U.N. Sees No Evil

August 22, 2002

By Tom DeWeese

Only the United Nations, we’re told, has the vision and the moral authority to be the keepers of justice in the world. Well, as they say, actions speak louder than words.

The UN’s bureaucrats spend a huge amount of time wringing their hands over the United States’ lack of cooperation with their schemes for global governance. They insist that global governance through the UN is vital to assure the complete well-being of citizens in every nation.

Consider, though, the on-going tragedy in Zimbabwe.

For several years that nation’s president, Robert Mugabe, has been systematically cleansing the white race from its society. Mugabe issued orders that whites would no longer be allowed to own farms in the nation.

Now his stormtroopers are arresting any whites who have defied his eviction notices on more than 5,000 farms. In fact, the soldiers are even arresting those white farmers who won court orders staying their evictions. The evictions also threaten more than 230,000 black workers (and their families) who live on the farms.

Mugabe says the evictions are justified to correct the “skewed remains of colonialism” that left about 4,500 whites owning one third of the nation’s farms while the remainder were owned by 7 million blacks. The often-violent seizures have contributed to more than two years of political chaos, pushing the country to the brink of economic ruin and food shortages that threaten half the population.

The world condemned White Apartheid in South Africa. International boycotts were organized against South African gold, products and stocks.

But Robert Mugabe is black and the world is silent. Where is the United Nations? Where is the indictment of Mugabe before the new International Criminal Court? Where are the peace keeping missions? Where is the outcry for economic sanctions. Where are the boycotts?

The farmers are white capitalists. The brand of “justice” the UN preaches apparently doesn’t apply to them. Talk to any UN official and you will find them hardly able to contain themselves from condemning the United States as an international outlaw state, but it is the United States that is taking the lead in trying to end the terrorism of Mugabe’s rule while the United Nations hears no evil, sees no evil, and says nothing.

Watch and learn, America. Zimbabwe justice is much closer to the UN’s own brand than that practiced in the United States. The UN and its apologists will disagree, of course, but actions speak louder than words.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.