Oil, oil everywhere we’re gonna get… Dead?

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So now we have returned to that old tired topic: Alternative energy.  Environmentalists are still claiming that we need to get rid of all “carbon based” energy sources. That these sources: coal, nuclear or what have you, are destroying our precious mother earth.  What these activists fail to tell you is that their green machines don’t do any better. In fact, they are worse.

The newest, shiniest tool in their arsenal is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This is clearly an example of the kind of damage that can be caused by carbon based fuels. They make a very convincing case, as long as you’re one of those people who fail to look at facts.  According to “The Week That Was” put out by the SEPP : Over a 65 day reporting period (more than two months) ending on June 24th, 282 birds were found dead in the Gulf with cause of death being directly linked back to the spill. Whereas a study by the FAA tells us that over the last 18 years the average number of birds killed by civilian aircraft was 409 a month.

Well good try guys, but if this oil spill only caused about one fourth as many avian deaths as were caused by aircraft in the past two months it doesn’t seem like it has had the huge toll on the bird population that you would have us believe.

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