The Green Drive to Reorganize Human Society

It’s getting crazy out there. More and more of the policy proposals put out by the Green activists reveal their movement is more about forcing radical changes to our lifestyles and not about climate science or the environment. It’s like a religion where infidels must conform to their rites and rituals and heretics must be silenced.

Each day they are pushing harder and faster to implement it all. They are moving to eliminate cheap, reliable energy and gain control over our food supply, ability to travel, housing choices, available jobs, and our personal lifestyle choices.

How do they expect to accomplish all of that? Let me give you just a few of the most outrageous policies the radical Greens are promoting right now!

  • Banning gas stoves: Yep, California is already leading on this one. The excuse – “NATURAL” gas is a danger to the NATURAL environment. So homeowners, restaurants, hotels, and anyone trying to cook their food will have to surrender their gas stoves to government regulations. Pizza just might be forced into the history books!
  • Restrictions on Ice Cubes: You see, it takes energy to make ice cubes…so the drive is on to end our unsustainable use of ice cubes. Scientific American magazine says it takes a lot of water and energy to make manhattans and margaritas. Could we do it with less ice? The time has come for “climate-friendly” cocktails!
  • Canceling fireworks: This past July 4th Los Angeles canceled several fireworks shows after a radical green NGO group filed a lawsuit claiming some fireworks displays violated the Clean Air Act by discharging plastic pollutants into the water. Isn’t it ironic that no such problem had ever been detected in over 240 previous years of Independence Day celebrations?
  • Banning short-haul airline flights: It’s much easier to control populations if you can keep everybody in place and monitor their every move. You say you just want to fly over a couple of states and visit mom? Well, not so fast. Several European nations, including France and Germany, are already banning short-haul flights under 2 hours “to cut carbon emissions.” The fact is these flight controls will have little, if any, impact on climate. In reality it’s all a fake, symbolic gesture to pretend they are fighting the “climate crisis.”
  • Blocking out the sun: This is the latest idiocy to come out of the over-active mind of Bill Gates. He says to slow global warming, we must put a layer into the atmosphere to block out the sun. There is no science to back up this scheme. And anyone who knows anything about the environment knows that every living thing on Earth needs the sun to thrive and grow. But hey – grant money drives the science!

These radical Green forces, coupled with the global powers like Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset, the Green New Deal and as I have warned for decades — Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, are determined to reorganize human society – with them in control.

Yet, such programs are already proving unworkable and damaging to society.

For example, Biden’s “Climate Czar,” John Kerry, has been exposed as a major hypocrite as he pushes for more and more control under climate change policy. Kerry, of course, is a big promoter of such plans as the elimination of gas stoves and your favorite pizza being cooked in a wood burning oven.

But guess what! It’s now reported that in 2021, Kerry’s private jet emitted an estimated 116 metric tons of carbon in less than a year. By comparison, a wood-burning stove, such as you might use to bake a pizza, would have to bake for 849 years to equal what Kerry’s jet puts out in one year!! Of course, the elite, like John Kerry, must travel on planes to meet with fellow elites to create new dictates for you to follow. But short flights for you to meet Mom – nope! That would damage the environment!

The drive to eliminate gas-powered cars is on the front lines in the climate change battle. California has already passed laws banning the sale of them after 2035. Eighteen more states are planning to do the same. The drive is on to replace them with electric vehicles. But the electric vehicles that the auto industry is now counting on to take them into the future, are not selling! Only about 7% of those manufactured in the last year have sold. Thousands of unsold EVs are piling up on car lots.

Electric vehicles are massively expensive. The batteries are only reliable for a few years, but then cost tens of thousands of dollars to be replaced. It takes hours to recharge them and long trips become a major hassle — not to mention the incredible damage done to the environment to mine the lithium needed to make the batteries. People don’t want EVs and they are not selling.

This could be the death of the auto industry. And the incredible fact is the radical Greens see that as a positive development. After all, in their planned 15– minute smart growth cities, the goal is to eliminate cars!

And that brings us to the greatest threat of all green policies – the eliminating of gas, oil, and nuclear energy sources that have fed our needs for a century. All to be replaced by wind and solar.

Right now, across the United States, vital farmland is being covered with thousands of acres of solar panels and massive wind towers and there’s much more to come). Nothing is damaging the environment more and doing less for human society than wind and solar power. No crops can grow under solar panels. And as they move to eliminate oil from our energy supplies, they have to have oil to manufacture the panels. And millions of trees are being destroyed to make room for the thousands of acres of solar farms.

And with thousands of acres of wind turbines, nothing will be flying in the air – endangered birds will pile up at the bottom of them. Keep in mind, to make the massive turbines turn they too need oil! Now wind towers are also being placed in our oceans where they negatively affect sea life and the fishing industry.

This is what the Greens call protecting the planet. And for all of the expense and destruction, if they manage to eliminate all other sources of power, wind and solar will provide only about 4 to 12 percent of the energy we need to run our society.

This is insanity, and it must be stopped!

The good news is they are moving way too fast – average citizens are starting to grasp the danger and feel the effects. That gives us a great leg up to build opposition to stop them.

I have recently joined forces with CFACT, a very influential force on the international and national levels. Together we are already successfully exposing these forces and slowing down their progress.

Remember when the Greens led the campaign to “Save the Whales?” They said they were so concerned about these great sea creatures and, of course, blamed human society for their demise. Well, once again, their hypocrisy is showing as the green drive for offshore wind construction spoils our coasts and threatens marine life, fishermen, boaters, and all who treasure our oceans. As the wind industry grows, more dead whales are washing ashore.

CFACT president Craig Rucker just led a very successful public protest against the offshore wind towers called Save the Whales – Stop the Windmills. Craig’s CFACT protest was joined by members of the fishing industry and got huge national media coverage on Fox News and the NY Post.

Meanwhile, I have been helping to lead the fight in Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Minnesota to stop the idiotic Carbon Capture Pipeline that threatens thousands of acres of vital farmland and private property. I have been working with the farmers to help them stand up and resist the private corporations trying to take their property.

Recently, one of those corporations attempted to intimidate and silence farmers from speaking out. The corporation invaded Jared Bossly’s farm in South Dakota with armed guards, damaging crops and disturbing the soil. Their message to all farmers was to keep quiet, or this would happen to all of them.

The tactic completely backfired. Instead of being intimidated, the farmers stood up and took action. Hundreds of farmers converged on the South Dakota Statehouse and demanded the state legislature take action to protect their property. This is a huge win for our cause! Similar action is happening in Iowa, The North Dakota Public Service Commission just took decisive action against development of the pipeline by denying Summit Carbon Solutions a route permit over the state.

But this is not the time for local activists to step back and congratulate themselves. Summit has already warned that this is simply a pause in their progress to enforce the pipeline. North Dakota’s Governor and presidential candidate Doug Burgum supported Summit to use eminent domain to finish the job. South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem has also refused to side with the farmers, saying “It’s out of my hands…am I supposed to fight all your battles?”

It’s no wonder that many feel defeated and hopeless about stopping these forces. Sometimes it seems impossible. We face a dedicated, determined enemy armed with an agenda they will not back away from. But we must understand that we are not outnumbered – we are out-organized. Our Constitution and the Republic it created are not dead – they are suffering from neglect.

To stop them, freedom activists must bring the same passion and determination into fighting for our property, local business, and personal freedoms. We have made vital progress in Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. And I know the powerful corporations are worried. More people are starting to see the threat. Build on that and win.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.