The first story is from 2012, the second this year, 2024. The first by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the Second by The New American. Oh, what a difference a decade (or so) makes. 

In 2012, while Agenda 21 (now 2030) had been around for two decades, because we had a misinformation press even back then, the number of people who had understanding of what Agenda 21 i.e., Sustainable Development was about, was very small comparatively. And many of the tools and tactics of Agenda 21 had not been out in the open back then. Over the past eight or nine years, we have been exposed – blatantly—to many. If a poll were taken now, the number of people, who believe Agenda 21 is just a conspiracy theory from the far Right, would be much smaller than it was in 2012. And, conversely, the number of people believing that Agenda 21/2030 is a blueprint of the one-world order Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab, and others promised us.

Let’s take a look at them:

From Southern Poverty Law Center (I will use SPLC)

In a new sign of antigovernment extremism creeping into the political mainstream, the Tennessee House of Representatives will vote tomorrow on a resolution condemning Agenda 21, a non-binding United Nations plan for sustainable development.

“In the world of far-right extremists, Agenda 21 is demonized as a sort of Trojan horse, part of a larger scheme to shatter Americans’ liberties and institute a totalitarian, one-world government known typically as the “New World Order.””

And what do we see happening in our country and the world today? That one-world government being foisted on us through tracking; CBDCs (coming soon); taking private property for tools of Green energy – which are a scam on the people that will cost billions and be iffy at best –; “Diversity, equity, and inclusion” that says we are all equal but some are more equal than others (four legs good/two legs bad), the gender blurring edits; Environment, Social and Government (ESG) regulations – all to protect us from global warming. Oops, it’s now climate change. And before global warming, it was a new ice age. 

No wonder the people are waking up. But I have just begun.

The New American (I’ll use NA) starts out:

As Tennesseans head into the new year, they will have something to celebrate: The Volunteer State has enacted legislation banning state and local involvement in globalist United Nations initiatives, including its Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and climate-change schemes.

Same issue, different decade. The difference is that we have been now living through over 30 years of Agenda 21.


“Of course, this bears no relation to the facts. Actually, the U.N. agreement is a rather benign, non-binding plan calling for governments to develop plans to meet current needs for natural resources without threatening the survival of future generations. It was adopted by 178 governments, including the U.S. under President George H.W. Bush, 20 years ago at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.”

Uh huh, non-binding, “without threatening the survival of future generations”. Our generation is dearly threatened by this non-binding agreement. Our federal government is giving our money away faster than it can print it; our farmlands and homes are being decimated by solar and wind power equipment that destroys the land forever, our children are being brainwashed in the schools that they must “save the earth” by reducing their carbon footprint (get it low enough and you are dead). 


(1) “Agenda 21,” adopted by the United Nations in 1992 at its Conference on Environment and Development;

(2) The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, introduced at a United Nations Summit in 2015;

(3) The United Nations’ proposal to reach net zero emissions by 2050; or

(4) Another international law or ancillary plan of action that contravenes the constitution of the United States or the constitution of this state.


“In a big win for this big lie, the Republican National Committee (RNC) in January passed a resolution condemning Agenda 21 and calling for policymakers to be made aware of its “destructive strategies for ‘sustainable development.’” The RNC voted to give copies of its resolution to all Republican members of Congress as well as to the party’s presidential and congressional candidates. It also recommended that the anti-Agenda 21 policy be adopted in the party platform at the 2012 convention.”

Where was the big lie? Even the Left now claims Agenda 2030 and AOC’s Green New Deal is A21/2030 in a bartender’s trashy dress.


“Agenda 2030, officially titled “the 2030 Agenda,” is one of the main programs blocked by SB 1147. It is a United Nations program based on the UN Local Agenda 21 program — also banned in the bill — unveiled in 1992 and the UN Millennium Development Goals released in 2000. Under the guise of “sustainable development,” this plan seeks totalitarian control and regimentation of the entire planet, including the economy, our country, our lives, and our children. Agenda 2030 is divided into 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, along with 169 specific “targets” to be imposed on humanity.

“The SDGs include “universal health coverage,” “vaccines for all,” and “universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services, including for family planning [i.e., abortion]” (Goal 3). It also advocates for socialist indoctrination of youth (Goal 4), global wealth redistribution (Goal 10), and radical actions to combat alleged “climate change” (Goal 13). None of these goals is constitutional, or even adheres to the spirit of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution.

“Other prominent examples of Agenda 2030’s implementation include the global war on farmers, carbon-capture pipelines, and the “transition” toward “green” energy as recently promoted at the UN COP28 gathering.”


“Among the antigovernment extremists who have presented frequent seminars around the country or latched onto anti-Agenda 21 propaganda to advance their causes are Tom DeWeese, head of the American Policy Center and creator of the new “action kit” at the JBS website; Phyllis Schlafly, a pioneering, virulently anti-feminist organizer and founder of the Eagle Forum; the Oath Keepers, a “Patriot” organization that encourages police officers and soldiers to disobey orders they believe are unconstitutional; and the League of the South, a neo-Confederate organization that promotes a second Southern secession.”

Southern Poverty Law Center, mainstream media, and our federal government were lying to us from the get-go. And much of the population believed them. But it has been 30+ years and we have seen the results of the war on global warming/climate change. Many have lost their homes, their jobs, even their lives in this Marxist/Satanic battle. We have a federal government that has been re-tooled to take away our ability to have any say in legislation. We have state and local governments that have been either bought, bribed, or blackmailed into helping the Global Elite reduce the human population, steal private property, and drive us to poverty.

These are competing titles of the same subject, just different views. One is a Marxist, fatalist view, the other is one of protecting property rights and individual freedom. We have a choice, but we must make it and take a stand for our choice.

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Kathleen Marquardt has been an advocate for property rights and freedom for decades. While not intending to be an activist, she has become a leader and an avid supporter of constitutional rights, promoter of civility, sound science, and reason. She is dedicated to exposing the fallacies of the radical environmental and animal rights movements. She has been featured in national publications including Fortune, People, the Washington Post, and Field and Stream, as well as television news programs such as Hard Copy, The McLaughlin Group, Geraldo, and many others. Today, she serves as Vice President of American Policy Center. Kathleen now writes and speaks on Agenda21/2030, and its threat to our culture and our system of representative government.