Yet the U.S. Government Continues UN Propaganda Programs

June 21, 2004

By Tom DeWeese

Even as Americans express plunging support for the United Nations, U.S. government-run schools keep up the assault on American ideals and culture. United Nations Day is the fastest growing celebration in schools across the country.

The United Nations has passed a resolution requiring all member states (that’s us) to acknowledge October 24th as “UN Day,” to make known “to the people of the world the aims and achievements of the United Nations and to gain their support for the work of the United Nations.”

According to The American Sentinel, UN observance has taken on absurd propagandizing about the “virtues” of the UN. For example in the Miami-Dade county public school system, students are strongly encouraged to experience “on line” propaganda tours of the UN Headquarters. They develop a “time line” listing of the events that led to the creation of the UN. The program includes a permanent posting of the document in a prominent place in the classroom.

Model UN conferences, UN curriculum supplied by UNESCO and requiring students to create UN brochures advertising the importance of “upholding human rights around the world” are all part of the overall indoctrination program.

Public school paid for with your tax dollars to indoctrinate your children. Get the picture? Arguing with principals or teachers won’t stop this. Take a long hard look; a deep breath; and then do what you know is right. Get your kids out of government schools.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is President of the American Policy Center and National Grassroots Coordinator for CFACT (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) working to help local activists organize into Freedom Pods ( He is also the author of three books, including Now Tell Me I Was Wrong, ERASE, and Sustainable: the WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property, and Individuals.