What the Great Reset Will Really Do To You

The lines used to be so clear. On the one side were free markets, free societies, and openly-elected representative governments.

On the other, was the force of totalitarianism choking off individual initiative, private ownership of property, and providing a ballot box with but one choice, normally defined as communism.

The ideological lines were drawn as a titanic battle ensued across an iron curtain. The Western world united in a mixture of proud, independent, sovereign nations to fend off the creeping black plague that swallowed whole nations and erased their identities. In the end, the “Evil Empire” disintegrated under the weight of its own ignorance of human nature. Or did it?

Conservatives hailed the victory, dispatching communism to the “ash-heap of history.” Many Conservative leaders put forth the idea that we would now be living in a “Conservative era”. The demise of communism, some said, would allow a spirit of cooperation among nations, bringing the benefits of world-wide prosperity and a universal increase in the standard of living. Believing they had finally won the Cold War, many Conservatives went to sleep and left the world to a new threat that many old anti-communist warriors still haven’t recognized.

The assaults on property rights and personal privacy, along with the transformation of local schools under federal programs, and, above all, the seeming lack of concern for national sovereignty and protection of the nation’s borders, are the obvious contradictions to the proposition that Conservative ideas of limited government, free enterprise, and individual choice now reign supreme.

Other goals are now openly taking center stage. The rule of law in our Republic, designed to insure individual rights from intrusive government, is being replaced by an undefined term called social justice, which demands that the concerns of interest groups supersede the inherent rights of the individual. Further, the interests of the United States of America now tend to take a back seat to those of something called the “Global Commons.” National identities and individual religions are being morphed into non-descript and indistinguishable arrangements called global religion. The teaching of history has become an exercise in group-promotion and political correctness, with little regard for truth. Science has been reduced to nothing more than a convenient tool to promote political agendas. Self determination is being replaced with group-think.

This is what happens when the forces of freedom decide to nap as the forces of tyranny radically changed tactics from the old Soviet Union days. For thirty years I’ve been labeled conspiracy theorist, scaremonger, extremist, dangerous, nut case. I’ve been denied access to stages, major news programs, and awarded tin-foil hats, even by Conservative entities. It’s all because I began to sound the alarm over a movement to establish a global agenda of tyranny that would replace our independent Republic.

The forces of tyranny have actually been very vocal about their goals, but they have cleverly hidden the full intention behind innocent sounding purposes such as protecting the environment, eliminating poverty, and making society more diverse and acceptable.  Yet, in 1992, they boldly opened up, as 50,000 activists, heads of state, and powerful Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) met in a United Nations summit and revealed their Agenda for the 21st century. As they introduced it to the world, and 179 heads of state signed it, they boldly claimed it as a “Comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.” That sounds like a pretty serious gathering of some very powerful people. Could their intention be any clearer? Yet, to this day, many, including those who claim to be devoted forces for the cause of freedom, continue to deny the agenda exists. They ignored Agenda 21, laughed at Agenda 2030, and think the Green New Deal is just too radical to be taken seriously. Well, get ready. Here comes the final step.

The Great Reset

What they mean by the Great Reset is exactly what they warned that Agenda 21 was all about – the reorganization of human society. That means a massive change, or the outright elimination, of our economy, income sources and jobs, private property, personal privacy, individual choice, families as we know them, information sources, communication, entertainment, energy source and use, education process, food source, housing, cities, farms, health care, national sovereignty, and our system of government. And the goal is to accomplish it all by 2030. Now, how could that be possible?

It’s all been laid out very clearly in a new book entitled COVID-19: The Great Reset, written by Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum. Interestingly the book was published in August of 2020, just five months after the Covid lockdown began, yet it claims to be based on much that was learned during that process. Considering that an idea for a book takes time to conceive, research, write and be printed and published, to do it all in that short of a time, is either super-human – or the Covid lockdowns and the Great Reset were all planned way in advance. Knowing what I have learned in the past thirty years, I’m going with the latter. So how do they plan to enforce the Great Reset and reorganize human society?

For decades the forces of globalism have been quietly and steadily organizing for this moment. The United Nations is the center of the storm, directing the action. The World Health Organization (WHO) sets the rules for global health policy. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) control money and trade. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has created the blueprint for how it all merges together. As this cabal announced its plans for the Great Reset, world leaders, heads of state, banks around the globe, philanthropic foundations, and global corporations all jumped onto the plan. In the U.S., federal agencies, Wall Street, and the Federal Reserve have also joined in.

The Great Reset details a plan to create global interdependence, both an economic and a societal reset, detailing “The return of big government.” In addition, it details a geopolitical reset – designed to change our system of government, an environmental reset, mainly based on the threat of climate change and the continuing threat of pandemics. It even calls for an industry reset, which is a technocrat’s way of saying banning capitalism and free markets. And, finally, it outlines our coming mental health issues and well-being that will be affected as we cope with the shock of the destruction of our society through the Great Reset.

Now, many might justly think this is all simply the wish list of raving tyrants with no hope of pulling it off. Well, without going into massive detail, let me just share some of the highlights of exactly how they plan to carry this off as they affect every aspect of your life.

Throughout 2020 and now into the beginnings of 2021, the world has been locked down over fear of a global pandemic. Businesses shut down, healthcare facilities overrun and controlled by global and federal agencies; people forced to stay in their homes, wear masks, and not allowed to gather; offices and small businesses closed; sporting events with no audiences and entertainment near non-existent. We were told it was all necessary to “flatten the curve” of the disease so we could all get back to normal.

Meanwhile, as we were all lockdown in this panic, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the Security and Sustainable Forum, were busy holding on-line town hall sessions to train activists, local officials, and the news media to “Examine commonalities between the pandemic preparedness and climate change action.” They proposed a plan on “where the world can be heading after the Covid 19 pandemic.” Meanwhile the WHO and the UN urged governments to focus on a plan to “flatten the climate curve.” The Brookings Institute issued a report entitled “How the Sustainable Development Goals can help cities focus Covid-19 recovery on inclusion, equity, and sustainability.” (By the way, those three items are the three principles of Agenda 21). At the same time the Club of Rome, one of the authors of Agenda 21, issued its own report, calling for a “Green Report” after the pandemic. These were all the beginning steps – the marching orders — to prepare the world for the true purpose of the Great Reset and the pandemic was the practice test. Climate change is to be the rallying cry.

Microsoft founder, Bill Gates then took the lead, demanding a worldwide, mandatory vaccine for an undefined disease with a recovery rate of 98.5%. Moreover, Gates, who has now become the largest farmland owner in the nation, has called on the nation to stop eating beef, instead suggesting we move to 100% synthetic beef. This is not just an idle suggestion. The national cattlemen are now being subjected to a Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef that enforced restrictions on beef producers which is putting thousands out of business. Incredibly, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has embraced it and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) a major opponent to beef consumption, is now basically in control of the American beef industry.

Meanwhile, as G. Edward Griffin reports, “The Biden administration has launched a technocratic war on America’s food supply and is accelerating a global collapse in food production. This is being done by paying farmers NOT to grow food, ordering the Department of Agriculture to pursue a zero-growth policy, and placing restrictions on grocery stores, restaurants, and meatpacking plants. On top of that, the US is reeling from a severe shortage of fertilizer, which will cause crop yields to decrease and prices to rise. The US is completely sold out of food to export and other countries have stopped exporting their surplus to protect their domestic supplies in the face of a looming global famine.”

But Gate’s hasn’t stopped with just destroying the farm and beef industries. In addressing the Covid lockdown and the fact that entire economy has been nearly shut down, Gates said, “simply shutting down [the economy] is not going to get [us] to our goal. So just like we need innovation for COVID-19, we also need to get rid of emissions from all the different sectors and bring down climate change.” How do we do that, according to Gates, and the Great Reset cabal he speaks for? “This crosses many areas,” he said. “Transportation, industry, electricity, all those things – and agriculture – contribute to emissions…With climate, we need… increased speed and more. We need policies, we need more [research and development] money, we need more risk capital of all those hard areas.” How will that be done?

Well, now comes, perhaps, the most terrifying tactic to be used in the Great Reset to gain full control and bring about the destruction of our economy, system of government, and personal lifestyle. You’ve witnessed the unrelenting drive for a complete digital lifestyle, where everything about you is on-line, from your bank accounts, to everything you purchase at the grocery, to your posts on social media. It’s all now being prepared to use as a weapon to force your compliance to the Great Reset. And as usual, it’s all hidden under the labels of climate change, environmental correctness, and Sustainable. Here’s how it will work.

Within a year, 77% of institutional investors will stop buying into companies that aren’t, in some way, sustainable. Money managers on Wall Street, are now saying climate change is their main concern. This could well be a $120 trillion transformation of investment money, away from oil and gas, to electric vehicles, and even the way we think of car ownership all together. Will you be allowed to own one? Perhaps you will be forced into public transportation. This new sustainable investment drive will affect the $5 trillion global transportation industry, the $9 trillion healthcare industry, the $850 billion airline industry, the $600 billion exports industry and the $26 billion food delivery industry. If it’s not done by following “SUSTAINABLE” rules, it will not be financed. Companies will have to report tier climate information to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a climate risk assessment. Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America are already working on these policies.

How about your personal choices in life? How will they be affected? How will you be forced to toe the line? If your buying habits, as recorded on your credit cards and online bank accounts, show that you have purchased a gun or ammunition that will begin a personal profile of you. Add to that the kind of food you buy – perhaps you purchased beef, but not enough vegetables, that may indicate you are not be living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. How much electricity do you use? Where have you traveled and how did you get there? How many buildings do you own? What kinds of things do you invest in? Each of these things represent your climate footprint and your dedication to social justice. Are you a proper citizen in this reorganization of human society?

Now, here is how all of this will personally affect you. Each of these things will be regularly entered into your profile and each one will affect your personal credit rating. A low credit rating will prevent you from getting a loan to buy a car, obtaining a mortgage, or even a business loan. This will effectively cut you out of society if you don’t change your habits and personal beliefs.

Perhaps you’ve already seen reports that the Bank of America was providing information on any of its cardholders who were in Washington, DC on January 6th when the violence occurred on Capitol Hill. They reported any charges for hotels, food, or transportation. This is just a sample of what will happen if the Great Reset is allowed to move forward. Eighty-one international banks have joined in partnership with the World Bank, along with the International monetary Fund and the U.S. Federal Reserve — which oversees all U.S. banks, plus our money supply.

Space does not allow me to go into detail on the growing assault on private property and single-family neighborhoods, now being implemented through the Biden Administration. In addition, private rental properties and landlords are under siege as rent controls and higher operating expenses and taxes threaten to put them out of business. Paper money will be replaced with digital currency that can disappear with a single key stroke, should you fail to conform. Universal income will finally make us all equal – equally poor and under control of whatever gang is in charge of the government plantation. That all conforms with the Great Reset as WEF head Klaus Schwab has said that in the future, no one will own anything and be happier for it. Under the Great Reset there will be no private property.

The first target in changing human society is to cancel our culture. Change the language. Call any thought contrary to the agenda “hate speech.” Control freedom of movement. Erase history and books that present positions contrary to the globally acceptable truth. Force compliance.

If only the world had read and acted upon the rantings of Adolph Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” we could have prevented World War Two. If only the world had acted to toss Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto on the trash heap, we could have saved Russia 70 years of horror – and millions would not now be suffering the tyranny of Red China.

Today you and I have another chance. We now know where the Great Reset is headed. There are millions of Americans, and others around the world, who are alarmed by what we are all witnessing and want to stop it. We can. But to start, we must focus, first on the local and state levels by fighting on four distinct fronts. These include education, where the fight must focus on academics and an end to the psychology-driven behavior modification federal programs; the right to privacy, where an all-out effort must be made to stop the establishment of federal data banks that document personal information; private property rights, which guarantee private ownership, control and protection of real and intellectual property; and protection of national sovereignty and independence.  

No matter how powerful these forces are, if we can protect our fundamental rights then they cannot impose their tyranny. Your city council and state legislature have much more power than most even know, including protecting election integrity. Organize and use that power. Stop them on those four fronts and the Great Reset will cease to exist.

There is a Great Awaking taking place as more begin to understand the lies of the Great Reset cabal. The tyrant’s greatest fear is that the oppressed will finally get off our knees, stand up, and say no!

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.