We Are Beginning to Move the Rock of Freedom Uphill

Address to the 9th Annual Freedom 21 National Conference
Dallas, Texas
July 26, 2008


By Tom DeWeese
President, American Policy Center


Gun Control

And there’s more good news. June was a very good month for us.

The Supreme Court ruled that individual Americans have a right to own guns. They struck down the age-old DC gun ban. We won the most important Second Amendment Constitutional case in American history.

And the other side is beside themselves. The Washington, DC news media reported the Courts ruling like a disaster was about to come down on the poor folks of DC.

Every single local news broadcast in DC that night actually combined the report of the Court’s ruling with a memorial service that was being held for a young kid who had been gunned down in the streets – a common occurrence in DC. The obvious message was that DC residents could now expect more of these killings now that guns were legal!

No wonder they were so distraught. They need gun bans in order to impose global governance. But we won!

And that’s not all the good news on the Supreme Court front.

UN Criminal Court

You may remember that in 2005 the UN Criminal Court ruled that the state of Texas must reopen the case of a Mexican death-row inmate. The reason was that the death penalty awarded in the case violated the 1963 Vienna Convention which said he should have had council from his home country. Never mind that he confessed to the crime.

Incredibly, the Bush Administration stepped in, basically acting as an agent for the UN Court. President Bush actually issued a memorandum to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ordering the Texas court to reopen the case.

But in a 6-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court said President Bush lacked the legal authority to tell the Texas Court how to act.

However, that ruling has much more impact than just this case. It limits presidential power and the reach of international treaties, saying neither President Bush nor the World Court has the authority to order a Texas court to reopen a case. It says the UN World Court does not govern over U.S. Courts. States’ rights, said the court, are preeminent.

The doom and gloom crowd have written volumes about how the Court has abandoned the Constitution in favor of international agreements and foreign laws. And that has certainly happened.

The Globalists need the Supreme Court to be a lackey to their agenda in order to impose global governance. But here are two cases where the Constitution was upheld. Those are victories for our side.

Upholding the 10th Amendment

In that same spirit, in June 2008, the legislature of Oklahoma passed a joint resolution claiming its state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, outlining its powers and serving notice to the federal government to back off from overreaching its Constitutionally delegated powers.

In Oklahoma, the revolutionary slogan of ‘Don’t tread on me’ is alive and well.

This is great news. It is a huge start for a nationwide trend. It paves the way for us to pressure other states to follow. It is the worst news for the global governance crowd – a huge step backwards.

But the message that was attached to the e-mail I received with this news said, ‘yeah, this will last until the feds start taking away their highway funds.’ How do people live in such a black hole? Nothing is good enough for them. We are all doomed. Well, I think some people fail to understand how hot the fire of freedom burns in Oklahoma.

And still more good news in the courts.

Upholding the 5th Amendment

Again in June, after 17 years of war in the courts, the Wayne Hage 5th amendment property rights takings case was finally won. This is a major, precedent-setting case that recognizes rancher’s grazing and water rights as equal to property rights.

The case validates the 5th Amendment takings clause that just compensation must be made in any takings and that private property is fundamental to the existence of our nation. The case can now be used to help save thousands of ranches across the west.

Stopping Martial Law

Here’s another victory you may not have heard about. For years the Internet has been full of fear mongering about how Martial Law will be declared for some unstated reason; and that we freedom fighters will be transported by train to concentration camps and elections will be suspended.

There have been claims that George Bush is planning to do all of this as well as abolish this year’s election so he can stay in office as a dictator.

You know, I watched a recent interview with President Bush and got the distinct feeling that no one is looking forward to the election and his last day in office more than George W. Bush.

But there was much ado about a revision Congress made in 2006 to the Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act to make it easier for the president to declare Martial Law. Yep, that did happen. And hence the fear.

But what you may not have heard was that the Congress repealed those changes at the end of January 2008 as part of Public Law 110-181 (HR4986). It was done very quietly and was hardly reported in the media.

And while we rightly attack the media for not telling both sides of the story, those who daily feed the Internet jungle drums with doom and gloom, didn’t bother to report that one – perhaps because it didn’t supply the accepted premise that nothing good is happening.

Enforcing English First

Here’s a small, but important victory concerning protecting English as our national language. In March of this year the Senate voted 54-44 to pass the Alexander Amendment.

That Amendment recommends removing $670,000 from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission budget – money the agency planned to spend filing law suits against employers that have English-only rules for all employees. Instead the Senate recommended that the money be used to teach English. As I said, it’s a small item, but significant.

In another development on the English First front, Lou Dobbs just conducted a poll in which 94% of responders said they favored English as America’s language.

Stopping the SAVE Act

And here’s more important progress in the fight to stop Big Brother.

We are still holding off passage of The Secure America through Verification and Enforcement Act (the SAVE Act). This bill is being sold to our people as a ‘get tough’ policy on illegal immigration.

Now, many of you may actually be helping Numbers USA push this dangerous legislation by making phone calls to your congressmen urging them to support the SAVE Act. Please learn more about this bad bill. You are being misled and used by some bad people to help take away your freedoms.

In truth, the SAVE Act would give the federal government powerful control over private business it shouldn’t have, and would establish more massive data banks for Big Brother.

The SAVE Act would create databases on birth certificates and death certificates. Both of these government databases are necessary for compliance to REAL ID.

The SAVE Act would force private businesses to run all applications for employment through a federal data bank – one that is not equipped to handle the massive traffic of every business in the nation accessing it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So when a name is tossed out as illegal, no matter the reason, a private, law abiding citizen then has to take personal time to go the government agency and try to prove who they are – meanwhile losing the job. Yet, it would catch very few illegals in its net.

This is not how the United States of America is supposed to operate. Americans aren’t to be treated guilty until proven innocent.

The SAVE Act is really just a companion bill to the REAL ID, again under the guise of ‘getting tough in enforcing laws’ against illegal aliens and terrorists. Instead it puts all Americans in a straight jacket, using the politics of fear.

It was put on a fast track in both the House and the Senate, quickly gathering hoards of co-sponsors from both Republicans and Democrats who hoped to use it to make their constituents think they are tough on illegal immigration – that is until they learned the truth about the bill. That’s when the fast track stopped.

I’m proud to say that the American Policy Center has been the main opposition and we were able to recruit others to our side to bottle it up – where it is today. Fascism is fascism no matter what you call it or how pleasant you try to make it smell. This bill too must end up on the trash heap. And that will be a victory.

European Union

Some say it’s over in Europe as the European Union solidifies its stranglehold on the Continent. Really? Someone better tell that to the Irish.

Ireland just rejected the European Union’s attempt to establish a new EU Constitution by voting against the Treaty. This is the third time there has been a public vote on acceptance of the EU and the third time it has been soundly defeated. First by France. Then by the Netherlands. Now by the Irish.

The EU can’t continue to ignore this opposition without facing a revolution. The Irish vote may be the first crack in the coming destruction of the European Union.

North American Union, TTC and Mexican Trucks

And here at home, on our own front in fighting the North American Union…

You’ve just heard an incredible presentation by Dan Byfield on the amazing progress they and local leaders are having in stopping the Trans Texas Corridor through the use of local commissions which force the state government to deal with them. So far they have organized nine of these commissions along the TTC route and all have said they will not let the corridor pass through their counties. The Texas Department of Texas is getting desperate – there is no way around these commissions. The people are again in charge of their own property and policy.

We’ve also heard from Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon and his effective fight to stop the TTC from crossing Oklahoma’s border.

And there’s more.

In September of 2007, The Bush Administration began a major project needed to implement the NAU and the TTC. The project was a test to allow Mexican trucks to cross our borders and transport goods throughout the nation.

Immediately, both houses of Congress passed legislation to block the project and remove any funding for it. Senator Byron Dorgan, a Democrat from North Dakota got an amendment passed 74-24 to the Transportation Departments appropriations bill to de-fund the project. It passed and was signed into law by President Bush last December.

Yet, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters just decided to ignore the law and do it anyway. She just recently endured a hearing by a hopping mad Senator Dorgan.

Now there are calls by many, including the Teamsters Union, that Mary Peters be fired. What a message that firing would send to the SPP perpetrators. It’s something we should all help bring about.

Fire Mary Peters and stop the Mexican truck invasion – and thereby put a major pothole in the center of the Trans Texas Corridor.

These efforts and those by thousands around the nation are getting the message out about the North American Union. The perpetrators of this treason did not want the general public to know of their plans. They wanted to operate in secret.

But we have blown the whistle on them. We have alerted Americans. And we are throwing a massive monkey wrench into their well-laid plans. And it is having an effect.

They started with denials and escalated to calling us names – lunatic fringe; liars; scaremongers. They refuse to debate the issue. They hide behind a curtain of secrecy. But it’s not working.

And that fact is having an effect on their plans. There is a feeling of despair growing in the ranks of the SPP.

Back in January, Jerome Corsi reported on an article written by a reporter for the Canadian newspaper, The Globe and Mail. The reporter, John Ibbitson was actually participating in an SPP meeting, presenting a paper. So he was on the inside.

He was basically shocked by the attitudes of the participants. Here are the people who seem to have everything under control. The people you and I fear the most. Yet, he found them exhibiting an overwhelming feeling of despair that their well-laid plans for a North American Union were in trouble.

Said Ibbitson, ‘public exposure has stalled SPP efforts.’ He concluded that the Security and Prosperity Partnership is ‘DEAD.’ Other SPP leaders, while disagreeing with Ibbitson about that, admit that the ‘public awareness’ of the SPP and some of its features will trigger changes.

Stuart Trew, a researcher and writer for the Council of Canadians wrote, ‘The opposition in all three countries has exposed the SPP North American Integration agenda.’ Several other attendees to an SPP meeting in Mexico confirmed that public exposure has been a hindrance to the progress of the SPP program.

Ibbitson hinted that Bush and Canadian Prime Minster Harper were reluctant to spend any more political capital in the SPP effort. And that was one reason why the SPP meeting in New Orleans in April was more about public relations than substance. They are trying to regain ground that they’ve lost to us.

Now, I don’t believe for a second that this fight is anywhere near over. But, I tell you this because I want you to understand that your fight is having an effect. Notice how many times they used the word ‘exposure.’

The fact is this. We do not live in a vacuum. Things don’t just happen. Actions have consequences. Our actions have an effect.

For you to believe that all is doomed means that nothing we do counts. None of our articles, none of our speeches, none of our rallies or protests or even this conference mean a thing. We are helpless.

To believe that all is doomed is to say our ideas – the ideas of Jefferson, Washington, Franklin and Madison – aren’t strong enough to stand up against the delusional ravings of Marx, Lenin, Hitler and Maurice Strong.

If that is true, then we may as well go home. All really is lost. But that is just not true. Our actions do count – in a big way. All of these things I mentioned indicate a trend that people are beginning to listen to our arguments and may well begin to accept our ideas. That is progress – and it can lead to victory.

There is no need to get apocalyptic just because the general public hasn’t accepted all of our ideas at once. We didn’t get into this mess in a day, and we won’t get out in a day. Rather than facing our doom, I believe we are facing magnificent opportunity. Even in defeat there is opportunity.

Opportunity for Victory

You know, during this election, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama attacked NAFTA. Does it matter why? Does it matter whether or not it was a sincere attack? Does it matter if it was attacked for the wrong reasons? It gives us an opportunity to jump on and carry the attack for the right reasons and that is exactly what we should do.

As Winston Churchill put it in 1941, during the darkest hours for the British in World War II, ‘Do not speak of darker days; let us speak of sterner days. These are not dark days; these are great days – the greatest days our country has ever lived; and we must all thank God that we have been allowed, each of us according to our station, to play a part in making these days memorable in the history of our race.’

There is opportunity for us now as never before. The economy is falling because of globalist polices.

People are seeing their life savings endangered as the dollar continues to fall and they will demand that something be done. We have the answer.

They are already suffering at the gas pump, and drilling American oil – taboo just a year ago – is becoming a demand. We have the answer.

We have never had a better opportunity to take steps to get rid of the Federal Reserve and restore our money to the gold standard.

In fact, my friend Ed Vieira, a monetary expert of the first order, offers a very simple plan to do that – and it won’t take a major upheaval to accomplish it.

Simply put, he suggests that we start using the gold and silver coins legally being minted by the government and begin to spend them. Stores already offer the option to use Federal Reserve notes, or credit or debit cards. He suggests that using the gold and silver coins as a fourth option would see a quick demise of the Federal Reserve notes, painlessly and in a free market.

Of course, I’ve stated that very simply, without a lot of detail, but you get the point. We can make things happen, we are not helpless. And getting us back to a standard of monetary worth will take care of the soaring gas prices. We have the answer.

Second, we need a plan to get the feds out of the public schools. This is where most of our future problems are breeding right now. Desperate parents are ready to listen – they just don’t know what to do – we have the answer.

Third, we must break the hold that the radical environmentalists have over all of our lives. Let those green Nazis freeze in the dark in their caves. The fact is, as I’ve pointed out, it’s already happening. A movement cannot live on lies forever.

And fourth, get the United States out of the United Nations. It is the greatest source of evil in the world. It is the breeding ground for every policy we fight. Accomplish that and every other issue we spend our lives fighting will melt away – the Republic restored.

Relieve yourself of the despair. Our fight isn’t over. It’s just begun. It is a time of great upheaval. And that makes it a time of great opportunity.

Ron Paul understood that his presidential campaign had little chance of sending him to the White House in 2008. His real goal was to start a revolution to get us there at another time. The incredible news is that his plan has worked beyond anything he could imagine. The revolution is truly under way.

Don’t despair over the economy. The truth is, the economy isn’t a captive of George Bush or Congress or some dark hand. The economy is in the hands of millions of hard working individuals.

As you drive home after this conference, look at all of the office buildings, the stores, the factories. Inside every single one of those buildings are people who depend on that business to earn their living. In every one of them, someone is taking steps to keep that business alive, no matter how dark the times.

I first made that observation during the uncertain times leading up to Y2K in 2000. As the doomsayers even had the exact date and time of economic Armageddon, they got it wrong because they misjudged the determination and independence of American ingenuity. Again, that is what will pull us all through this time.

There is no question that times are bad. No question that things will get worse before they get better. No question that we must be vigilant and we must fight with all we have. But, we are beginning to move the rock of freedom uphill. We are on the threshold of great change – our change – because we are right and we have the answers to the mess they have made. And people are beginning to see it.

Now is not the time to quit. Now is not the time to sit in despair. Rise up. Engage the fight. Every victory – large of small – has meaning – and consequences.

Winston Churchill said on that seemingly hopeless day in 1941 that those were not dark days – but the greatest days – because the forces of freedom understood the enemy and were fighting back. That gave hope.

But he also warned: ‘Never give in. Never give in. Never. Never. Never.’ It’s time for us to live by those words again to take America back.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.