Secure the Ballot Box – Petition to Trump

Dear Mr. President:

Americans elected you because you are a fighter for the American people and American values.

The 2020 election is now less than 80 days away and it has become crystal clear that the new Marxist Democrats see the coming election as a war for control of America’s future and their campaign strategy is to sow chaos before, on, and after Election Day.

The “official” Republican Party, on the other hand, is not comprised of fighters, and appears to be totally unprepared for the Election Day and post-Election Day chaos and fraud Democrats plan.

For example, in a completely unprecedented deviation from ballot security norms, Democrats in Wisconsin are using “volunteers” from Far Left organizations to work in the government election offices and Wisconsin Democrat election officials have accepted some $6.5 million from Far Left organizations to supplement their official budgets – yet we have heard no objection to this from the Republican Party.

Make no mistake, Democrat plans for millions of mail-in ballots, mailed without the safeguards of the absentee ballot process, are intended to overwhelm the system, opening the door to lawsuits that prolong a decision that should be settled on Election Day. Democrats plan to force the counting of ballots into federal courts where liberal judges, acting on their own arbitrary and capricious standards, will determine the winner of the election.

What’s more, Democrats have invested an enormous amount of effort in establishing the narrative that if you challenge the results of a such a process, you are attempting to hang on to power illegitimately – this is a clear “tell” of their strategy to push the vote counting into litigation where activist liberal judges will rewrite election laws to your disadvantage.

Perhaps the most compelling confirmation that the Election Day chaos we warn you about is planned, and not the result of incompetence, is the outrageous demand made by Democrats that the Pentagon detail the 82nd Airborne to escort you from the White House should you dispute the results of the election. Such a demand is unprecedented in the history of our Republic and demonstrates that Democrats plan what amounts to a coup, not an election.

Mr. President, we the undersigned represent millions of grassroots conservative supporters of your reelection. If we had any evidence that your campaign and the Republican National Committee and state Republican Committees were aware of and prepared to meet this threat to constitutional government, this letter would not be necessary.

Unfortunately, what we see are the preparations for just another election, instead of the preparations necessary to win an existential battle to preserve our country from a Marxist takeover.

As your friends, supporters and allies we urge you to undertake with immediate dispatch the following actions to forestall the Democrats’ planned Election Day chaos and vote fraud:

1. Recruit and train enough election lawyers to aggressively act on your behalf in, at a minimum, every congressional district you won in 2016.

2. Preemptively file suit to prohibit the mass mailing of ballots outside the absentee ballot process.

3. Most importantly, recruit and train Republican ballot integrity teams and Republican poll workers who will fight to ensure that election laws are followed to the letter and that only legal ballots cast by legally registered voters are accepted and counted.

Time is short and we stand ready to help.

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Petition To the President of the United States of America