Bill Clinton Hates The American Flag

Bill Clinton just can’t stop messing with the American flag. In the September issue of The DeWeese Report (Volume 6, Number 9) I reported that Clinton aides had removed American flags from several public schools rooms in Thurmont, Maryland in an ignorant attempt to prevent offending Israeli and Palestinian delegates at the Camp David Middle East peace talks in July.

Now comes the report that Clinton may have ordered U.S. Navy officials to change a two-hundred-year-old regulation that says no flag will fly higher than the American flag on a navy vessel.

Clinton, in making preparations to visit Communist China and Communist Vietnam, apparently has agreed to make the American flag subservient to the communist flags. In a last-minute compromise with the Red Chinese, Clinton has reportedly agreed to have both the American and the Communist flag fly at even heights over the U.S. navy ship that bears the president. But in Vietnam, Clinton is apparently prepared to fly the Vietnamese flag over the American flag.

Needless to say, Navy personnel are outraged. The “Rules for the Regulation of the Navy of the United Colonies” have been in effect since November 28, 1775 – even before the nation was founded. Never in the history of the nation has any but the American flag flown over a U.S. Navy vessel – until the seemingly never-ending reign of Bill Clinton. One Navy officer commented, “I’d like to blow the g-d thing up.”

Not since Jimmy Carter, has the nation’s Chief Executive sought to humiliate and surrender U.S. power and pride to any and all tin horn dictators who get a kick out of seeing how far they can push the world’s biggest wimp.

Col. David Hackworth, America’s most decorated living war veteran, said, “What’s new? Clinton has done everything else to dishonor the flag, why not make it number two.” He added, “Congress ought to pull this traitor’s travel plug now.”

Meanwhile, Vice President Al Gore is busy attacking his Republican opponent, because George W. Bush dared reveal that U.S. military readiness is in trouble after eight years of abuse from Clinton/Gore policies.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.