Why The Patriot Act is Tyranny and Rand Paul is a Hero

Senator Rand Paul is taking a lot of heat from establishment Conservatives and some in the media for his unwavering stand against the Patriot Act. The party line that is emerging says that we are now vulnerable to terrorist attack. Even Senator Paul, himself, said he was being accused of damaging America’s defenses against such attacks.

These accusations are almost humorous considering that many of these same establishment Republicans have refused to force Barack Obama to enforce immigration laws. That fact now allows literally anyone who …

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The Chilling Effect of Domestic Spying

Editor’s note: I have had the privilege of working closely with Mark Lerner and his Constitutional Alliance for many years. He is one of the nation’s leading experts sounding the alarm against the growing American surveillance state. – Tom DeWeese 

The good news is now that the Snowden revelations have revealed to a large degree the domestic surveillance taking place, the public knows more about what OUR government is doing. The bad news is the chilling effect creating a surveillance state has on a representative form …

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E-Verify and the Emerging Surveillance State

The rush is on to force into law mandatory use of the E-Verify system that will mandate that all businesses use this hand-me-down from the Social Security Administration in order to hire anyone. Republican Representative Lamar Smith has introduced HR 2164 and House action is expected at any time. Say proponents, E-Verify is necessary to stop illegals from getting jobs. Many freedom-loving Conservatives are supporting the idea in a desperate attempt to control illegal immigration. Is this the right way to protect America?

To answer that, …

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The Threat to Freedom: The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Department of Homeland Security

Briefing to the Tea Party Caucus of the US House of Representatives February 17, 2011 By Tom DeWeese:

My name is Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, and according to the Southern Poverty Law Center I am a right wing extremist, a racist and a potentially violent terrorist.

In March, 2010, SPLC issued a report entitled “Rage on the Right: The Year in Hate and Extremism,” in which groups opposed to issues like the Obama health care plan and …

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How the U.S. Government Forged a Surveillance Society

On September 12, 2001, President George W. Bush invited members of Congress and the media for a meeting in the cabinet room of the White House. The mood was understandably anxious, somber: The World Trade Center lay in rubble, the Pentagon had a hole gouged into it and shock and awe had settled over the United States. One of the most extraordinary periods of American history – what would come to be known as the “Post 9-11 Era” – …

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Americans Fight Back as TSA Blinks

Just days before the busiest travel weekend of the year (Thanksgiving holiday) the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) decided to flex its muscle and not only enforce the use of the very unpopular whole body imaging x-ray machines (called by many, the naked machines), but for those who refused to use them, the TSA generously offered a “choice” of a vigorous manual groping. Worse or “even worse” is not a choice. Americans finally got upset and …

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The Revolving Door That Never Stops Turning

Six years ago I started speaking out about a small company in Massachusetts called Viisage Technology. Not many people paid attention to what I had to say because the company was only a $50 million company. However, after a few quick steps that would rival anything you might find on any of the reality dancing shows on television Viisage has morphed into a billion dollar plus company.

I can provide a number of reasons you should care about L-1 Identity Solutions, the company Viisage …

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A Surveillance or Free Society? A Challenge to the Left and Right

By Tome DeWeese

Do you feel it? It’s everywhere. On television. In the newspaper. At any public gathering. In any discussion – even among friends. It’s a feeling of mistrust. Nervousness. Suspicion. Even rage. Mostly, it’s just under the surface. But more and more it’s bubbling to the top. Political debate is breaking into outright war. Just say the words, “I don’t believe government should do that…” and the war is on. Take a side. Feel the heat. Tolerance is a thing of the past.

There …

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Government Gone Mad in a Total Surveillance Society

June 25, 2009

By Tom DeWeese

I’ve heard it all- the cries, the pleas, the whines, the double speak and the lies. “We need the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to protect us from terrorists.” “We must have Real ID to protect us from illegal immigration.” “We must have E-Verify to protect American jobs.” “Traffic light cameras are necessary to make the streets safer.” “Security cameras on street corners make our neighborhoods safer.” “I’m glad the TSA is there at the airport – I feel so much …

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The Growing American Tyranny and How to Stop It

Freedom 21 is the next step!

Issued by Tom DeWeese – American Policy Center

The Tea Parties have been held. The protests against the threats of a more powerful government have been made. Americans across the nation have made it clear – they fear our own government and they want to stop its headlong plunge toward totalitarianism. The question for all concerned Americans must be “now what do we do?”

What are the issues that are frightening the American people?

Massive growth of government. Outrageous spending. The growing …

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