The Chinese Threat to Local Communities is Real

Do the citizens of a community have a right to take action to oppose the establishment of businesses that will negatively affect their way of life – especially if it’s a foreign source? And why are elected representatives ignoring the very people who put them in office to protect their rights? These are questions that need to be asked as every city, town, and rural area faces a growing threat.

For the past several decades, the communist regime in China has been driving toward world supremacy, both economically and militarily. The regime’s main target has been, and is, the United States of America. The latest tactic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is to use the threat of climate change to gain control of our American economy, our food supply, and our energy system. 

To accomplish that feat, China has grabbed hold of the wind and solar industries, using its political influence, media contacts, and NGO allies to pressure Congress and state and city governments to impose wind and solar projects. On top of that, China is buying up thousands of acres of American farmland along with establishing factories to build the tools needed for the wind and solar scheme. According to a 2021 report from the Department of Agriculture, China now owns roughly 384,000 acres in the U.S. All of this gives China influence over every inch of America. And in many state legislatures and city councils, elected representatives are just letting it happen.                 

It’s vital to make this fact clear – China is a communist dictatorship. There is no free market and there are no private corporations. All are controlled by the government — all for the growth and power of the communist dictatorship. China is allied and works in partnership with the World Economic Forum to empower the Great Reset over OUR nation – not theirs. As China opens more and more coal mines for its own energy future, it is now on the march across this nation – pushing wind and solar as our only power sources. And while helping to destroy us – China gets rich from it. 

Across America, vital farmland is being buried under millions of acres of solar panels and massive wind towers. Nothing else can grow on that land – including the food we need! Do not believe for a moment that these wind and solar farms are actually a saving grace to the environment — or that they are going to supply you with the electric power you need. Wind and solar produce next to nothing in the way of energy. Once all other sources of power from oil, gas, and nuclear are eliminated – at best these will produce about 4% of the power we need. And here’s a shocking new detail. When you have thousands of acres of solar panels lined up side-by-side, the materials they are made of actually cause warming!!! All in the name of stopping climate change! 

Now add the fact that to produce the wind turbines and the solar panels it will take enormous amounts of oil, minerals, and energy. Almost all are controlled and supplied by China. Meanwhile, those turbine blades are not degradable, and rarely last more than six years before falling apart. It’s the same with the solar panels. As you are being forced to recycle — imagine how fast millions of discarded wind turbine blades and solar panels will fill up landfills across the country – because they are NOT recyclable or degradable!     

Biden has been leading a big drive to build offshore wind farms along most of the shoreline in this nation. Evidence is now beginning to come in that these wind towers are affecting sea life. Whales have begun washing ashore as their habitats are feeling the results of the towers turning above them. And fishermen are reporting that their industry is being damaged as sea life moves away from the towers that are affecting their habitats. All of this goes with the destruction of the landscape and beautiful views that are being destroyed as these giant wind towers block the views. Of course the turbines – filled with oil – often explode and spew oil into the water, causing real environmental damage. Dare I mention what will happen to those towers in some really powerful hurricanes?             

And just for the record, CO2 is NOT a pollutant causing climate change. It is desperately needed by the trees and all other plants to thrive. History shows that when CO2 is higher – the land is greener. True science is revealing that the earth is entering CO2 starvation. We need an average of 1,400 Parts Per Million (PPM) of CO2 to keep plants growing, but today, according to the U.S. Navy, we are at about 400 ppm. Disaster is on the horizon. The carbon capture pipelines that are being spread across the nation are the most idiotic and dangerous environmental program of all time. Eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere and you will succeed in turning Earth’s environment into that like Mars – bare of anything growing. There is no indication of human-caused warming taking place – perhaps except for these wrong-headed environmental policies. The air was much warmer in the 1930s than today. Climate change is the greatest hoax in human history.

In terms of saving the environment and providing us with electrical power – wind and solar are a joke. And China is laughing the hardest! Can you see the diabolical genius of the communist Chinese plan to force all of this on America? Losing our power source and the ability to feed ourselves makes us a very weak adversary against them. And while China is pressuring us to be “environmentally correct” that communist nation is getting rich and powerful — because THEY are supplying the wind and solar machinery.       

Across our nation, companies owned or controlled by the Chinese communist government are moving into communities, and many local governments are being tricked into believing these companies will bring in lots of new money for the community.      

In a rural township in Michigan, plans are in place to build an electric vehicle battery plant, owned by a Chinese Communist party-linked company. The company is called Grotion, Inc. It’s a subsidiary of Grotion High Tech, which is owned by the Chinese Government. The township had hastily approved a water line needed for the plant. But here’s the good news. People in Green Charter Township were so upset over the possibility of this Chinese-controlled plant that they voted out almost the entire incumbent township supervisors and elected a new board. The new Supervisors’ first step was to rescind the water permit. One of the new supervisors told the media, “As township supervisor, my number one concern is protecting the interests of the people of Green Charter Township, and we will vigorously defend our township’s position on this. We might be a small community, but we refuse to be bullied.” Of course Grotion Inc has sued for breach of contract, but the Township intends to fight. 

In Wisconsin, a wind company backed by an entity of the Chinese Communist Party is behind several wind projects in 16 communities. The company is called EDP Renewables. It pretends to be an American company, but its principal shareholder is Energias de Portugal, whose largest shareholder is the Chinese State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. Their webpage openly states that it “performs the responsibilities mandated by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.” 

In both of these cases, state governments, including governors, are failing to support these communities and represent their citizens. In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed HB5120 to take power over green energy projects from the local community government and give it to the Michigan Public Service Commission. Essentially, this bill has removed local control over land use. Again, state regulations are being used to eliminate local control, allowing the Chinese an open road for their scheme.

In Ohio, the small rural community of Pataskala is now threatened with the establishment of a massive solar panel assembly plant. It will employ over 800 people to assemble solar panels with all materials coming from China. Why is this a problem? Well, the lead company in the project, called Illuminate USA, isn’t really a company. It’s a shell designed to get around any future US regulations that would prevent a foreign company from owning property. 49% of Illuminate USA is owned by LONGI, a partner with Invenergy – a Chinese corporation.

A state organization called JobsOhio, which provided an undisclosed amount of incentives to locate the assembly plant in Pataskala, declared that Illuminate USA will be one of the largest solar assembly plants in the nation. It’s all a shill designed to pretend these solar panels are “American Made.” Of course, the mayor and city council of Pataskala just see dollar signs and are allowing this plant to move forward. According to a Wall Street Journal calculation, Illuminate USA could qualify for $350 million per year in federal tax credits. It’s no surprise that, as Invenergy has hired a lobbyist to walk the halls of the Ohio Legislature, elected representatives have taken little interest in the issue. 

Residents of Pataskala have risen up, protesting the plant. They have packed city council meetings, spread the word in the media, displayed yard signs, and held a large town hall meeting attended by over 200 people. They’ve done everything possible to get the attention of the mayor and city council to represent them and stop the plant. All they get is the mayor calling them “Radicals.” Incredibly, the Mayor of Pataskala actually suggested that these residents and their efforts to oppose the Chinese influence in their community are receiving “dark money” to pay for their efforts! First, those activists haven’t spent a great deal of money. They have created yard signs, which they sell to pay for them. Some have donated small amounts of money for the effort. There is no massive expenditure – just concerned residents using word of mouth to spread the word. “Dark money” is a tool of the radical, rich, and powerful leftists. In all of my years as a conservative activist I have never seen a dime of dark money go to anyone promoting our ideals. 

However, the organized attacks in the media have been relentless against the activists. The Columbus Dispatch, once a reputable news source, ran an editorial titled, “Actually no, The Chinese Communist Party hasn’t invaded Pataskala. But xenophobia has.”  The editorial went on to say… “There is no evidence the company has villainous plans for the city or its residents.” 

The Dispatch describes LONGI as simply a “privately owned Chinese solar panel technology company.” Nothing to worry about here! Go home residents and be happy your elected representatives are looking out for you!

Well, not so fast. Perhaps if the Dispatch and other media actually had real reporters who investigated their stories instead of indoctrinated global village idiots, they might have found this item. In a hearing of the Congressional Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, held in January 2024, FBI Director Christopher Wray was asked about how CCP-affiliated businesses are used for espionage and how those resources are used to harm America. In his testimony Wray acknowledged there is an almost non-existent line between “the Chinese government and its private sector.”

Wray went on to say, “Buying land, buying businesses, and so forth, while may be legal, can still raise national security concerns because it provides a vehicle for the CCP to, if they want to leverage that access, to conduct surveillance or other operations that determine our national security, and we’ve seen time and time again, where they have used that access, leveraged that access, to do that.” Please note: Christopher Wray cannot be labeled a right-wing xenophobe!

This is not just an issue of free trade and commerce with a foreign-based company.  America is under attack by an enemy that has openly expressed its goal to bury us, and testimony before Congress backs that up. Local, state, and federal officials who allow it are guilty of nothing less than selling our towns to Beijing! They are not representing the people who elected them to protect our liberties. A dotting news media is little more than a propaganda tool that needs to be directly confronted and challenged to prove its misleading and incorrect reporting.

The fact is, the citizens of Pataskala, Ohio, Green Charter Township, Michigan, and the folks in Wisconsin and many other states are right to be concerned about these Chinese companies and the threat they pose to their way of life. All Americans have a perfect right to challenge and question elected officials who are helping to promote them.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is President of the American Policy Center and National Grassroots Coordinator for CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) working to help local activists organize into Freedom Pods ( He is also the author of three books, including Now Tell Me I Was Wrong, ERASE, and Sustainable: the WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property, and Individuals.