Nancy Pelosi introducing Agenda 21

Tom DeWeese in Rindge, NH

Last week I spoke in the tiny community of Rindge, NH. Here local citizens discovered strange things happening in their local government. Turned out to be Agenda 21. So they took action to stop it. Changed the local government and made it mandatory that before the government could apply for a HUD grant they first had to have a vote of the people. Creative, inspiring stuff! I went there to congratulate them and to warn them to stay vigilant because the battle isn’t over.

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Tom DeWeese in Binghamton, NY

A television interview with Tom DeWeese in Binghamton, NY

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Why Private Property Rights Are Vital to Freedom

Tom DeWeese speaks to the International Property Rights Association in Ontario, Canada, addressing why private property rights are the only way to end poverty and create wealth around the world

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ICLEI & Agenda 21 by Richard Rothschild

Commissioner Richard Rothschild, a county level elected board member educates the public about the dangers of UN’s Agenda 21 initiatives and the Sustainability Development plans by the ICLEI.


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Memo to the Movement (video)

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Tom DeWeese

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Tom DeWeese Discusses Agenda 21 on Fox News

Tom DeWeese on Truth in Action

Stand for Sovereignty

A news conference sponsored by the American Policy Center. APC buries Capitol Hill under 1.5 tons of petitions during a national news conference.

On September 7th, 2000, as nearly every head of state and world leader gathered at the United Nations headquarters in New York City for its Millennium Summit, the American Policy Center delivered more than 350,000 petitions to Capitol Hill calling for an end to the Untied States membership in the UN.

The petitions, weighing more than 1.5 tons, served as the backdrop as Rep. …

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Is Agenda 21 a Danger to your GRANDMOTHER?!