Agenda 21: The Wrenching Transformation of America

The destruction of our economy…the destruction of our health care system…guns confiscated…borders wide open…destruction of property rights…privacy rights…the UN’s new Agenda 2030…HUD’s oppressive AFFH Rule… and so much more.

Do you know what these are and how to stop them? Most Americans have no idea what they are actually fighting.

Worse – they don’t know that most of these battles will be won or lost on the LOCAL level – not in Congress!

We will lose the Republic unless we quickly learn these facts!
Hello friend of APC,

I am constantly trying to find a way to win against those who are working to turn our beloved nation into a tyrannical dictatorship.

I know why we are losing.

Divide and conquer.

That’s the tactic our enemies use to keep us jumping from one dire threat to another.  We are so busy jumping that we rarely have time to see the real threat- just the symptoms.

As a result, we are being crushed in the battle to save our beloved Republic and our American liberties.

But we can change that. We can beat them – with the right tools!

I created that tool…and now I’ve updated it with the very latest information!  

Never in my 48 years as an activist for the cause of freedom have I produced a more important document as my new mega manual, “Agenda 21: The Wrenching Transformation of America.” 

With this document, you and I can begin to turn the tables on those who are working at every level of our government to destroy our unique system of freedom.

The enemies of freedom are certainly way ahead of us — and very determined.

But, if dedicated Americans are armed with the proper ammunition – the facts – what, who, where, when and how they operate – we can stop them at every turn.

I’ve seen what can happen in a government hearing or city council meeting when people know the facts and how to fight back. It’s an awesome sight.

That’s exactly why I prepared this special, detailed manual.

I wrote it because we are losing. It’s that simple.

I’ve been watching the frustration grow. People are angry and they are scared- because they don’t understand what has happened to our nation.

I do. I’ve been studying the agenda that was created to transform our nation. That plan was very plainly set down for us by International forces more than two decades ago.

As I watch Tea Party protests and town hall meetings full of patriotic Americans demanding answers – I have been thrilled that people are finally waking up.

But I have also been dismayed because it is obvious that many of these people don’t have a clue what they are protesting.

Their efforts are going to waste.

To win, that has to change. Americans must have the facts behind the policies they are protesting. They must know the facts.

When you have finished reading this document, you will have the knowledge necessary to instantly recognize the policy your elected officials are forcing on your community.

You will know where it came from – the purpose behind it – and the consequences you will face because of it.

This is the document the globalists hoped would never be written! 

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Here’s what’s in my manual

  • I outline the treaties, policy papers, and international meetings that have set the policy.
  • I show how those international policies directly enter local communities disguised as innocent-sounding development projects or historic preservation.
  • I reveal how those international plans are moving past Congress and directly into local communities through a network of self-proclaimed “stakeholders.”
  • I explain how the Supreme Court has helped them do it.
  • I expose how private organizations are able to take control of your community and enforce these policies without a vote or any input from you.

I also demonstrate how Agenda 21 is affecting you right now:

  • International policy is currently directing local communities to enforce cutbacks on water use by as much as 75%.
  • The Sierra Club’s plan forces 500 families to live on one acre of land and they deem it “Smart Growth.”
  • The new corporate law called “Benefit Corporations” enlists corporations to enforce sustainable development policies in their products and promotions. Nearly every state has now either passed or is considering this legislation.

Click here to order Agenda 21: The Wrenching Transformation of America

I’m not only talking about radical environmental policy!

There is so much more.

  • Do you think Obama’s healthcare policy is his brainchild? Of course not. In the manual, I show you its direct connection to sustainable development and the true purpose behind the planned destruction of America’s health care system.
  • Do our children receive poor educations because there is not enough money and teachers in the classrooms? I will show you that the dumbing down of American children is intentional and that the schools are operating for what they have been “reformed” to do. It is called “Common Core.”

But wait, there’s still more…

  • I will show you how global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on man and I’ll show you why the Sustainablists cannot drop this discredited issue for fear of losing all of their demands for Agenda 21 policy.
  • I will show you some of the victims of these tyrannical policies and how they have been robbed of their property and livelihood simply because a government has too much power.

Most importantly, to complete this manual, I have included special reports from a team of experts, including former Senate Environment Committee staffer Marc Morano, one of the world’s top experts on the global warming hoax; the late Henry Lamb, the man who first exposed the UN’s global governance agenda; Mike Coffman and Michael Chapman, two of the nation’s leading experts on sustainable development and the international treaties and policies that are changing our nation; Author Wynne Coleman, one of the nation’s leading experts on Benefit Corporations; Joan Swirskyand Dr. Karen Effrem, two of the nation’s leading experts on Common Core; and the late Dr. Madeleine Cosman, a pioneer in exposing the destruction of our nation’s once-great health care system by connecting the dots to Agenda 21.

Of course there are lots of newsletters, blogs, and Internet sites out there with “insider” information. However, I have seen most of them and I know for a fact that many are missing the big picture! They will tell you about federal policies, taxes, bailouts, corrupt politicians, secret deals, and lots of stuff that–while it may be important–fails to connect the dots to the real root of the problem.

Other “experts” are missing the core threat: it is not discussed in the media, at many TEA party rallies or in national conferences, and certainly not in Congress or other levels of government.

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The core threat is revealed in detail in my special report.

Only in this manual will you learn:

  • How our language is being manipulated to control policy
  • The threat we face is not a Republican or Democrat issue.
  • The ruling principle that will completely reorganize our society.
  • The three E’s of control.
  • The threat of the “precautionary principle” and how it will destroy our economy.
  • How Public/Private Partnerships are destroying free enterprise.
  • How the politically-based radical environmental movement uses fear of environmental damage as camouflage while they work to transform the American systems of government, justice, and economics
  • The dawn of “Common-ism” that transformed national sovereignty, natural resources, and private land into “common property” for the UN’s “global commons.”
  • How the public education system has been transformed to create “global village idiots.”
  • The four international commissions that are transforming the world towards global governance.
  • The full definition of an NGO and where they came from.
  • The most powerful environmental group in the world and why it is the most dangerous.
  • How UN policies become American law.
  • The Smart Growth fraud.
  • The lunacy of the Wildlands Project.
  • How “green” industry is costing taxpayers millions in additional costs and with no benefit.

Most importantly, the manual includes step-by-step details on how to fight against Agenda 21 in your community, including:

  • The exact language necessary to protect property rights.
  • The “Resolution for the Protection of Citizen’s Property Rights” and how to use it as an effective tool to stop Agenda 21 in your community.


Click here to order Agenda 21: The Wrenching Transformation of America

Our battle isn’t over taxes and health care proposals – it’s about the very survival of our unique American way of life – and very few are even talking about it.

The Obama Administration is moving faster than any administration in history to enforce this international agenda and destroy American freedom and independence.

We have no time to lose. We must fight back — but too few Americans know how to wage that fight.

My special report has the answers.

You absolutely must have a copy of this vital report.

I am an activist and I want to save my precious country. I want the people who feel as I do – the people who I know will use it — to have this special report to help save our nation. 

I have spent hundreds of man-hours pulling this information together.

It will teach you all the history you need to understand where these policies are coming from. My manual names the perpetrators. It tells you in detail about the policies that are destroying our nation. And it tells you how to fight back.

Click here to order Agenda 21: The Wrenching Transformation of America

This manual represents 15 years of my most dedicated work and accumulated knowledge. Moreover, it contains special reports from my closest advisors and colleagues — the most knowledgeable experts in the field.       

You will not find this information anywhere else.

If you already have a copy of my manual then please consider sending a donation of $25 or $35to help keep APC’s vital programs running. Click here to make a donation

I cannot lead our fight against government tyranny – as described in this vital manual – without your financial support. I need you.

“But I certainly hope you will accept this opportunity to get and use this MUST READ manual to help me fight the growing tyranny we face – both from the federal government and right there in your own community.

I urge you to act quickly. Many of the warnings I have issued in this report are taking place daily. If we delay, we will not be able to stop them. You need this information now.

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Tom DeWeese


Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.