Al Gore – You Can’t Hide – We Charge You With Genocide

by John Meredith

Vice President Al Gore wants to be God. Apparently, he will stop at nothing to advance his global warming agenda eventhough scientists in ever-increasing numbers are rejecting the unproven theory. One of the ways he intends to do it is by killing innocent Third World babies. But, according to Al Gore, genocide “doesn’t have to be as controversial as some people make it out to be.”

Just what part doesn’t have to be controversial, Al? The part where American taxpayers are forced to finance your little Holocaust? The part where millions of mothers-to-be fight in vain to keep government thugs from sucking their unborn babies from their wombs with crude medical devices? The part where women are taken from their homes at night and delivered to butchers who cut their bodies open with unsanitary instruments in order to make them sterile? What part, Al, doesn’t have to be controversial?

How would you like it if it was Tipper who had one of your children scrapped from her body in that manner? And how would you feel if there was nothing you could do about it because I said it was all necessary to fulfill my political agenda?

Well, Al, the people in Third World countries love their spouses as much as you love yours. They value life, obviously more than you, and no pin-stripe suit wearing schmuck from America has the right to tell them that their children should be sacrificed, whatever the cause.

It is an outrage, Al, that you set yourself up as some sort of elitist who is capable of deciding who lives and dies. Let me tell you the story of two Chinese women who lived in the world you want to force on all undeveloped countries. And as the story unfolds, remember they are safer sitting in two California maximum-security prison cells because it is a better life there than the ones they escaped in China.

Dai Bo Mai is a simple woman who never hurt a soul in her life. But because she had two children, Chinese officials— much like you, Al —decided she should be sterilized. So, one day a gang of government ruffians carted her out of her home and took her to a filthy, make-shift clinic. Tied to a rickety table top, she suffered the indignity of having her uterus ripped from her body. Rejected by her husband after the painful procedure, Dai crossed a mountain range on foot to escape the cruelty of the government sanctioned birth-control program you want to subject the Third World to.

Qu Ai Yue also had two children. Government officials found out she was pregnant with a third child and told her she must have an abortion. It did not matter that she had nurtured the life within her for six months. Qu fought to save the life of her unborn child, when the government goons entered her home one night, but was overpowered and the life that would have been her third child was murdered. When told she would be taken to the sterilization clinic, Qu escaped China by walking through the jungles of Burma.

Genocide is the idea of a fanatic, not a reasoned man. Are you so desperate to force this unproven theory of global warming on America that you are willing to eradicate millions, possibly billions, of Third World lives? By associating yourself with such a hideous solution, you have lost forever your credibility as a reasonable advocate for any public policy.

Another madman once sought to commit genocide on an entire race. Hitler made lamp shades from the skin of his victims. As for your victims, Mr. Gore, perhaps you can use their bodies as a natural source of fertilizer to “green” your beloved Mother Earth.

John Meredith is the legislative director for the American Policy Center and an advisory committee member of Project Twenty-one.


Tom DeWeese
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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.