There are so many issues facing all of us today as the drive for global control rages to replace the ideals of freedom. APC, through our research and many articles, has dealt with nearly all of these issues. In this section you will find information on the attacks on personal privacy rights as the massive surveillance system grows though social media, our credit cards and the items we purchase, our energy use through smart meters, and much more. Have you been called a Domestic Terrorist? Then you need to know about the Real ID act and gun control. In addition, our society is being trampled under the terms “Woke” “Cancel Culture,” and “Social Equity.” These new trigger words are being use to divide out society and redirect our legal system. All of this is covered through this section. You will also find detailed articles on some of the forgotten leaders of the growing tyranny, such as Cesar Chavez and even Lyndon LaRouche, whose policies and tactics continue to affect us today. And, in this section you will also find the occasional article detailing some victories and some positive memories.