Progress in the fight to stop the NAU and NAFTA Highway

May 7, 2007

By Tom DeWeese

A tiny but determined band of organizations and individuals are standing up to Goliath and are beginning to see his knees wobble.

Goliath is the globalist-inspired Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) – better known as the North American Union (NAU) and the Trans Texas Corridor (TCC) – also know as the NAFTA Highway.

To date a dozen states have introduced resolutions to oppose the SPP and the NAU. Some states have also included language to oppose creation of a new currency called the Amero. Also opposed in most of the resolutions is the super highway (TCC) to run from Laredo, Texas all the way to Kansas City and more. Specifically, all of the resolutions are reacting to a wide range of concepts and structures dealing with the integration of North America into one “harmonized” union.

The states where resolutions have been introduced include Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Montana, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Washington.

The TCC itself has come under specific attack. First, in April, 2007 a group of trucking and environmental organizations, led by the Teamsters Union, filed a law suit against an announced Bush Administration pilot project that would authorize up to 100 Mexican-based trucking companies to travel beyond U.S. Border States. The suit demands that the American public be given an opportunity to comment on the policy before it is implemented. It is widely understood that the pilot program is a necessary first step in the creation of the NAFTA Highway, which will allow traffic across the border to move with out stopping for inspection.

In filing the suit, Teamster president Jim Hoffa said the Bush Administration “is ignoring the American people in its zeal to open our borders to unsafe Mexican trucks.”

Meanwhile, in Texas, at the center of the storm, the state legislature passed legislation to impose a 2-year moratorium for the highway. This will slow down the process and give the opposition a chance to organize and stop the highway completely.

The state has already signed a 50-year lease with a private Spanish company named Cintra. That lease not only allows the company to make huge profits from the tolls to be collected, but also includes a no-complete clause that prevents the state from building new government roads or improving existing highways that travel in the same direction as the TCC. This fact prompted one Texas official to call the rush to impose public/private partnerships a “rush to sell the crown jewels of Texas.”

The Texas House passed the moratorium legislation on April 11 by a vote of 137 – 2. Now the Senate has passed it with one 4 votes in opposition. This is an incredible result considering that just months before most Texas legislators claimed the Corridor was just a highway improvement bill. It is even more impressive when considering that he Texas Governor tried to team up with the Federal Department of Transportation to threaten the Texas legislators that federal highway funds would be “in jeopardy” if the moratorium passed. The action simply served to anger legislators who then voted for the moratorium with a vengeance.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership is a threat to our national sovereignty and independence. The United States, with its Constitution which protects individual liberty from government, is the most unique on earth and cannot be “harmonized” with nations which do not share our values.

These victories against the effort to create a North American Union are exciting and important. However, the fight is far from over. The forces driving the SPP and the TCC are rich, powerful and determined. Opponents must continue to pour on the attack and we must score again and again to have any hope in stopping the SPP.

Two actions are necessary to stop the SPP threat. The first is to stop the Trans Texas Corridor. The second is to impose strong immigration policy that stops the flood of illegals across our border. Texas has taken steps to provide the first. Now every American must flood Congress with calls and letters to demand the second. Meanwhile, we must also encourage every state legislature to pass resolutions against the whole concept of a North American Union.

But it’s not a bad bit of work for a tiny band of dedicated activists which have no national media voice, no massive funding and little support among political leaders. All we have is some truth and a lot of heart. It works.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.