SDG 1 (Zero Poverty) Buying Out Flint, MI?

Of all the things the United Nations and their damnable SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) have done to the United States of America, one of the latest moves, must be, hands down, among one of the worst so far.

What am I referring to? The ‘do good for education while reducing poverty’ group “Campaign for Grade Level Reading” recently conducted a webinar debuting the Rx Kids program set to kick off Valentine’s Day 2024. The ENTIRE city of Flint, MI is ‘up for sale’. Well, not the town, but the families who live there.

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Rx Kids:

According to the 4 individuals you see above, it’s a flagship program that’s taken about 1 year to get as far as they’ve gotten. Basically, the entire town of Flint is supportive of this flagship. What does it do? It PAYS EVERY pregnant woman in Flint a one-time allotment to use during her pregnancy ($1,500). As soon as the child is born, the CHILD receives a $500.00 per month allotment for 1 YEAR. Rx Kids is also a project of lead pediatrician, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha. Along with the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

The Rx premise is simple:

To totally erase inter-generational poverty in Flint, this program is a ‘win-win’. Healthy moms and children, money to buy diapers, food and have more time to bond. Oh, and the win for the City of Flint? More economic gain due to all the spending Mom and baby will do. The sales pitch which could rival the scene from “The Blues Brothers” movie where we hear John Belushi say, “How much for the women and children?”

Flint’s Rx Kids will reel in EVERY expectant Mom with cash, hook them into more government or P3 (public-private partnerships) entities via well being services. These services aren’t simply healthcare, they are all-encompassing of EVERY family.


Put another way, the Rx Kids is a type of UBI (Universal Basic Income). Connecting Rx Kids to these types of UBI, is the justification that better ‘outcomes’ for the baby will be available. That poverty (that toxic pathogen of society as it was described during the webinar) can somehow stop before it starts. It also will tie to early childhood education (ECE). ECE is also tied to ESAs (Education Savings Accounts, education tax vouchers, Freedom Scholarships or whatever other name your State has called them).

Do you know that those ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) are a form of UBIs? That’s right, remember the more subsidized our government tries to make us, the more controlled by the government we become. Some of the other cities across the nation interchanged UBIs with GBIs (Guaranteed Basic Income).

However, there’s a bit of a difference. UBIs are meant for everyone, GBIs imply you’re working. Either way the government is paying you ‘an allowance’. Like the allowance we used to get as kids, there were responsibilities attached to getting the coins to put in your piggy bank. These UBIs in ALL forms will exact a pound of flesh or a massive tax increase in return. These types of UBIs attached to health and education are being sold as ‘wellness programs for families’. Why use that phrase? Because NO ONE would actually even consider participation if the phrase “We’re here to buy your family.”

UBI Hot Spots:

Also revealed in the webinar is how Flint, MI is so proud of the public private partnerships involved to pull this project together AS WELL AS become a model for the nation to follow!

Really? You may already know this, but there are other UBI cities out there. The ones listed below are almost a carbon copy of Rx Kids:

San Francisco, CA has the “Abundant Birth Project” (
Lynn and Roxbury, MA have the “Family Health Project” (
NYC and Rochester, NY have the “Bridge Project” (
Jackson, MS and called the “Magnolia Mother’s Trust” (

There are even more cities across the nation ‘experimenting with UBIs/GBIs in some form, for the long list of EVERY US City participating in some form of UBI or GBI, go here (

One of the speakers in the webinar made the almost under the breath comment that Rx Kids had been tried in other nations and specifically named France. Sure enough, the program has existed! See this website for a quick rundown of how another UN member-state used government funds to ‘incentivize pregnancy to pump up declining birth rates:

Let me point out that the most glaring difference between France’s program and the Rx Kids about to start in America, is that France already has UBH (Universal Basic Health). America does not. Yet another difference is France called the birth incentives ‘insurance’. Rx Kids calls it cash supplements.

UBIs/GBIs across the World:

UBIs/GBIs/ESAs aren’t exclusive to America. Yet, the ONE common denominator for all these government subsidies: the illusion that Zero Poverty is possible. As stated above, SDG 1 is “Zero Poverty”. Wait, ESAs are about poverty are they? I thought those gave me the freedom to choose what school my child can go to. ESAs do have 100% illusion about freedom, and those promoting them target the low-income families the most! It’s the same in every country because our governments at every level have forsaken their sovereignty as well as undermine every family’s existence.

Did you know that also under ‘health and well being’ is mental health? Published in Oct 2022, this blog article discussed the NEED for UBIs exclusively for treating mental health! Mental health is not exclusive to those who are low-income, nor will everyone in any other income bracket be seeking help. The dangers are numerous here! We need to realize that our mental health of ourselves or our family is NOT a federal/state/local or international affair, it’s PRIVATE and should be dealt with on YOUR terms and with the proper health care people.

See: (from the UK)

See: (from the US, April 2020)

The problem with UBIs anywhere related to any part of our lives is that we’re required to jump through government hoops like data mining via all those assessments for progress; living in certain places (like Flint, MI; if you want the cash supplement, you have to live within the city limits); what you can eat; what you learn; being reviewed for how your family is being raised, your interactions with each other and if that doesn’t fit a government mold, interventions are conducted. The list can go on. However, it shouldn’t even exist.

UN’s Further Sales Pitch for UBIs:

In the article of mine that I included at the beginning for you, all the links for what I describe here can be found. Be sure to use the references.

Back in 2017, the Finland Ambassador extolled the virtues of their 2 year experiment with UBI. Across all sectors of Finnish society, ‘success’ was declared due to the ‘social protection systems’ granted with the experiment. Well, isn’t that nice? More government overreaches into how people live and calling it ‘protection’.

The UN pitch that’s meant to be covered is “No one will be poor.” What the UN really means is that EVERYONE will be in poverty! Economies across the globe are set for utter and complete failure with the cyber currency and blockchain existence tied to UBIs, GBIs, ESAs (Education Savings Accounts) and more!

Here’s another thing worth pointing out, one SDG doesn’t stand by itself. They are ALL interconnected! SDG 1 will tie to education, jobs, partnerships to make the SDGs possible, gender equality, and more.


1) Read my original article and then share BOTH this one and that. It’ll be the 1-2 punch needed to move folks into action.

2) If you have a great relationship with a local, state, federal or international official, ask them what they know about this? What are their concerns (if any)? List and express your concerns.

3) Study what Flint, MI is doing and how many P3 are involved in Rx Kids, then get a team together to inform those in charge and fight against it.

4) Discover what ways are the constitutional and biblical ways to help those in need, it’s certainly not the intrusive government.

5) PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, no matter the cost. Tell the government that you stand by your 4th Amendment rights.

6) If you’d like to learn how your group can get my special ‘anti school choice’ information kits, please email me: [email protected] OR visit this link:

We must stand together in fighting a corrupt UN, as well as our corrupt US government, who’s with me?!

Lynne Taylor
Lynne Taylor
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