In the Streets!

By Alan Caruba

The real action at the GOP convention in Philadelphia will be in the streets. It will be there where the protesters are, where the inevitable clash with police will occur, where the wails of those taken to detention will be heard. The real questions will be who organized these protesters, who trained them, who funded them, and what, exactly, are they protesting?

If they are protesting multinational corporations, the ruining of the earth’s environment, the movement of jobs to other nations, you can be sure you are listening to the Socialist play book from which they are all reading. You will be listening—at a time of unparalleled prosperity in this nation—to the whining of failed dreams of world domination, failed economic theories, a failed understanding of true liberty, true freedom; the opportunity to either succeed or fail.

Among the protesters will be AFL-CIO unionists perhaps unwittingly acting out the game plan of a Socialist-led organization that is obsolete in an age when workers are stockholders, when even a so-called sweat shop job in Malaysia is sought after by those seeking any opportunity to raise a non-existent standard of living. Other protesters will be the radical environmentalists, trained by the Ruckus Society, a Green organization funded by CNN’s founder, Ted Turner, a self-admitted Socialist. Then, perhaps, some race-baiters and the detritus of lost causes.

The media will call all these groups “anarchists.” It has become their way to avoid having to be specific about the various groups and their purpose for protesting. Don’t be fooled.

This isn’t the Chicago of the Vietnam War days when the protesters reflected the growing public distaste for that conflict. This is the death rattle of those who hate the changes the Internet, genetically modified crops, and other technologies are bringing. It is a protest against the multiculturalism and the economic machines, the multinational corporations, that is it spreading everywhere. It is a protest against the future!

Yes, look to the streets of Philadelphia because the convention will only offer a virtual reality of politics, all carefully scripted and planned down to the last minute when the red, white and blue balloons cascade down upon the happy Republicans. Then the performance will repeat itself two weeks later as the Democrats gather. The action will shift to the streets of Los Angeles.

Alan Caruba is founder of the National Anxiety Center.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is President of the American Policy Center and National Grassroots Coordinator for CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) working to help local activists organize into Freedom Pods ( He is also the author of three books, including Now Tell Me I Was Wrong, ERASE, and Sustainable: the WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property, and Individuals.