The destruction of our economy…the destruction of our health care system…guns confiscated…borders wide open…sky-high gas prices…destruction of property rights…privacy rights…and so much more.

But most Americans who are trying to stop these assaults on our liberty have no idea what they are actually fighting.

Worse – they don’t know that most of these battles will be won or lost on the LOCAL level – not in Congress!

We will lose the Republic unless we quickly learn these facts!

Dear Fellow Concerned DeWeese ReportAmerican:

Divide and conquer.

That’s the tactic the enemies of freedom use to keep us jumping from one dire threat to another. We are so busy jumping that we rarely have time to see the real threat- just the symptoms.

As a result, we are being crushed in the battle to save our beloved Republic and our American liberties.

But we can change that. We can beat them – with the right tools!

Now I have created that tool!

My name is Tom DeWeese, publisher of the unique monthly intelligence newsletter, The DeWeese Report, which focuses on issues like: the government’s assault on property rights; the invasion of our personal privacy rights; the destruction of the public education system; and the efforts to destroy our national sovereignty and independence.

The DeWeese Report exposes all of their secrets.

  • I’ve outlined the treaties, policy papers and international meetings that have set the agenda.
  • I’ve shown how those international policies go directly into local communities, disguised as innocent-sounding development projects or historic preservation – drastically changing our way of life.
  • I’ve revealed how those International plans are moving past Congress and into local communities.
  • I’ve detailed how the Supreme Court has helped them do it.
  • And I’ve exposed the private organizations (NGOs) that are able to take control of your community and enforce these policies, without a vote or any input from you.


Here are more shocking details from my report that are affecting you right now:

  • How international policy is directing local communities to enforce cutbacks on water use by as much as 75%.
  • The Sierra Club’s plan to force 500 families to live on one acre of land – and they call it “Smart Growth.”
  • The real reason why the Supreme Court destroyed private property rights in the infamous “Kelo” decision. It says that any property may be taken by the community for the “common good.”
  • The actual definition of a “Soviet” and how international organizations are at work right now in your community, enforcing policy to turn your town into a little soviet.

Month after month, in the pages of The DeWeese Report, I’ve been the first to reveal stories like these:

  • The drive to create an “International” ID card and how the use of biometrics can make you a prisoner in your own country.
  • In fact, I was the first to expose the Department of Homeland Security’s report that said if you advocate your rights – as outlined in the Bill of Rights – you are a potential terrorists – really – it said that!
  • The real agenda behind “education reform.” It isn’t academics – but behavior modification.
  • What ‘going green” really means to our standard of living.
  • For 15 years I have been steadfast in reporting that Global Warming is a hoax – now the main stream media is finally catching up with me.
  • Last year I blew the lid off a dangerous plan to call a Constitutional Convention to dissect and destroy that precious document.

The DeWeese Report is like no other newsletter you have ever read. It’s dedicated to the cause of freedom and exposes anyone or any organization that threatens it – be they Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative.

My report is plain-talking, concise and right on target.