For several decades the radical Left has been dedicated in its efforts to organize at every level of government while advocates of limited government failed to do the required “hard work” of local organization and activism to protect our freedoms. For the dedicated Left, no position was too small. No appointed board was ignored. Local government is now infested with Planners, NGOs, and federal agencies dictating policies. And the only reason they have power and influence now is because the Left fought to elect representatives who then gave it to them.

To win, we must take the fight to the local level, right in your local community. City Councils, county commissions and state legislatures have much more power than they understand. A Freedom Pod creates as permanent infrastructure from which to fight back. Through this system local activists learn to research to fully understand the policies and the forces behind them. They learn how to present these to elected representatives, and they organize to apply pressure to assure those elected representatives feel the consequences of their actions. Freedom Pods assure the local citizens are heard over the din of the global NGO forces.

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