Keep Up The Heat – Senate Wavering. Senate’s Immigration Reform Bill Includes Provision to Support SPP!

June 7, 2007

Action Alert! Action Alert!

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Senate offices are reporting a quantity of phone calls from angry constituents unlike any they have ever experienced. You and your fellow Americans continue daily to express outrage over the Senate’s consideration of S. 1348, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007. Despite this unprecedented outcry from the American public, the Senate is marching on with its plans to pass this disastrous legislation. And Senator Ted Kennedy has offered an amendment that would enhance the Security & Prosperity Partnership and quite probably the formation of a North American Union. Clearly, you must turn up the heat even higher on your elected non-representatives. If this legislation becomes law of the land, we will lose the America we have known for well over two hundred years. The de facto elimination of our borders will destroy our national sovereignty, and the financial burden of this shamnesty bill will complete the nation’s bankruptcy. You must re-double your efforts and drive a stake through the heart of this blood-sucking bill, or we will lose our nation; it’s as simple as that.

Contrary to what President Bush and White House spokesmen would have you believe, this bill not only provides Amnesty for illegal aliens – there is nothing else of substance to it. This bill provides instant Amnesty for every one of the 12-20 million invaders estimated to be here, plus any other illegal able to get into the country over the next year or two. This is the primary goal of this legislation, as anyone can clearly read in the very first sentence of the proposed legislation, where the drafters stated that this instant Amnesty is not subject to any “triggers” or other delays. Check out this Lou Dobbs report on how bad this Bill is:

Section 601(h) defines the Amnesty, and states there are no fines, penalties, etc., associated with that grant of Amnesty. Immediate “probationary status” will be granted within 24 hours of any illegal’s application. The government will be allowed to waive fines for any illegal proving hardship! The government will be unable to investigate every applicant within 24 hours, yet it will hand them all an ID card permitting them to stay and work in the United States until the day they die. This Amnesty bill prohibits such a card ever being recalled if a future determination of ineligibility is made, and the government has no way to retrieve any of cards once issued, even if it wanted to.

When you think about it, whether or not any fines are ever associated with the conversion of an illegal’s status to lawful citizen, this Amnesty bill rewards their illegal behavior with the “fruits of the crime.” To put this in clear terms, say a man rapes a woman and is convicted of the crime. Amnesty could normally keep that man from going to jail to serve his sentence. This Amnesty would give him the woman! This Amnesty bill rewards everyone who illegal breaks into this country with permanent, legal residence in this country! For our Senate to agree to this is much more heinous and immoral that just forgiving the criminal behavior!

This bill grants Amnesty to every corporation who exploits illegal labor. Illicit profits they make will not be at risk. How then, exactly, will this Amnesty bill encourage future enforcement of our immigration laws?

This bill grants Amnesty to the extremely violent illegal gang members in this nation. These are the folks who routinely decapitate or otherwise mutilate those they murder. All a gang member must do is to sign a “renunciation of gang affiliation.” Even more damning is the fact that a proposed amendment that would have prohibited known felons from gaining citizenship was defeated! Has the U.S. Senate lost its collective mind, along with its moral compass? How does providing a “path to citizenship” to these monsters improve our national security or prosperity? Additionally, this Amnesty bill would immediately halt ICE’s efforts to deport these animals.

Despite the War on Terror, our nation remains at risk of terrorist attack, as was once again highlighted by the Fort Dix plot. This bill grants Amnesty to any illegal alien terrorist whose fingerprints are not on file; you should know the U.S. government does not have a database of every terrorist in the U.S. or worldwide. Under current law, when an Arab/Muslim illegal alien is found, s/he is immediately deported. The Amnesty bill would deprive the government of this power. The government will be overwhelmed processing the claims of 12-20 million anticipated applicants. There is no way that many people can be properly screened, when their probationary status must be confirmed within 24 hours of application. Please remember, our government approved visas for Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi six months after 9-11!

On May 21, Senator Ted Kennedy introduced a substitute amendment (#1150), dubbed the “Grand Compromise,” which was worked out by select members of Congress, two Cabinet members and the White House. One critical aspect of this amendment is Section 413, which expresses the sense of Congress that “The United States and Mexico should accelerate the implementation of the Partnership for Prosperity to help generate economic growth and improve the standard of living in Mexico.”

The Partnership for Prosperity is a bilateral agreement made between the President of the United States and the President of Mexico in 2001. Its purpose it to boost the social and economic standards of Mexican citizens, particularly in regions where economic growth has lagged (which is most of the country of Mexico) and emigration has increased. So not only are Americans to bear the financial burden of the illegals already here; our national government has agreed we should bear the additional financial burden needed to better the lives of those Mexicans who stay in their own country!

If this bill can truly be said to have anything to do with compromise, it is because the U.S. Senate plans to compromise your economic well-being, compromise our national prosperity, compromise our national security, and compromise our national sovereignty. Conventional wisdom says this immigration reform effort is the result of both major political parties pandering to a huge potential new block of voters. That would merely be an ancillary benefit of a much grander “vision” for America – one in which your government intends to fleece, defraud, constrain, and otherwise abuse the American people.


  • Hopefully you’ve already contacted your Senators and told them to stop S. 1348. If so, then please contact them again and tell them they must not only oppose S. 1348, but any legislation that would enhance the Security and Prosperity Partnership, or in any way support the development of the North American Union.
  • If you have yet to contact your Senators on this bill, in addition to instructing them as above, also tell them to oppose S. 1348 and any legislation that 1) fails to establish an exit system, so illegals may not overstay their visas; 2) fails to fund enforcement provisions of the legislation; 3) gives Amnesty and probationary citizenship status before enforcement and penalties for violation of our laws; and 4) fails to restore operational control of our borders.

Phone calls and letters are the most effective way to contact your elected representatives.

E-mails and faxes are many times ignored. Members of Congress have been changing their e-mail addresses and fax numbers when we send out alerts. If you prefer, though, you can send an e-mail by going to each member’s website at

If you are unsure who your Senators are, this link will tell you

You may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

If you choose to write, and do not know your Senators’ mailing addresses, you may simply address your letters as follows:

Office of Senator (Name)
United States Senate
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Tom DeWeese
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