We MUST Secure the Ballot Box

I believe the most important issue we face right now is ballot security for the upcoming election.

With secure, free and fair elections I fully believe you and I have the best opportunity ever to stop the threat of massive big government interference in our lives.

The COVID-19 lock-down and its draconian destruction of our personal freedoms, free enterprise system and honest representation from our elected officials completely reveals the real goals of the Left.

Many of their mayors and governors have shown their tyrannical attitudes for how they want government to control us.

As a result, now, more Americans than ever before finally see what you and I have been warning about all of this time. The complete destruction of our Republic.

If our ballot boxes are secure and the votes counted in an honest election, I fully believe we could wipe out these Leftist tyrants at every level of government, from city hall, to state capitals, to Congress. And of course, the White House.

Without ballot security, the exact opposite WILL happen. The Democrats are on a drive to take every elected seat and they don’t care how they get it.

We are literally fighting for the survival of our Republic!

But I am most distressed by the lack of attention to this issue, especially by the Republican Party. Their silence is deafening.

Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge for election through mail-in ballots. The news media is piling on President Trump for openly opposing them, and the mantra has begun that it’s Trump who is working to steal the election!

Election fraud has been growing each election. It’s not a myth and this time it will hit us in massive proportions.

Item: In Pennsylvania, about 2.5 million voter registration postcards went to people who are not registered to vote. State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, who chairs the State Government Committee, said “there’s certainly the potential for hundreds, if not thousands, of foreigners… to be on our voter rolls, and a certain percentage who are casting ballots.”

Item: According to the federal Elections Assistance Commission, between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million mail-in ballots remain unaccounted for. The missing ballots amount to nearly one in five of all absentee ballots as well as ballots mailed to voters residing in states that do elections exclusively by mail.

Item: In Philadelphia, a Judge of Elections has pleaded guilty to stuffing ballot boxes over the course of several years with fraudulent votes for Democrat candidates in federal, state, and local elections.

Similar evidence shows election fraud, ballot stuffing, illegals voting, and undelivered mail-in ballots across the nation, including New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Indiana, and many more states.

In addition, there are reports of compromised voter roles, filled with fraudulent or names of the deceased and multiple votes cast by individuals; and don’t forget all the videos that have surfaced showing postal workers dumping mail.

We also must be ready for the very real threat that terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which have been creating violence and destroying property is cities across the nation, may now show up on election day to intimidate and threaten voters as they stand in expected lines at the polls. We must have a plan to protect the polling places.

What do we do? What action must be taken to protect the ballot box?

  • We must demand that our votes be secured by the principle of one person, one vote.
  • Those going to the polls on election day must be secure and free from BLM/Antifa violence.
  • Mail-in – ballots must be cast, received and counted by election day – no later.
  • And the election officials of each state must be held personally responsible for the safety of their election process.

The Democrats’ attempt to nationalize the election with a one-size-fits-all approach is the key to disaster.

We can secure the ballot box by taking these actions. But, we only have a short time to do it.

We must make sure that ballot integrity teams are recruited and trained along with poll workers who will fight to ensure that election laws are followed and only legal ballots are cast and counted.

This must be done now!

That’s why I have teamed up with other Conservative leaders, including long-time Conservative leader Richard Viguerie, to apply as much pressure as possible on the Trump campaign and Republican leadership to do their job and secure this election and save our Republic.

Mr. Viguerie has determined that the best way to put that pressure on Republican leadership is through President Donald Trump. The most effective fighter you and I have to count on.

That’s why I am including a detailed letter to President Trump for you to sign to let him know you and I urge him to take immediate action to build a force to secure the ballot box. Please sign it today.

The fact is, President Trump is the only one who can quickly organize and pull together the forces needed to guarantee ballot security. Plus, he has the most to lose.

As I said, I believe we have the best opportunity of our lives to wipe out the Leftist forces which are determined to destroy our nation. We can do it at every level of government, from mayors to governors, plus gain control of both Houses of Congress.

Election day could be the greatest victory you and I have ever experienced.

But if we fail to take the action necessary to secure the ballot box, we could be the ones wiped out at every level. And even if President Trump, himself, could manage a win, I predict that he wouldn’t even get through his second Inaugural Address before they throw him out of office! And then the tyranny will really begin.

You and I and President Trump must have victories at every level of government!  Please join me in this fight of our lives.

Sign the enclosed petition to President Trump. And please help me get this message out across the nation. To do that I urgently need your financial support. You and I are fighting against a powerful, massively-funded force that will stop at nothing to take power. I can’t fight them with an empty bank account. I need your strong support at this critical time. Make a donation now.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.