As APC has long reported on the massive overreach by government to destroy our liberty, the question is always asked, “What do we do about it?” APC has answered the call. We have produced many articles, tools, manuals, and books to provide the full picture of the issues, strategies, and perpetrators behind these polices. Next, it was vital to provide a plan of action. Experience taught us that fighting back on the local level was the most effective tactic. After all, it was the Left that coined the term “Think Globally, Act Locally.” That is how they have imposed their policies and that is how we must undo them. To fight back, APC coined the term Freedom Pods. This is a plan to tech local residents to restore freedom in their own community through City Councils and County Commissions. If focuses on how to organize, effectively research, apply pressure and change the debate to protect liberty, private property, and local free enterprise. In this section you can learn all about how to build your own Freedom Pod in your community.