Dear Mr. President:


I fully understand that you are under attack from every direction as you try to restore our nation and rebuild its prosperity and lost freedoms. I admire your love and dedication to our nation.


However, while you are focused on defending yourself from these attacks and never ending investigations from the Congress and the news media, I feel a need to call your attention to at least two major issues.


1. On the campaign trail you promised to end the dangerous HUD program called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH). This program is destroying private property rights and personal property values. It is also severely damaging local home rule as HUD agents are dictating regulations. Please issue an immediate order to HUD Secretary Ben Carson to stop AFFH now!


2. Also at HUD, someone inside your administration has nominated Neal Rackleff to be Assistant Secretary of Community Planning and Development… Mr. Rachleff represents everything wrong with HUD. He is a huge supporter of AFFH programs. This is a very bad nomination and must be withdrawn!  


Mr. President, I sign this advisory memo to you with the greatest respect and hope for your success in “draining the swamp.” These two actions MUST be taken to accomplish that pledge.


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