Washington, D.C

Legislation Supporting Agenda 21:

– B19-0584: Advancement of Public Private Partnerships through Benefit Corporation Legislation. (Current Status: Passed by the Council)

Legislation Fighting Agenda 21:


Officials Fighting Agenda 21:

– Rep. Tom Tancredo:  CO

– Rep. Raul Labrador:  ID

– Rep. Thomas Rooney:  FL

– Rep. Glenn Thompson:  PA

– Rep. Tom M Davis (ret) VA

– Rep. Ken Ivory  UT

– Sen. Rand Paul:  AK

– Sen. Jim DeMint:  SC

– Sen. Mike Crapo:  ID

– Sen. Mike Lee:  UT

– Sen. Al Melvin:  AZ

Activists Fighting Agenda 21:   


Former ICLEI Members:



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