A. Submitted To:

Representative Edward Royce, Chairman
Committee on Foreign Affairs

B. Legislative Branch:

House of Representatives

Request is hereby submitted that the Committee on Foreign Affairs hold immediate hearings on H.R. 193, the “American Sovereignty Restoration Act”


Introduced by Congressman Mike Rogers, calling for American withdrawal from membership in the United Nations.


There are serious issues facing the United States concerning the policies of the United Nations and how these affect American sovereignty and independence. In the interest of the United States these issues must be given a complete and fair hearing to fully discuss potential threats and the merits for complete withdrawal from the UN. It is the duty of the Committee on Foreign Affairs to hold these hearings and give the merits of H.B. 193 fair consideration.


The undersigned, a citizen of the United States, does hereby request the above described Legislative Consideration for the reasons stated herein, pursuant to the laws of the United States and the guidelines and rules of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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