Thank You for Your Donation!

Welcome to APC’s Local Activist Training Program


Thank you for purchasing APC’s Local Activist Handbook. You will receive your Handbook within the next two to three weeks. In the meantime, you can now access the Activist Toolkit located on the APC website. Simply go to There you will be asked for the password: “apc1225”.


The purpose of the toolkit is to provide you with digital versions of many of the tools and documents provided in the Activists Handbook. There is a full digital copy of the handbook. You will also find all of the training webinars produced so far. More will be added over time. You are welcome to include these to help create your own local activists training program. In addition, the toolkit will be constantly updated with new information, tactics, success stories of local Freedom Pod efforts. You will also find a section featuring contact information for local organizations which you can join. This is a growing list. Our goal is to have an organization in every state and in as many cities as possible. If you have a local organization that wants to get involved in building Freedom Pods in your city, please send your contact inform and any other details about your group so we can add it to the Toolkit. Please keep APC informed of your activist efforts.


Working together, we can restore the Republic, community by community.


Again, I thank you.


Tom DeWeese


American Policy Center