Clinton’s Death Toll Rising

By Peyton Knight

Chalk up another victim to the vindictive wrath of Bill Clinton. The same man who has run roughshod over his family, the U.S. legal system and our Constitution in his unending pursuit of personal gratification, has done it again. But this time, the death count seems to pile higher than ever. Who knows if we’ll ever recover.

Recently, the White House announced that gun manufacturer, Smith and Wesson, had “voluntarily” agreed to a rash of government restrictions and regulations in exchange for the withdrawal of over 40 lawsuits filed against the firm by various cities and local governments, as well as the withdrawal of Clinton’s own threat to sue. Over 40 government lawsuits against a company that hasn’t committed a single crime. Lawsuits that infamous trial lawyer, John Coale, gushed, “The legal fees alone are enough to bankrupt the industry.”

So how can it be “voluntary” if Smith and Wesson was forced to terms via the pending threat of extinction by among others, the federal government? How is this a mutual agreement? The answer, of course, is that it isn’t. Far from it, in fact. No different than me threatening to cut off your legs with a chainsaw if you don’t agree to my conditions, and then upon your compliance, showering you with congratulations of “bravery”, “compromise”, and “rationality.” Clearly, this is liberal spin at its most devious.

This latest incident should be an eye-opener. It proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Clinton’s “gun-control initiative” is not aimed at quelling violent crime. Rather his sole intent is to claim victory in a political publicity contest with the NRA and the gun industry. A contest he has no hope of winning unless the truth, individual rights, and personal responsibility are gagged, beaten and left for dead. We’ve seen that when a child is gunned down by another child, Clinton beats the paramedics to the scene. He demagogues the incident, preaching mandatory trigger-locks and restrictions on gun manufacturers and legal merchants. Never mind that the young culprit was living in a crack house, and the gun he used was stolen by his crack-dealing uncle who (gasp!) had been irresponsible enough to leave it lying around. All Clinton proclaims here is the need for mandatory trigger-locks, because as we all know, criminals and crack dealers would use these locks if provided with them.

The same happened at Columbine. Clinton stood on his soapbox and pronounced the urgent need for more gun laws and restrictions. Never mind that the two teenagers at fault had broken a dozen existing gun laws in their rampage. The great blame-shedder scolds those who have committed no crime and shifts the onus to the innocent. In fact, of the 450,000 convicted felons whom the Clinton administration knows have attempted to purchase firearms illegally only seven have been prosecuted. It is reasonable to assume that the remaining 449,993 rejects simply obtained their guns where most criminals do—the black market. While Clinton demands trigger-locks and other meaningless legislation, his Justice Department has a 0.000015% prosecution rate. If I’m a criminal, I love these odds.

This pattern of fraud and distorted reality will continue because Clinton’s beef isn’t with violent criminals, it’s with the irreproachable gun industry. He knows that piling additional restrictions on middle-Americans won’t impede gun crime. He doesn’t care. His efforts rarely extend beyond his own selfish political motives. Never mind the tens of thousands of convicted felons that the Clinton Justice Department knowingly fails to prosecute. Never mind that the casualties continue to mount with the passing of each worthless gun law. Never mind that gun restrictions have proven to have zero effect on violent criminals. Never mind that the only people targeted by his legislation are the vast majority of law-abiding gun owners. Never mind that the NRA’s own Project Exile has proven to be the most effective violent crime deterrent to date. It’s only when you understand Clinton’s true intent that his ridiculous attacks on the gun industry begin to make sense.

So, please, a moment of silence for the mounting casualties of Clinton’s empty rhetoric and personal vendettas.

Rest in peace, “commonsense legislation against violent offenders.”

Rest in peace, “personal responsibility.”

Rest in peace, “victims of violent crime.”

Rest in peace, “individual rights of honest Americans.”

Rest in peace, “private industry free of government intrusion and coercion.”

Rest in peace, “second amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

Sadly, I doubt they’ll find much peace with Clinton and his trial-lawyer-cronies dancing a victory jig on their graves.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.