Time To Make Candidates Face The Real Issues Threatening American Freedom

The election campaigns are in full swing. Yet, have you heard a single candidate for President, or even for a lower office, mention the destruction of property rights or representative government to be a problem worth their time to address?

Our nation is being destroyed from within and candidates aren’t even discussing it. Worse, voters aren’t making them discuss these things, such as:

  • The massive destruction of American industry by the EPA and other over-reaching government regulations – killing jobs by the thousands?
  • The near complete usurpation of private property rights in communities and rural areas under the tiresome excuse of environmental protection? Who stands with the property owners as they see their American dreams shattered under the innocuous title of “community development?”
  • The growing imposition of non-elected boards and regional governments that are fast replacing our elected representatives in making local community decisions – all powered by the imposition of federal grants that dictate policy, making most states and communities serfs of the federal government?

How do we make the policies of Agenda 21 a major issue in the upcoming election campaign? There’s only one way! Take it directly to the candidates, in front of their own audiences!

Several months ago I prepared three vital questions that would force candidates to focus on these issues. I then asked activists in communities across the nation to begin to pummel candidates with these questions. Make them answer. Embarrass them in front of their supporters when they couldn’t answer. I said then, that this would force the candidates to begin to study the issue of property rights so they wouldn’t be embarrassed again. And in that way, I argued, we could force the property rights issue into the forefront of this election.

Now, why did I believe that tactic would work? Because in the 2012 election, as the presidential candidates campaigned they were confronted with this question: “What about Agenda 21?” As the candidates struggled to answer, others from the audience would shout, “Call Tom DeWeese!” I was told this was done over and over again.

Finally, one day as I sat at my desk, the phone rang. It was one of Newt Gingrich’s policy staffers. He said, “We’ve been told to call you. Can you tell me about Agenda 21?” We chatted for about 30 minutes and he said, “That’s the best explanation I’ve ever heard, thank you.”

About a week later the Internet lit up as Newt Gingrich appeared on the Sean Hannity radio show when he said, “I want to talk about Agenda 21.”  Then Gingrich mentioned Agenda 21 in one of the debates. And then he did it again in another appearance.

That’s why I thought in this year’s campaign we could put an organized effort together to really make it a major issue. We have so many more activists working in local communities now. We could force Agenda 21 onto the main stage of every debate and every appearance by the candidates. Finally, we would see this issue where it belongs, in the forefront of America’s discussion on future policy. Finally, under such a spotlight, we could stop its devastating destruction of our way of life.

The response to my effort was a deafening silence. A resounding thud! Nothing.

Why? What happened? Why didn’t any of our dedicated Freedom activists ask the questions? I took the blame. Perhaps I didn’t push the idea hard enough. Maybe my prepared questions were too detailed or clumsy.

Well, it’s not too late to start the effort. The campaign is really just getting down to the serious candidates. Today, as they have gotten comfortable in delivering their prepared talking points, now is the best time to knock them out of that comfort zone.

So, again, I’ve prepared three questions that go to the heart of the main assault of Agenda 21.

  1. The attack on property rights.
  2. The creation of non-elected regional councils and governments that destroy

Locally-elected governments.

  1. The forced use of federal grants to fund it all.

These are the issues and the tactics that are destroying the very fabric of our nation. These are the issues that must be openly discussed if this election is to mean anything.  And these questions can be asked of candidates at every level including President, Congress, and state, county and local candidates. All must understand because Agenda 21 is being imposed at every level.

Ask these questions in a public forum and watch those clueless candidates squirm. Most won’t have an answer. In fact most won’t even know what you are talking about. They will try to evade or put some positive spin on it. But you will know. You will understand that such candidates have no idea how to even address such issues, let alone how to fix the problem. And you will have made your point. Do this to them at enough public gatherings and I guarantee they will start to look into the issue so they aren’t unprepared the next time.

It is time for our movement to take aggressive action against these slithering candidates. We need to descend on pubic forums. Organize. Place our people strategically around the room. And one by one begin to ask these questions. When they can’t answer, have someone else ask it again, and again. Let them know they had better give these issues some thought. Let them know that we are going to be there every time they appear in public. And let them know we are going to make them look like fools in front of audiences until they decide to actually talk about issues that mean something to real Americans.

Please pass these questions on to your fellow activists and friends and let’s start a revolution to force this election to finally mean something!  Spread the word and make sure the candidates face these questions at every public event.

A word of caution – do not take this action alone. Organize with at least three friends. Have each choose one of these questions to ask the candidates. If you have more people to join you, then have the others prepared to do follow up questions if the candidates fail to answer.

If you have the time to read the entire statement I’ve provided before asking the question in bold – fine. If not, then just read the questions. And if it is better for you to ask the question in a different way, perhaps tying it to a local issue, for example, then of course, ask the question in the way that works best for you. JUST BE SURE TO ASK THE QUESTIONS!

Here are the Three Questions

Property Rights Question:

  1. Private property rights are under assault in communities and rural areas across the nation as local, state and federal governments move to enforce new planning development programs, particularly under the labels of Sustainable Developments or “Local Visioning.”

If elected, what actions will you take to protect the unrestricted right of use, enjoyment and disposal of private property by its owners?       

Regional Government Question:

  1. It’s a growing situation that local elected representative government is being overshadowed by the establishment of non- elected boards, councils, planning commissions and regional governments. These non-elected organizations are, in effect, taking government further away from the people as they deal in backrooms, unseen and unapproachable. Yet, while not elected by the people, they are creating and enforcing policy that affects private property, tax rates and much more.

If elected, what actions will you take to oppose the creation of non-elected boards, councils and regional government boards and help restore the rightful duty of elected representative government?

Federal Grant Program Question: 

3. Communities across the nation are being pressured by federal agencies such as HUD, DOT and EPA to accept grants for creation of local “sustainable” projects that affect property right diminish local control. Taking federal grant money means federal control over the use and outcome of that money, regardless of what the voters select for their own communities.

If elected, will you take action to help stop the erosion of local control by ending these federal grant programs?

 Ask these questions and, make the candidates focus on these vital issues. Force the discussion on the need to restore America’s property rights, resurrect locally elected representative government, and stop the federal dictatorship that comes through the grants.

 In short, stand up before the candidates who seek to lead this nation, demand answers from them, and begin the process to TAKE AMERICA BACK!


Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.