant clubhouse in which pouting and jealous bureaucrats and self-inflated international diplomats can pretend to matter. As long as the United States allows them to exist and as long as this nation goes along with their demands, they do matter. The United Nations is nothing more than a house of cards, but it’s a very dangerous house of cards.

The UN is dangerous because its most vocal membership stands in opposition of the American values of controlled representative government, justice, free enterprise, privacy of individuals and private property rights. Most of the UN’s membership comes from nations controlled either by communist regimes, kingdoms or mad dictators where American values are either unknown or viewed as a threat.

Those same UN members are busy working to implement plans for UN global governance. Already, the UN’s International Criminal Court is in place. The UN has held an international meeting to discuss the possibilities and methods of implementing global taxes. More plans are under consideration to establish a UN global army or police force. Most member states participating in these planning sessions are from brutal dictatorships like China and Cuba and a number of brutal fundamental Islamic states like Syria and Iran. Can any clear thinking American honestly believe that the ideas coming out of this group would have a possibility of favoring ideals readily accepted as rights in the United States?

Many Americans simply do not believe that the United States would voluntarily give up its sovereignty to the United Nations. They say our people would never stand for it. Those who think this way somehow seem to believe the issue will come up for a national vote to determine if the United States will agree to dismantle its federal government in acceptance of UN global governance. If it were that simple, even UN opponents wouldn’t worry about the UN threat. Such a thing will never happen.

It happens in increments of well meaning, innocent-sounding policies and treaties. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was sold as simply a way for American producers to broaden their markets to the international level. Instead, many have found that details of the treaty dictate rules and regulations, particularly of the environmental kind, that tilt the playing field to other nations. As a result, American markets are flooded with foreign goods as American businesses and jobs head out of the country. As a result of NAFTA, the American sheep industry has all but disappeared. Other industries may soon follow as the United States continues to cling to this discredited policy.

The European Union was originally sold as another NAFTA through which nations could join together to compete with the United States on the international market. Now, once-proud nations have given up their national sovereignty, ancient currencies like the Italian Lira and the French Franc have disappeared in place of the Euro. Would the citizens of France, Italy or Greece ever have agreed to such a move had the whole plan been put on a ballot?

Now there is discussion of an African Union, a South American Union and a North American Union in which the United States would meld its borders with Canada and Mexico. The move will be easy since NAFTA has already set the precedent.

How long will it be after the establishment of all of these geographical unions before the world moves towards one international union? It will be easy to complete after all of these nations have been through the process of letting go of their national identity. And the United Nations is already putting the pieces together with its World Court, global tax schemes and military planning.

Imagine a world run by the justice of China, with the economics of Cuba and the military might of the United States. Such is the world of the future under the United Nations. The United States holds all of the cards, but it has only one vote in this cesspool of Socialism.

The United Nations exists simply because there is an established mindset that says it’s supposed to. It is the established mindset of too many Americans who simply view the United Nations through the televised images of the UN’s Security Council, as the President of the United States, hat in hand, asks that body to allow the United States to defend itself against murderers. It is the mindset that they somehow have a legitimacy to grant or deny that request. It is the mind set that Resolution #17 means anything. It is the established mindset of NAFTA, the European Union and the International Criminal Court that are already part of our lives. It is the mindset that accepts the movement toward a North American Union and UN global governance as simply the next natural step. These are the reasons why the United Nations is so dangerous.

The United States can end it all now if it wishes. The mindset must be changed. President Bush has proven that we don’t need the United Nations to grant us permission to protect our national interests. The United States can and will fight its own war on terrorism. It can and will organize its own coalition of allies, use its own money, it’s own weapons and its own troops to defeat an enemy who threatens us.

The United Nations is irrelevant as a body to deliver world peace. But it is United States’ participation in propping up the circus that makes the UN dangerous. Seventeen resolutions should be enough to prove we don’t need to spend another dime playing this game.

As the new 108th Congress opens in January, Congressman Ron Paul will once again introduce H.R. 1146, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. His bill calls for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations. It also calls for the United Nations to remove its headquarters from our shores. H.R. 1146 would relieve the United States from participating in UNESCO and UN environmental policies that endanger our economy and property rights. It would end U.S. participation in UN peace keeping missions, meaning we would no longer be helping to prop up criminal governments and enemies who seek our demise.

As the UN’s irrelevance becomes clearer to the nation; as it drags its feet, delays and passes yet anther meaningless resolution, the time has never been better to change the national mindset to say, “Get us out of the UN.” The time is now.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.