SDG Trifecta? Education, Healthcare & Vaccinations

Author’s Note:

Today’s article is not to state what you should do when it comes to the choices you make for your family. I am passing on vital information about schools being used, one more time, to overreach into those decisions, especially when it comes to vaccination. Regardless where you live, your family’s freedom to decide should be yours, and yours alone. Not coerced by a system which cares little to nothing about your family.


March 2024 is upon us. Have you heard or seen the February 2024 announcements from the Centers for Medicaid/Medicare Services? While this may seem exclusive to the US, I can assure you the ties to the United Nations, the World Health Organization and many others can also be found.

January 2024’s Announcement:

The CMS (Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services) stated that the US poverty levels needed to be increased. (Released 1/24/24)[1]

While this may sound okay on the surface, it’s what’s in the details that may surprise you. (*Note: when you access the website, it takes you to a general page, to access January 24th’s announcement, go to the 3rd document. If you click the link to see the new poverty standards, it will instantly download. Also note that the website clearly states “Federal Policy”.) Policies are NOT laws, but under the de facto rules we live under, the policies are being treated as such.)

Also released on the same day, from CMS was the news that $50 million dollars[2] in the form of grants would become available for school based mental and behavioral services. These services directly involve Medicaid funding the schools receive. These services are not based on need as much as ‘universal screening’. This means your student may not even have a mental health or behavioral health problem and still be subjected to these formative, invasive assessments. Why? To back up the ‘whole child wrap around services’. Under ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) schools were turned into quasi-hospitals. This meant (and still means) that each school QUALIFIES as a federally recognized health care center!

Friends, this is NOT new news, at all. However, under the guise of the global uproar over COVID, we’ve seen an increase in government overreaches into ‘meducation’ [3] (the combination of too much healthcare at schools).

Not only COVID, but remember the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada) [4] Agreement? Overreaches into schools/healthcare happened there, too. Between the 2, the UN (United Nations), WHO (World Health Organization) and many others stepped up their ‘stakes’ in your student’s ‘well being’.[5]

The New Mandates:

Released in February 2024, the CMS gave us a toolkit[6] centered on coverage and payment for vaccines under Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). These directly impact schools. The toolkit is available to download and is 38 pages long. I downloaded it to read the fine print. Not only does this extend all vaccines currently required by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) for children, but it goes on to cover any future need for global pandemics. The toolkit also expresses the need to ‘educate’ (aka: vaccine counseling) citizens about the constant need for vaccines. There is some language that can be used to help those who choose to not follow the CDC, but given the mandates being issued globally, it’s unclear how long your freedom in healthcare remains up to you, especially when it comes to your family.

Also, in the toolkit, is the proof that data trails between all those connected to healthcare (locally and worldwide) must increase. It’s on page 18 where the evidence for everyone under the age of 21 (in the Medicaid programs) MUST be tested with EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment assessments. The benefit ‘is key to ensuring that children and adolescents receive appropriate preventive, dental, mental health, developmental, and specialty services.’

It’s also on this page that you see the WHO’s definition of ‘vaccine counseling’ is used. Ready?! “A motivational state of being conflicted about, or opposed to, getting vaccinated.” I quoted that for you from the footnotes in the CMS toolkit. The footnote also gave the WHO position paper you could read for yourselves. In that 16 page pdf,[7] you’ll see that the definition cited above is NOT for “vaccine counseling”, but describes ‘vaccine hesitancy’.

Why did the CMS change this? Simple: the WHO pdf is all about ‘behavior and social drivers’ when it comes to vaccines. In other words, using certain techniques to sway the narrative regarding your feelings and thinking based on practical social issues should you remain hesitant or opposed to vaccinating your children.

On page 5 of the WHO’s position paper shows a type of funnel system to use to shift your attitudes about doing what they feel is best for your child. Why would this exist? Because a growing distrust in the healthcare system, across the world, exists!

Enter the Global Overreaches:

Friends, what if you aren’t in the US and don’t have Medicaid or CHIP? Well, universal health care[8] is attached to children for one thing. It’s also woven into the UN’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Then, there’s a UNICEF document[9] where they explain the SDG #3 (Good Health for All) impact on children. Make no mistake, SDG #4 (Quality Education for All) immediately follows. Why? To intersect families in schools. The UN knows schools create the largest captive audience to bring about changes.

From WHO on ‘immunization coverage’,[10] a special IA2030 (Immunization Agenda 2030) is in place. Here’s an excerpt:

“IA2030 sets an ambitious, overarching global vision and strategy for vaccines and immunization for the decade 2021–2030. It was co-created with thousands of contributions from countries and organizations around the world. It draws on lessons from the past decade and acknowledges continuing and new challenges posed by infectious diseases (e.g. Ebola, COVID-19).” A key factor of IA2030? “Leaving no one left behind”.

Considering how well leaving no child left behind ‘worked’ in education, we should all be on watch. If you’ll recall, here on my blog, I’ve pointed repeatedly how NCLB (No Child Left Behind) not only helped paved the way for the CCSS Machine (Common Core State Standards Machine), but was codified (meaning it hasn’t gone away) in ESSA. Those outside the US, will also be able to trace back to 2004, when UNESCO signed the global education agreement with Bill Gates.

From Our World in Data,[11] some of the latest information on the need to continue vaccinations. If you’re interested in the attitudes surrounding all we experienced as a result of COVID, see this behavior tracked data study by Imperial College London.[12]

From UNICEF, 2023[13] information about every child in the world becoming vaccinated. Those who are classified as ‘zero vaccinated’ or ‘under vaccinated’ are also pointed out. However, the justification given for ‘every child’ is that those in the last 2 groups aren’t being served in ‘equity’ or fairness.

The World Bank (2022)[14] even suggested that vaccines could be the ‘silver bullet’ for schools. When you read the ‘learning losses’ per country, keep in mind that this is a tactic to sway attitudes. How? Look at the one of the ways in which children supposedly ‘lost’: social emotional learning (SEL)!

What’s SEL: mind manipulation to sway attitudes, values and beliefs!

What’s a Parent to Do?

First, exercise your rights which are inalienable (aka natural rights or God-given). These are the ones that came as part of the gift of parenting. The right to protect your child based on what’s best in fitting your beliefs and attitudes. These rights are everything the government DIDN’T assign you. Governments don’t ‘create’ parents, God does. While governments CAN bring families together (adoption or legal guardians), governments are also increasing the tactics to pull families apart.

Secondly, use the resource from Britannica: a Pro/Con list[15] when it comes to school enforced vaccines. While it appears to be geared for the US, it’s easy to apply to any country’s school system which does this.

Third, know your rights per your government’s founding documents. What did the government set up to PROTECT for you? What was left unspoken and what is left up to your judgement/decision?

There’s a line that was set in place. One of our jobs as parents is to watch for those parameters. As fellow taxpayers, part of our mission needs to be helping these parents watch out. Are the parameters shifting, if so how? Why? Because the shifts of control seeking to control us all will not stop at our children.

Lastly, consider this fact: The U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services took a definition from the WHO (vaccine hesitancy) which meant one thing and inserted it where the most damage could be done to our children (vaccine counseling)! Remember, this is being done to influence YOU into conformity to fit a narrative you may not support.


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