Legislation Supporting Agenda 21:


Legislation Fighting Agenda 21:

HR 6032: A resolution opposing and exposing Agenda 21 (http://kslegislature.org/li/b2011_12/year2/measures/documents/hr6032_00_0000.pdf)


Officials Fighting Agenda 21:

– Rep. Steve Brunk

– Rep. Joe Patton

– Rep. Judith Loganbill

– Rep. Benny Boman

– Rep. Elaine Bowers

– Rep. Richard Carlson

– Rep. Sean Gatewood

– Rep. Mario Goico

– Rep. TerriLois Gregory

– Rep. Amanda Grosserode

– Rep. Broderick Henderson

– Rep. Mitch Holmes

– Rep. Jim Howell

– Rep. Steve Huebert

– Rep. Mike Kiegerl

– Rep. Forrest Knox

– Rep. Connie O’Brien

– Rep. Charlotte O’Hara

– Rep. Mike Peterson

– Rep. John Rubin

– Rep. Joe Seiwert

– Rep. Ponka-We Victors

– Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore


Activists Fighting Agenda 21:  


Former ICLEI Members:   


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