URGENT!! Mark your Calendar for September 16, 2008 – THE GREAT NORTH AMERICAN PHONE-IN

One Special Day to say “NO” to a North American Union

September 12, 2008

This is a reminder of the Great North American Phone-In on Tuesday, September 16th. This alert is updated from the previous alert posted last week. Listed below is all the information you need to participate. Thank you.

Action Alert! Action Alert

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Sick of Congress’ refusal to stop the ongoing formation of a North American Union? Angry that your elected officials deny the NAU’s existence? Tired of Congress’ failure to protect our nation’s independence and sovereignty, to serve the Constitution they were elected to protect? It’s time we take more aggressive action.

Join us September 16th in The Great North American Phone-In. Join thousands in the United States and Canada to send joint messages to Capitol Hill and the Canadian Parliament that we will not tolerate a North American Union!

Mark September 16th on your calendar.

On that date, citizens of the U.S. and Canada will call members of the U.S. Congress and the Canadian Parliament to voice opposition to the NAU.

All of the phone numbers you need, including local Congressional District Offices and the Canadian Parliament are now available on the APC website.

Our purpose is to flood Capitol Hill (and the Canadian Parliament) with enough phone calls to shut down the switchboards…

As we demand that our elected representatives:
• Stop efforts to create a North American Union

• Protect our nation’s independence and sovereignty

• Serve the Constitution they were elected to protect

Above all – send the message that the American People will not tolerate a North American Union!

You probably remember the words of former Mexican President, Vicente Fox, when he said in Madrid, Spain, “Eventually our long-range objective is to establish with the United States… an ensemble of connections and institutions similar to those created by the European Union.”

Yet, many in Congress continue to deny there is any effort to create a North American Union.

Now is your chance to make sure they hear about the NAU.

We are organizing an army to annihilate the North American Union! APC has recruited the Coalition to Stop the North American Union, consisting of more than 50 major organizations – a full radio network, with thousands of listeners – and a major Canadian political party to organize efforts in that country. But we need your help; the Great North American Phone-In will not work with just a few participating.


On September 16, 2008 call as many of the Congressional offices – both locally and in Washington (Canadians call your Parliament members) – as you can.

Tell them:

1. You oppose the North American Union (NAU) and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

2. You support H. Con. Res 40. This is a bill offered in Congress by Virginia Representative Virgil Goode calling for Congress to oppose the NAU and the NAFTA Super Highway. The bill has 48 co-sponsors, but needs many more.

3. Say Thank You and hang up!

4. Make the next call.

Do not engage the congressional staffers in debate or conversation because that will slow you down in making multiple calls.

The key to jamming the phone lines on Capital Hill is to keep up a barrage of calls pouring into congressional offices. Call an office, say your message within 30 seconds, say Thank You and hang up. Then dial the next number. We need a constant influx of calls.

You can make two calls a minute – or 120 calls in an hour. If 10,000 people make the calls that amounts to 9.6 million calls in 8 hours.

I have provided on the APC site the numbers for Congressional offices plus their local district offices. You may have more impact with the local offices which are not used to receiving massive amounts of calls. I have also listed the numbers of Senate offices and (for Canadians) the Canadian Parliament numbers.

Don’t be fooled. Your Congressmen and Senators know all about the North American Union and the SPP. Demand they stop pandering to global corporations and special interests which do not care about the ideals of freedom you and I hold so dear.

Make Congress feel the heat; force them to uphold the Constitution they were elected to defend. With your help, I know we can win this fight to stop the North American Union.

Recruit your friends and family to join the Great North American Phone-In and shut down Congress’ phones!

You will find that after a few calls, you will quickly turn into a master. Remember: the most difficult call(s) you will make is the first call of the morning and the first call after you return from a break. When you take a break, do not get distracted. Do not start to surf the net, or answer regularly scheduled e-mails. However, do not close yourself off to your immediate environment, although that isn’t a bad idea.

You can do this. We can do this. It’s up to you, to me, to us. We will win. This is a small, but VERY IMPORTANT piece of the SOLUTION! This is a battle, and winning battles will win the war against the NOW and the NAU.

There is a trick or warning that should be heeded. Normally, when we get a busy signal, we listen for a few busy rings before we hang up the phone. It’s a bad habit. It’s as if we’re saying that we have to listen to the busy signal for 10 seconds to be polite or some ridiculous thing like that. I for one have this bad habit. On September 16th, we do not have time to waste. When you hear that busy tone, hang up and call another number. That first busy signal will not change into, “Hello, that first busy signal was only a joke.” If you use redial with an 800 number, because the call is being transferred from the switchboard to another number, on some phones you will not be able to use redial to call back the switchboard operator at the 800 number.

We need volume, serious volume, not sophistication.

Remember, everything that you are reading is presented as a suggestion. It is essential and very important that you do not become tied up in conversations. Be polite, but be EFFICIENT. Make the call, say, “Thank you,” then hang up and make another call. Tom has already gone through this in his releases, but it is important enough to repeat it, again.

Here is a typical canned message:

Hello, my name is ___________. I am against the North American Union. Please tell Congressman (Senator) ________________ to support Congressman Vigil Goode’s HCR 40 resolution to stop the North American Union. …Thank you very much.


In the USA, everyone has two lists: Congressmen and Senators. You will have to work back and forth. Start with your home state. Therefore, if you live in Michigan, then start with Michigan congressmen and senators and proceed forward. We do not want everyone starting at the beginning of the list because there will be too many busy signals in the beginning.


If possible, it is best to stay away from the 800 number to Parliament. I have been testing the system. Using the 800 number, there was a waiting time 50% of the time. In some cases I waited for 30-45 seconds to be connected to an 800 operator. If you cannot afford to use the 613 numbers, then use the 800 number and talk to as many aids as possible or leave as many messages as possible. Some of the offices have machines to leave messages since there is a full blown election going on. In Canada, everyone needs to get re-elected. Even the Prime Minister needs to be elected as a Member of Parliament before he can become Prime Minister providing his party can form a majority government. (This explanation is for the benefit of our American brothers and sisters.)

Canadians should begin calling from the list of MPs beginning with their own representative. Then follow the list as it is presented in alphabetical order. Do not start at the beginning of the list. If everyone starts at the beginning of the list, there will be an unwanted jam-up, and it will only dampen our effectiveness.

When calling Bloc Quebecois MPs, begin with, “Parlez vous Anglais, s’il vous plait.” (Do you speak English, if you please?) It’s a courtesy. All receptionists are bi-lingual.

A simple canned message: “My name is _______________. Would you please tell (the Honourable, Mr., Ms.) that I am against the North American Union. I would appreciate it if he/she would oppose any actions to form a North American Union. Thank you.”

The receptionist could very well not know what the NAU is. Try your best to not engage in an education conversation.

Keep it simple. Say, “Please tell the Member of Parliament that I am against the North American Union.” OR you can use the first name. It does not matter. Quick, courteous calls are the key. The person answering the phone doesn’t care if you cannot pronounce the last name. The message is important. AND they know that people are nervous when they call the government.

The following is VIP. I have to repeat it: If a receptionist asks, “What is the North American Union?” here’s the trap to waste time. Avoid it. We are not there to educate them. Just say, “He/she will know what the NAU is. Please make sure that you deliver the message. Thanks a lot. It’s very kind of you.” OR say quickly, “The North America Union is to the USA, Canada and Mexico, what the European Union is to the countries of Europe.” Avoid long explanations! Besides, literally, thousands of us are calling in. The receptionist or aide will get the picture very early in the morning.

VIP:In Canada, if you are calling the 866-599-4999 number, and it is busy, remember, you can call the Senate at 800-267-7362. As a courtesy they will forward your call to the MP of your choice. However, 100+ people calling the Senate number might pose problems that will not be conducive to our campaign. Be wise. Also, it is always better to call the MP directly and not go through the 866 number.

Again, all the phone numbers you need are listed on the American Policy Center website at www.americanpolicy.org.

Here are the direct links to the lists:

US House: listed by State, the numbers for each congressional office and all the local district offices per State Congressman.

US Senate: listed by State the numbers for each Senator’s Washington, DC office and all their local district offices.

Parliament of Canada: lists all Parliament members’ office phone numbers as well as their constituency office phone numbers.

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Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.