Your Introduction to APC’s

Local Activist Training Tool Kit


The American Policy Center (APC) has produced a series of Local Activist Training webinars, plus a comprehensive Activist Handbook containing issue details, guidelines for local organization, tools and research documents.


The third component to the complete training package is the Took Kit. Here you will find downloadable copies of tools, documents, and hand-outs that are featured in the Handbook. In addition, you will find links to many more documents that simply would not fit into the Handbook.


Most importantly, the Tool Kit is designed to allow us to continually add more documents and tools as they are developed in the never-ending fight to create your community into a Freedom Pod. As we add new materials, your Tool Kit will always be fresh and up do date with the latest information.


The Tool Kit is divided into sections, a bit like a file cabinet. You will find the downloadable Legislative documents. The HandBook explains how to use these. In addition, provided here are details and important research documents for taking legal action, plus all of the activist training webinars produced by APC.  Finally, we have provided the entire Activist HandBook in downloadable format so you can print out policy handouts, background information on issues such as Agenda 21 and the Green New Deal, all in a format easier to copy and share.


APC’s goal is to make this the most valuable training program possible to help you become an effective activist to restore freedom and push government back into its Constitutional bottle. It’s time to Take Back America!

Freedom Pod Conference Calls

None currently scheduled.  Check back for any updates.  Thank you.

Training Webinars

Activist Tools

Intro to the Constitutional Sanctuary County Resolution

Constitutional Sanctuary County Resolution

Resolution to Protect Citizens’ Property Rights

Sustainable Development Q&A and Conservation Easements Handout

The Agenda 21 Manual: The Wrenching Transformation Of America

Agenda 21 & How To Stop It

Agenda 21 map by Mike Coffman

Engaging with your LOCAL GOVERNMENTS

Presentation created by the Founders Freedom Forum in Michigan

Protect Your Lifestyle Worksheet – One of the great organizations that has been out there for decades working to benefit people and animals, Protect the Harvest, has put together a worksheet that we all should have on hand and make use of it. While t was written for animal users, it works for everyone.

Legislative Action

Sample Legislation

Bill #1

This bill prohibits the use of international law to infringe on property rights. This includes the 1972 Earth Summit, the 1973 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, the 1973 UN Environmental Program (UNEP), the 1976 Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat I), and numerous other terrible international laws, including the 1992 UN Commission on Sustainable Development.

Bill #2

This bill states that private property may be taken only for public use and the taking of private property by any public entity for economic development does not constitute a public use. No public entity may take property for the purpose of economic development

Bill #3

This bill requires government authorities to provide just compensation to property owners whenever land use ordinances, regulations, or policies adopted require the property owner to alter their property in any of numerous ways from placing signage, making an expenditure for the protection of riparian areas, or grant easements for public access on the property.

Bill #4

This bill makes it illegal to make entry onto private property to collect resource data without legal authorization.

Bill #5

Because technological advances have provided new, unique equipment that may be utilized for surveillance purposes (i.e. drones, etc.), and because these advances often outpace statutory protections, the legislature finds that regardless of application or size, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, without public debate or clear legal authority, this creates uncertainty for both citizens and agencies. The lack of clear statutory authority for their use may increase liability to state and local jurisdictions. Therefore, clear standards need to be provided.

Legal Action

Section 1983

Instructions for Civil Rights Claims Under Section 1983

This is the handbook for everything needed in filing a 1983 claim

Liability Under Section 1983

This explains how to successfully prevail in a 1983 case, whom/what you may sue, who has immunity, the damages you may claim, the awards of damages, and others issues that may come up in your claim.

42 U.S. Code § 1988. Proceedings in vindication of civil rights

This article explores the history and purpose of the Fifth Amendment’s privilege against self-incrimination, examines subsequent judicial interpretations, and recommends that the Eighth Circuit follow a broad approach, liberally defining when a case commences. It also calls for allowing section 1983 claims to proceed when compelled statements are used in the early stages of criminal proceedings.

1983 Needs No Intent

Land Use Actions Under Section 1983 of the Federal Civil Rights Act

Gives the basic scope of the Statute regarding property rights

New Attorney’s Guide to the Steps in a Lawsuit

This is a Lexus/Nexus guide for submitting a basic Section 1983 complaint

14th Amendment

This explains the equal protection under the law under the 14th Amendment, with expanded definitions of rights and with examples of suits brought under Section 1983 pertaining to the 14th Amendment.

Typical Section 1983 Claims

For those who are suing under Section 1983 against wind/solar power, 5G, an similar issues.

Wind Net Economics Summary

Notice Of Default And Imminent Liability Concerning Trespassing Technology

Start a Freedom Pod

Getting started (organize) pages 1, 2, 21, 23, 25, 27, 136138

Know your Enemy 2, 3, 9, 7179, 139, 161, 179190

Make your plans 27, 32, 4649, 5863

Local Organizations

Freedom Pod Groups You Can Join

Listed below are local and state organizations that are working to train and organize local activists. If you want to get involved, contact any organization in your area that is listed below. If you are part of a local or state organization that wants to get involved in helping to build your community into a Freedom Pod, please contact American Policy Center so that we can list your organization here.







Citizens for Free Speech

Training programs for local and national activists

Contact: Patrick Wood

Email: [email protected]





California Republican Assembly of San Joaquin County

Area: Lodi

Contact: Jim Shoemaker

Email: [email protected]

American Coalition for Sustainable Communities (Not a supporter of Sustainable Development)

National organization: training local activists to oppose international development programs

Contact Dan Titus

Email: [email protected]


American Freedom Alliance

Area: Encino, Los Angeles



Free Counties

Contact: Judy Spady

Email: [email protected]








Gulf Coast Patriots
Location: Gulf Breeze, Florida
Contact: S. H. Cundiff













Constitutional Alliance

National organization focusing protecting personal privacy

Contact: Steve Meyer, CEO

Email: [email protected]








Caddo Alliance for Freedom

Location: Shreveport area, Caddo Parish

Contact: Chris Kracman

Email: [email protected]



Omega Kingdom Ministry

Contact: Kevin Bushey (Coach, Webmaster)

Mary Bushey

Email: (Kevin) [email protected]

(Mary) [email protected]


Training course:





Roadmap for Freedom
Margot Walbourne
Dianna Ploss
Boston, Mass



Founders Freedom Forum

Full training program for activists across the state

Location: Kalamazoo area

Contact: Gene Clem, President

Email: [email protected]

Contact: Tom Backers

Area: Traverse City

Email: [email protected]



Contact: Greg Smith

Area: Northern half of the State

Email: [email protected]







Contact: Bruce Hall

Area: Phillips County (Whitewater/Malta

Email: [email protected]





NevadansCAN – a Citizen Action Network
Contact: Iris Stone
Area: Las Vegas, Nevada
[email protected]

New Hampshire

Camp Constitution

National organization/ holds annual camp to train youth on freedom issues

Contact: Hal Shurtleff

Email: [email protected]



New Jersey


New Mexico


New York

Contact: Michael T. Friend
Manlius, New York
Cell # 315-436-5625
Landline: 315-637-3549


North Carolina


North Dakota



Green County Tea Party

Area: Xenia

Contact: Dennis Crouch

Email: [email protected]








Rhode Island


South Carolina

SC Conservatives of the Upstate
Contact: Johnnelle Raines
Cell # 704-860-0648
United Patriots
Located: Upstate of South Carolina
Phone: 864-325-6310


South Dakota



State Contact: Kathleen Marquardt (APC Vice President)

Email: [email protected]

Knox Conservative Republic

Location: Knoxville

Contact: Theresa West

Phone # 865-292-4069



American Stewards of Liberty

National organization, training local activists to oppose federal proper takings

Location: Georgetown Texas

Contact: Dan Byfield

Email: [email protected]




Iron Dixie Committee of Rights
Location: St. George, Utah
Contact: Destry Griffiths
Group: Valley Republican Women (Rockbridge County)
Area: Rockbridge County, Lexingoton, Virginia
Contact: Cher McCoy
If you don’t see a listing for a community group in your area of Virginia, contact Cher and she will help you get started.

Northumberland County

Contact: Lynne Balderson

Email: [email protected]

Gloucester County

Contact: Susan Austin

Email: [email protected]

Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club

Very involved in local politics, great activist support and training

Contact Patti Hidalgo Menders, President

Email: [email protected]


Address: P.O. Box 1057, Leesburg, VA 20177




West Virginia



Fox Valley Initiative Tea Party

Area: Appleton

Contact: Ed Perkins

Email: [email protected]

Wisconsin Conservative Coalition

Area: Coalition of 3 groups covering Northeast WI, Oshkosh to Green Bay

Contact: Ron Zahn/Mike Elmer

Email: [email protected]




Video Presentations

This video reveals the combined property rights assault from 30×30 and National Heritage Areas.   There are many schemes  and programs being installed through federal grants to control and destroy property rights and the agriculture community. This video provides a detailed overview. It should be used as a program presentation for you local Freedom Pod groups. Watch here.