Climate Justice, Nonsense on Steroids

According to the Center for Climate Justice (CCJ), Climate Justice is the remedy for the faux fact that there is a “disproportionate impact of climate change on low-income communities of color around the world, the people and places least responsible for the problem”.

Yep, the climate is different for different people – even if they live in proximity. The rich, and even the middle class, have decent to great weather, while the poor are inflicted by smog and other man-made evils. Basically, smog is the only man-made evil mentioned on the CCJ site, so the other climate problems – hurricanes, drought, and floods – that are impacting those communities that are the targets of CCJ’s benevolence are the focus of Climate Justice. Smog is being reduced all the time through scientific inventions. My question is, how do hurricanes, drought, and floods disproportionately impact “low-income and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities around the world, the people and places least responsible for the problem”?

And how does the Center for Climate Justice propose to remedy the situation? Noting that “Low-income countries and communities often have lower capacity to adapt”, and while “conventional models of economic development have been promoted as a strategy for increasing adaptive capacity”, CCJ claims that these models created the inequity in the first place. Their answer is Social Justice. “Social Justice initiatives can be pursued through many different types of government programs via wealth and income redistribution, government subsidies, protected legal status in employment, and even legalized discrimination against privileged groups through fines and taxes or even through purges historically.” 1 (emphasis mine)

Got it? The answer is socialism. But I don’t remember that socialism has ever worked before; why would anyone think this time will be any different? Perhaps because it now has another name, Sustainable Development. And legal discrimination? A contradiction in terms. But now that we live in a world of moral relativism, anything goes – anything except moral absolutes. Purges? Exactly what is going on today through COVID and the vaccine, the purging of those who will not blindly obey the powers-that-be.

Climate Justice comes with baggage: The Six Pillars

Six Pillars

1. Just Transition

“At its core, a just transition represents the transition of fossil As-based economies to equitable, regenerative, renewable energy-based systems. However, a just transition is not only centered around technological change. It emphasizes employment in renewable energy and other green sectors, sustainable land use practices, and broader political (and) economic transformations.

“The Green New Deal (GND)l, for example, is an innovative proposal that tackles both climate change and inequality and is therefore very much aligned with climate justice.”

Of course, the Green New Deal and climate justice are more weapons of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. And the broader political and economic transformations? Or Technocratic socialism, the redistribution of wealth, and the universal basic income.

2. Social, Racial and Environmental Justice

As noted above Climate justice connects the climate crisis to the social, racial and environmental issues in which it is deeply entangled. It recognizes the disproportionate impacts of climate change on low-income and BIPOC communities around the world, the people and places least responsible for the problem. The power of a climate justice approach is that by addressing the root causes of climate change, we simultaneously address a broad range of social, racial, and environmental injustices.

By the way, the root causes of climate change are the sun and the weather; neither of which we can control. And why? They assume to address social and racial issues through climate change, but what racial issue is caused by the weather changing?

3. Indigenous Climate Action

”Kyle Powys 2 Whyte states “Climate change is not a new phenomenon for indigenous people, he explains. There are long-standing traditions in indigenous cultures that enable societies to respond to seasonal and inter-annual climate variability. Indigenous people have also already experienced climate change through their endurance of colonialism. Whyte describes how the current threat to indigenous people is a continuation of colonialism and how the consciousness gained from their prior experience with climate change can provide sound leadership for confronting the problem today.” 3

I’m sorry, but how can anyone with an ounce of integrity dream up, let alone declare publicly, that climate change is at all related to colonialism?

4. Community Resilience and Adaptation

One example: The Health Program Specialist I (HPS I), Local Health Department Climate Change Program and Policy Specialist, position is an opportunity for meaningful contribution to advancing health and racial equity through action to address the greatest health challenge of the 21st Century: climate change.

And how are these specialists in Climate Change, a chimera, addressing this challenge? They are banning all reasonable sources of energy and instituting exorbitant methods that work sporadically and severely damage wildlife and the environment.

5. Natural Climate Solutions

“As the Natural Climate Solutions Research Analyst II, you will conduct research on the transformational changes required across forests, land, freshwater, and ocean ecosystems to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C, halt biodiversity loss, and secure a more just, equitable future for all. Your analysis will be featured on Systems Change Lab’s data platform, the State of Climate Action reports (WRI’s most downloaded publication in 2021), and other knowledge products published by the Lab, WRI’s Climate Program, and partner organizations.” 4

6. Climate Education and Engagement

“With a widespread perspective that centers equity, we can build civic engagement to support candidates who recognize climate change as an urgent, existential crisis, unite countries with science and a systems-thinking approach, and take bold steps toward deep carbonization that do not further in equities. This approach which unites people around equity, has the power to make real and lasting system-wide change.”

If you go to the CCJ website, you will see that they are working to enlist and train Eco Warriors. Especially among the youth.

Climate justice is just another Public Private Partnership/NGO set up by the global elite to bring about one world government through Sustainable Development. The same ol’, same ol’. There is no ‘there’ there. We are dealing with fabricated laws designed to manipulate contrived conditions.

This is just another tool in the arsenal of Cancel Culture. What we are facing is a raft of programs that are attacking our proven successful system of private property, free markets, and personal life choices. It must all be “transitioned” into social justice — the doublespeak of sustainable/socialism. History has proven that socialism has never worked. Sustainable Development is an agenda to solve a problem that doesn’t exist by redistributing wealth that isn’t theirs. Chaos, poverty, and human misery are the only possible results.


  2. Kyle Whyte is the Timnick Chair in the Humanities and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Community Sustainability at Michigan State University. He is also a faculty member of the Environmental Philosophy & Ethics graduate concentration, and a faculty affiliate of the American Indian & Indigenous Studies and Environmental Science & Policy programs
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