Send This Urgent Message to Attorney General Barr
Drain the Swamp

Dear Attorney General Barr,

For more than sixteen months the Justice Department has been promising an explosive investigation and report from U.S. Attorney John Durham concerning the criminal activity, even possibly a coup against President Trump.

Yet, no public action has been visible. No Grand Jury has been held, no witnesses have been called, and no arrests have been made.

This issue is critical as we face the most important election in U.S. history. How can the American people make an educated decision in this election if this criminal activity is not brought to light?

To wait until after the election to take such action and reveal the perpetrators is a monumental mistake. What could be the benefit of waiting – except to those criminals who need to be named? Many Americans have grown tired of waiting for the truth to be revealed.

That’s why I the undersigned American citizen, demand that you and the Justice Department take action now – before the election – to bring this investigation out of the dark and into the light to allow Americans to finally know the truth before they go to the polls to elected our new leadership.

Please, Attorney General Barr – for the safety and security of our nation – take action now and ARREST SOMEBODY!