By Tom DeWeese

Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals describes in detail the process being used at every level of government to reorganize our society under the excuse of environmental protection. Author Tom DeWeese pulls back the curtain to reveal the policies and the powers behind them that are systematically changing our culture and system of government to impose a political agenda of top-down control at every level. He provides invaluable insight as to how elected officials are pressured by an army of private organizations, planners and federal agencies, armed with federal grants to impose specific regulations in the name of Sustainable Development. Sustainable serves as a hand book for property rights activists to organize opposition. It provides vital information to a news media that is basically clueless to these policies, and it provides a blue print for fighting back as it offers hope to those who are its victims.

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The Activist’s Handbook

How to Fight Back In Your Community
By Tom DeWeese

Take a Stand, Change the Debate, and Restore Freedom There is a determined force in the world dedicated to an agenda designed to “reorganize human society.” To achieve that agenda they are on a drive to change our American economic system, abolish private property, and change our system of representative government. Most importantly, they have focused on making those changes primarily through control of government on the local and state levels. They have trained a cadre of activists to present and promote legislative programs that are backed by various funding programs to entice local representatives to enact their agenda. That’s why it’s at the local and state levels where we must make our stand to stop them. In this manual you will find: How to take the offensive and control the action. How to research and expose the Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and planners that influence city policy. Documents that provide comprehensive background information on the origins, supporters, and details of the policies we face. How to organize on the local level. How to network with other activists and build your movement. How to get media attention, using social media, and writing effective letters to the editor. Legal Action/ Making Representatives personally responsible for their actions. Legislative Action/ the Five Bill Package and how to use it. The goal is to take a stand to promote and defend the three main principles of freedom including free enterprise, private property, and limited government intrusion in our lives. Specifically taking direct action in your own community, thereby establishing it as a pocket of freedom or a “Freedom Pod.” This becomes a shining example to then pass to the next community, and the next, creating a freedom movement. This manual is designed to provide the tools and training necessary to accomplish that goal.


Agenda 21 & How To Stop It

By Tom DeWeese

This unique tool is a must for local activists looking for effective ways to fight Sustainable Development in their local community. Written by nationally-recognized Agenda 21 expert Tom DeWeese, this 35 page booklet gives a brief, but detailed overview of Agenda 21, its origins; details of the infamous “three Es;” the four ways Agenda 21 is implemented throughout the nation; and details on some of the main Planners who are enforcing the policy of Sustainable Development. In addition, the booklet, produced by American Policy Center, includes brand new step by step ideas on how to fight back in local communities, including definitions on property rights useful in writing legislation and a “Resolution to Protect Citizens’ Property Rights,” that is becoming a valuable new tool across the nation to challenge local planning regulations. The booklet is colorfully illustrated with graphics created by Carroll County, Maryland Commissioner Richard

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The Agenda 21 Manual

The Wrenching Transformation of America
By Tom DeWeese

This is the manual that needs to be in the hands of every single concerned American to save your freedoms. This up to the minute, the comprehensive manual gives all the history, background, treaties, and the major non-governmental organizations behind the Agenda 21 policy that is now in every single community in America. The manual details how it’s being implemented, and above all, gives new details and tactics on how to stop it. You won’t find this detailed Agenda 21 information in any other publication.



A political thriller – by Tom DeWeese

A political activist is mysteriously murdered, and a major publisher faces ruin as a powerful, yet unknown force threatens his industry. A TV preacher discovers a movement inside his own religion to remove God, and a high school teacher is told he can no longer teach facts in his classroom. By night, a graffiti artist splashes paint on the sides of government buildings and people feel a shiver of trepidation, wondering what his cryptic messages mean.

Five heroes wonder why these seemingly separate occurrences are happening, and whether they might be connected. Is it the failed policies of a popular, yet weak president causing them, or might there be a sinister force hiding in the darkness controlling it all? Can the events be stopped before it brings down the nation? A mysterious document rumored to be hidden in the dark corners of the Internet might have the clues, but will they be able to find it in time?

ERASE is a thrill ride of twists and turns as each clue is discovered through a maze of murder, mayhem and intrigue, and villains and heroes push against each other as they race to a surprising finish.


Now Tell Me I Was Wrong

by Tom DeWeese

This book is a collection of articles published in The DeWeese Report during the past 15 years. These articles were written during some of the greatest changes to our government, schools, economy and personal freedoms yet witnessed in American history. Ignored by most in the nation at the time, the results of the implementation of these policies are now at the very root of massive discontent in the nation.

As today’s Tea Party rises in protest, many wonder where such a movement came from. Over the past fifteen years Tom DeWeese has been sounding the alarms over government land grabs, radical environmentalists, radical “reform” in the schools, attacks on our national sovereignty and UN-driven global governance. For his efforts, Tom DeWeese was not only ignored, but derided and labeled an alarmist. Now, however, those policies he warned us about are front page headlines fueling a national discontent. As they rip apart our nation and protests grow in our streets, Tom DeWeese issues this challenge… “Now tell me I was wrong.”