Do Americans Understand the Threats They Face?

July 10, 2006

By Tom DeWeese

Several weeks ago I asked American Policy Center supporters and DeWeese Report readers some important questions regarding their stand on issues in an effort to help direct APC’s legislative efforts. Some of the answers were surprising and revealing.

I asked readers to prioritize legislative issues that APC should work on. The overwhelming majority listed passing Rep. Ron Paul’s American Sovereignty Restoration Act ( HR 1146) as the number one priority. That was no surprise to me and it is certainly APC’s number one priority. APC has already turned over more than one million petitions to Congress demanding a vote on the bill. Now, APC is making plans for a renewed effort to build support when the new congress opens in January.

However, I was most surprised to learn that a majority of APC supporters believe that UN “reform” means “ending UN inefficiency and scandals so the UN can fulfill its destiny as a tool for peace.” People, people, people – you are not paying attention. The worst thing that can happen to our liberty is for the UN to get “efficient!” The proper answer to this question is that “reform” of the UN actually means to strengthen and empower the UN into a position of global governance.” If you don’t understand this important point, then you will be easily tricked by Kofi Annan’s double speak about UN reform. The only reform of the United Nations we need is to close it down.

Moving on to other issues, it was not surprising that stopping illegal immigration was an almost equal priority to getting us out of the UN. In fact, I think if my survey were held today, after the illegal immigrants marched and protested in our streets, many more would have picked this as their number one priority. I see grave danger facing our nation if we don’t properly address this vital issue. Rest assured APC will continue to take aggressive efforts to stop this invasion of our nation.

The third issue in order of priority, according to APC supporters, is protecting private property and passing the Private Property Protection Act. As APC has been warning for more than ten years, the governments assault on private property is the greatest threat to individual liberty. It’s great to know that our supporters put this at such a high priority.

However, according to their answers, concern over the issue of Sustainable Development is barely a bleep on the radar screen. Please understand that Sustainable Development is the root of all of the assaults on your liberties. It affects not only your property, but what is taught to you children in school and the kind of society we will be allowed to have if this ruling principle of Sustainable Development is allowed to become entrenched.

For those who listed the UN as our greatest threat, it must be understood that Sustainable Development is that threat. Sustainable Development is a product of the UN’s Agenda 21 policy and is designed to give the UN power to remake our entire society into its preplanned image. If you fear the UN then you must stand up and oppose Sustainable Development.

It is also disappointing that I have apparently not property educated my supporters and readers on the latest government land grab called National Heritage Areas. These programs are springing up all over America under the excuse that they are simply honoring some historic event that occurred in the designated area and that benevolent government is just trying to help local tourism. Bull. These areas have specific borders with specific rules and regulations over private property.

The use of Eminent Domain and federal funding create yet another curse on private property rights. Most telling of the magnitude of the threat is the government’s refusal to consider informing property owners in the designated area that the Heritage Area is even being considered. Government control in secret is a threat to liberty. And that’s just what Heritage Areas are. The American Policy Center is the leading organization in the nation to oppose that threat. I’ll try to do much more to educate my supporters on this vital issue.

Finally, my greatest disappointment came from answers concerning the enforcement of national ID cards and government control of public education. Hardly any listed privacy rights and education as issues of interest. More than 25% said they agreed that a national ID card is needed to protect us from terrorism.

Oh my, I have my work cut out for me!

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.