Property. Liberty. The Rule of Law.

Address by Tom DeWeese

These are the founding principles of the United States of America.

We hear these words. Yet many Americans fail to understand their meaning – or how they effect our everyday lives.

Our founding fathers warned us that eternal vigilance was necessary in order to protect our liberties. They’ve been ignored.

And life in America has begun to change.

Americans are finding that life is getting harder.

There’s less optimism about the future as the phrase “American dream” seems to have disappeared from our vocabulary.

Parents worry about a school system that no longer seems to teach basic academics.

Rules and regulations seem to pop out of nowhere to control our daily routines.

The truth is our lives are getting more stressful and everyday living is getting harder because a revolution is taking place in this country and it is stealing the American promise of unalienable rights.

These are the rights we were born with. Rights our founding fathers said were government’s duty to protect and preserve.

Those natural rights are now being replaced with “granted rights” created by and authorized by government.

As a result, our laws have become little more than rubber bands, stretched to the advantage of the few who have gained the power of pull in the new society of controlled America.

You will find this revolution oozing out of every corner of our society. From text books to television to government policy.

It is for implementation of this revolution that your schools have been transformed to produce the citizens to live in the new revolutionary society.

It is the root to the drive away from academics and sound science.

It is the reason why every classroom is filled with discussions of diversity and multiculturalism. But few academics.

It is the reason children are being indoctrinated to turn away from their parents and the values you have taught them.

They are being prepared to live in a different society than ours. They are not being prepared to be American citizens – but of a global village.

That’s why they don’t need to know about American history and the Constitution and the Founding Fathers – for they are irrelevant.

The education system today is simply an assault on your child’s attitudes, values and beliefs. It is designed to change and mold them. That is public education’s only purpose.

If you fail to grasp this fact – you will never win the battle for liberty.

The revolution is anti-property rights. Anti free enterprise. Anti individual liberty. It is anti national sovereignty and national borders. And it is anti Western culture. And it is anti-Christianity.

The goal of the revolution is to transform the world into feudal-like governance by making NATURE the central organizing principle for our economy and society.

This is what the leaders of the revolution believe:

“Nature has an integral set of different values (cultural, spiritual and material) where humans are one strand in nature’s web and all living creatures are considered equal. Therefore the natural way is right and human activities should be molded along nature’s rhythms.”

This quote comes from the UN’s Biodiversity Treaty.

An international agenda has been set in motion, beginning with United Nations’ treaties and agreements, including the Biodiversity Treaty and Agenda 21. That agenda is now working its way down through federal to state to local government policy.

The international agenda is driven by the United Nations through two specific UN organizations including, the United Nations Environmental Program and the International Union of Conservation and Nature.

Would it surprise you to learn that six agencies of the United States government are active members of the International Union of Conservation and Nature, including the Departments of State, Interior, Agriculture and the Fish and Wildlife service.

And these agencies send representatives to all meetings of the UN Environmental Program.

Through all of the treaties, agreements and meetings, there grows an interlocking web of policy that takes root in America through these federal agencies, even driving down into state and local community governments.

The treaties are the roots of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

For Congress to back out of these laws or even to consider reducing some of the regulations that are destroying industry or private property rights would simply be putting the United States in violation of these UN treaties.

And our elected representatives have shown that they lack the strength of character to stand up for American interests over an all-controlling international community.

Agenda 21 is the United Nations blue print for the complete restructuring of nations – and local communities – to fit into a proper mold for global governance.

Agenda 21 outlines, in detail, the UN’s vision for a completely managed society, dictating the process to be used for industry, agriculture, housing development, and especially education.

It’s an all-encompassing plan to rule from an all-powerful central government.

The common name for the policy is “Sustainable Development.”

Sustainable Development.

If you remember nothing else said here today, remember these two words: Sustainable Development.

And remember this: If you profess to love America’s precious liberty then Sustainable Development is your enemy.

So what is Sustainable Development?

Imagine an America in which a specific “ruling principle” is created to decide proper societal conduct for every citizen.

That principle would be used to consider everything you eat, what you wear, the kind of homes you live in, the method of transportation used to get to work, the way you dispose of waste, perhaps the number of children you may have, even your education and employment decisions.

Sustainable Development is that “ruling principle” for the implementation of what former Vice President Al Gore said we must all suffer through in order to purify our nation from the horrors of the Twentieth Century’s industrial revolution.

In his book, “Earth in the Balance,” Gore called it a “wrenching transformation of society.”

Those are pretty powerful words that should concern anyone who values liberty. It’s a warning that the rules are changing. That a new power elite is taking control.

Perhaps you are beginning to notice such changes as you go about your daily routine – but haven’t understood where those changes, and the ideas behind them, are coming from.

There are Sustainable Development papers, guidelines and regulations to impose the ruling principle:

On our public education system – to prepare our children to live in a sustainable world.

On our economy – to create partnerships between business and government, making sure business becomes a tool to help implement the policies.

On the environment – leading to controls on private property and business.

On health care – the new drive against obesity is leading directly toward controls on what we eat.

On farming – Sustainable Development policies effect farmers ability to produce more crops by regulating or banning precious chemicals, biotechnology and genetic engineering in the name of environmental protection.

On our social and cultural environment – where political correctness is controlling policy hiring practices, immigration policy, multiculturalism, marriage laws, etc.

On our mobility – with emphasis on car pools and public transportation and out of our cars and the freedom of personal transportation.

And on public safety – where the rule of law and the court system is being challenged by new regulations that effect the right to privacy and unreasonable search and seizures.

It’s important to understand that these leading issues we face today are not just random concerns that find their way into the forefront of political debate. They are all interconnected to the policies of Sustainable Development.

To quote a special Sustainable Development document prepared by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): “A new ecologically-balanced economics will drive the pursuit of Community Sustainability within modern society’s all encompassing urban-rural industrial civilization….This global marketplace is destined to recast the meanings of industry, work, play, health, agriculture, communications, learning and much more.”

Sustainable Development calls for changing the very infrastructure of the nation, away from private ownership and control of property to nothing short of central planning of the entire economy.

All Sustainable Development policy is built on something called the “precautionary principle,” That means that any activities that might threaten human health or the environment should be stopped – even if no clear cause and effect relationship has been established – and even if the potential threat is largely theoretical.

Truly, Sustainable Development is designed to change our way of life.

In our once free society, there are now government debates over the type of car you should be allowed to drive.

The kind of foods you may eat.

If and where you may build a home or a business.

Whole industries are being destroyed through so-called environmental protections. Ranchers, farmers, miners and the timber industry – all teetering on the brink of extinction.

Government agents from the benevolent Park Service to the Forest Service to the Army Corp of Engineers are armed like paramilitary S. W. A.T. teams to take land from Americans who have worked it for generations.

In towns and cities across the nation, homeowners suddenly face jail for cutting down trees on their own property. We now call the trees in your back yard the “urban forest.”

And government now values those trees more than the infrastructure of the community.

More than the sewers and roads.

More than the office buildings which house commerce.

More than your home which protects your family.

Under these new rules, cutting down a tree diminishes the value of the community.

That’s why homeowners are forced to give up major portions of their own property for bike trails and open space for use by people they don’t even know.

If you lately have dealt with government on any level, perhaps you’ve also noticed that there are more layers and more players to deal with.

You may have found layers of non-elected regional governments and governing councils enforcing policy. You may have attended such meetings and encountered powerful new voices coming from members of private organizations, now empowered with making and enforcing policy.

They’re called NGO’s or non-governmental organizations like the Sierra Club or the Nature Conservancy or any number of local or affiliated activist groups.

Why do they have such influence over the daily interactions between government and private business? – Because of the “social equity” part of the Sustainable Development package.

They call themselves “stakeholders” and assert that any group that has an interest in, or could be affected by, a corporate decision – or the outcome of a public policy debate – has a right to pressure the decision makers until they give in to their demands.

In other words, they are striving to become a new ruling elite with which you must deal to get anything accomplished.

As Niger Innis, president of the Congress on Racial Equality, points out, the ideological environmental movement is a powerful $4 billion-a year U.S. industry. On the international level its an $8 billion –a –year gorilla.

Many of its members are intensely eco-centric, and place much higher value on wildlife and ecological values than on human progress or even human life.

They have a deep fear and loathing of big business, technology, chemicals, plastics, fossil fuels and biotechnology.

And they insist that the rest of the world should acknowledge and live according to their fears and ideologies.

They are masters at using junk science, scare tactics, intimidation and bogus economic and health claims to gain even greater power.

As these policies are implemented, locally-elected officials are actually losing power and decision-making ability in their own communities.

Most decisions are now made behind the scenes in non-elected “sustainability councils” armed with truckloads of federal regulations, guidelines and grant money.

In fact, a recent study reported that elected city councils and commissioners have lost approximately 10% of their legislative power during the past 10 years, while, through the consensus process, NGO power has increased by as much as 300%.

It is a wrenching transformation, indeed.

For example, according to Sustainable Development polices, air conditioning, convenience stores, single family housing, and cars are among the products that have already been determined to be unsustainable.

Add to that ski runs, grazing of live stock, plowing of fields, logging, dams and reservoirs and power line construction, and you can get the full picture of America under Sustainable Development.

Being aware of this root agenda for Sustainable Development will help you better understand actions by the government and those mysterious private organizations often found sitting with them at the table. Their decisions directly effect your life.

Sustainable Development is the official policy of the federal government. It is now the official policy of every state and almost every city and small burg and town in the nation.

I’m sure you’ve seen news reports of the destruction of dams across the country. Former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt personally took a sledgehammer to one in New Hampshire.

The feel-good sound bite at these dam destructions is that they are freeing the rivers for the fish.

But on the Penobscot River in Maine, a local power company was just paid $25 million by the Atlantic Salmon Federation to tear down two dams. What they aren’t telling the local residents is that this action is about to cost them 10% of their electrical power.

The other thing they aren’t telling the tax payers is that much of the $25 million will come from federal and state grants set aside for Sustainable Development programs.

If you’ve tried to buy a new house lately, you may be aware of new policies over housing development in which lots are postage stamp sized and placed close to light rail train lines. This is Sustainable Development policy in action.

Roads have been narrowed in some communities, making it more difficult to travel by car. In the state of Maryland, not a single new road was on the books as highways backed up with massive traffic jams, under Sustainable Development polices implemented by former governor Parris Glendening.

All of these policies stem from the revolution called Sustainable Development.

Ignore Sustainable Development at the peril of everything you hold dear – individual liberty, private property, free enterprise, free travel, free association – even life itself.

Driving the implementation of Sustainable Development in the United States are two separate action plans. The first is the Wildlands Project.

The Wildlands Project is the most radical, outrageous idea ever conceived by grown men and women.

The Wildlands Project calls for the “rewilding” of 50 % of all of the land in every state – restoring everything back to the way it was before Christopher Columbus stepped foot on the continent.

In other words, the elimination of human presence on over 50% of the American landscape.

It was conceived in the minds of eco-thugs like Dave Foreman, the maniac who founded Earth First.

In the Wildlands Project documents, Foreman said, “we live to see the day when Grizzlies in Mexico have an unbroken connection to Grizzlies in Alaska; when Gray wolf populations are continuous from New Mexico to Greenland; when vast unbroken forests and flowing plains again thrive and support pre-Columbian populations of plants and animals…”

In such a vision, there is little room for people.

Earth First went on to say: “Does all of this mean that …the Wildlands Project advocates the end of industrial civilization? Most assuredly.”

Followers of Foreman’s ideas now burn down housing construction sites; destroy heavy equipment owned by timber companies; and set fire to Hummer dealerships.

Reed Noss, one of the authors of the Wildlands Project, and later a policy expert in the Clinton Department of Interior, said, “The native ecosystems and the collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans.

The project became a threat to you and me when the Wildlands Project’s blue print was included in the UN’s Biodiversity Treaty, and was ratified at the UN’s 1992 Earth Summit.

In other words, the Wildlands Project quickly grew from ravings of lunatics to international policy. That wasn’t an accident.

The eco-thugs have a direct link to the UN as recognized Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). They actually help write the policies.

Much of the Biodiversity Treaty was implemented by the Clinton Administration through executive order– even though it was never officially ratified by the Senate. It’s now official U.S. government policy and the Bush Administration has done nothing to roll back or reduce its threat.

The second path of implementing Sustainable Development is Smart Growth.

This is the plan to herd us all into specific human habitat areas – out of the suburbs and our beautiful yards and into crowded cities and high rises.

The entire scheme was introduced at the 1996 UN Habitat II Summit in Istanbul.

That plan called for the down-sizing of cities and towns into new “urban clusters” where workplaces, housing and nature are blended together.

Homes and communities, set up in specific human habitat areas will be crowded, multi-family, low rise residential areas with running and walking paths instead of cars. Transportation will be primarily light rail trains and bicycles.

As one Smart Growth activist gleefully said: “It will be the humans in cages with the animals looking in.”

Under the Sustainable Development banner, the battle to diminish the liberty that our Founding Fathers envisioned is accelerating,

For 200 years we have prospered because we have operated under a rule of law that was designed to protect the individual’s right to pursue his own life in the way he chooses.

– To work, to play, to invest – and to own property – and use it in the way that best suits his needs.

The government, by edict of our Constitution, has the responsibility to protect such activities.

In this nation, from the very beginning, private ownership of the land was undertaken as a right of the people.

Government’s job was to make sure that no one could unjustly take that land; or control how it was used; or trespass over it against the owner’s will.

Such a form of government is not a democracy!

Democracy, the idea that the majority rules, can be a lynch mob crying for action against an individual it has deemed guilty.

If the law says we must first try him – the lynch mob cries – “we can’t wait for the slow wheels of justice to turn – somebody must do something – now!!”

Democracy is three wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch.

And Democracy is the word most often used to describe the implementation of Sustainable Development.

Our way of government is a Republic.

In a Republic, even if the majority dislikes how a property owner uses his land, the government protects his right to do so, so long as it is not infringing on that same right of others.

This is a guarantee to Americans that they are safe and free to pursue their own lives without interference of government. In fact, it says the government’s job is to protect those liberties so that they can pursue their lives.

And that guarantee is only possible in a Republic.

Such visions of freedom have become our legacy. Today, as we are attacked by running-dog terrorists, the nation rallies around the mantra of freedom. Flags fly from our homes and car antennas. Bumper stickers declare “God Bless America.” Banners shout “Let Freedom Ring.”

But in fact, under the banner of diversity, community and earth, our American liberty is being replace with rights granted by a gang of anti-freedom hooligans hiding out in the United Nations and buried in government bureaucracies and non-governmental private organizations.

It’s the lynch mob in action.

As a result, the American people, and their every action, are being ruled, regulated, restricted, licensed, registered, directed, checked, inspected, measured, numbered, counted, rated, stamped, censured, authorized, admonished, refused, prevented, drilled, indoctrinated, monopolized, extorted, robbed, hoaxed, fined, harassed, disarmed, dishonored, fleeced, exploited, assessed, and taxed to the point of suffocation and desperation.

John Adams said, “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God – and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it – anarchy and tyranny commence.”

Is that not what we have done? Do we want leaders who stand for the rule of law? Or do we select candidates based on what kind of goodies they promise to dish out?

The truth is we keep electing politicians who offer the best argument on how to use that government power.

We select our leaders today based on which ones have the best plan for collecting taxes; the best plan for restricting land use; the best plan for providing government-restricted medical care and drug prescriptions… and soon, if some get their way, the best plan to control what we eat – obesity, you see, is a new Sustainable mantra.

In every case, by electing these people, we are licensing the government to infringe on someone else’s property rights.

As a result, Americans are now beginning to wake up to find the real 800 pound gorilla (Sustainable Development) living on their property.

Now most people immediately equate Sustainable Development with environmental policy. And that is the reason most often given for its implementation.

Land use control is the heart of Sustainable Development policy. – But accepting the perception that Sustainable Development is simply good environmental stewardship is a serious mistake.

The logo used in Sustainable Development literature depicts three concentric circles, each labeled with a defining category of the ruling principle. One is labeled “social equity,” another, “economic prosperity,” and the third, “ecological integrity.”

They sound innocent enough. But these three categories encompass every aspect of human life. To achieve the goals behind these three very basic items would demand unlimited government authority to control business decisions; eliminate private property and personal achievement, and create a completely managed society under top-down bureaucratic control.

Social equity and social justice require that the earth’s wealth be shared between those who produce and those who don’t. It’s every welfare program and wealth redistribution scheme ever proposed. This is not free choice by free individuals.

Under Sustainable Development, business is little more than a tool of the social-planning managers. Partnerships between business and government decide what kinds of products are to be produced, who will produce them – and how they will be produced.

All must be done in accordance with environmentally correct procedures – government regulations.

Taxes to force compliance will ensure proper business conduct. This is not free enterprise.

Ecological Integrity: Well, that’s just the excuse for the social planners to pull you and me in and enforce their timeless schemes for power.

Under Sustainable Development – true environmental protection is just for the suckers. Power and wealth redistribution is the real game being played here.

In the name of protecting the environment; in the name of social equity and justice; in the name of safety and prosperity; Sustainable Development has become official policy in the federal government, state government and every large city and small burg in America.

Those behind it are powerful, well funded, well placed and well organized. No matter how crazy the plan, they are succeeding in building support from the American people.

Here’s how.

Your community is now a sustainable community.

Have you heard your officials talking about how to curtail growth and block development? Are they talking about historic preservation? Is your downtown now called a historic district? Are they talking about how to control business development? Has the subject of public transportation come up? Is it getting more difficult to enjoy driving your car around town?

Here is the definition of a sustainable community from the Report of the President’s Council:

“Sustainable Communities encourage people to work together to create healthy communities where natural resources and historic resources are preserved, jobs are available, sprawl is contained, neighborhoods are secure, education is lifelong, transportation and health care are accessible, and all citizens have opportunities to improve the quality of their lives.”

Now break it down. How do you actually achieve these goals? Again, see if some of these things sound familiar.

How do the people work together? We need some sort of

committee or council to join. One that will set a vision for the city.

We need all of the leaders, from elected officials to educators, to

business leaders, to the local chamber of commerce to the local

news media. They will put a plan together for the future

development of the community.

(By the way, that plan isn’t really written by the committee. The blue print will come out of Washington, backed with federal grants for those who comply).

Now, to see that the committee can really achieve its goals, it needs to have some teeth. We need a partnership between the committee and government. A plan will be drawn up and it will be the legislation guideline for laws and regulations.

We must understand that individual land owners and businessmen can’t be trusted to share the vision on their own

So the Committee must control the use of all private property.

It must decide what is historic and must be preserved.

It must set boundaries beyond which no new homes may be built.

It must decide how the community should look. Where open space should be. Where business can be allowed to operate.

Farmers must be stopped from selling their land to developers – even if our economic policies make it impossible to earn a living on the farm.

We’ll just take taxpayer dollars and give it to the farmers to buy out their development rights, commonly known as PDR’s. That way the land will forever be controlled by the government.

Cars are a very nasty habit. We must teach our community that everyone should be more open to public transportation. We must build light rail trains and bus lines to get us around to our jobs.

And to make it convenient for everyone, we’ll design housing developments around the rail and bus lines so they are within walking distance for everyone.

We’ll surround the community with bike paths and high density real estate policies that restrict development. We’ll narrow streets and refrain from building unnecessary roads to discourage use of cars.

In fact, eventually, our plan calls for eliminating cars from the community and that will relieve over-crowded streets. Cars will be banned.

Our homes can be designed in high and low-rise buildings with office space on top floors and stores on the main floor, with our apartments sandwiched in between. We’ll never have to leave the building during our daily routine.

So we don’t need yards that have to be mowed with smelly, gas-guzzling, air-polluting, noise-polluting mowers.

Of course with our low and high rise public housing, single family homes that waste precious land won’t be necessary. Suburban housing will be banned.

We’ll strictly control the use and development of utilities like power – and natural resources like water.

We must force our citizens to severely restrict their own water use. Ten gallons a day, per person, seems about right.

We won’t accept businesses which lack the proper environmental attitudes. They will either comply or be banned from operating in our town.

If we don’t have enough jobs, we’ll tax the businesses to raise the necessary funds to help those who don’t have one. Social equity is key to our committee’s plan.

But we must do more. The vision can’t become reality unless the people in the community have the proper respect for the plan.

One place to start is in the schools. Here are our future generations. It’s not as important that they can read and write and perform math problems as it is to understand the importance of living together with your neighbors in a happy, prosperous, safe, well organized community.

So let’s add some classes to help them obtain the proper outlook for the future.

Teach them that they must work together rather than selfishly setting personal goals.

Help them understand that personal wants and dreams and ambitions are selfish and will only hurt everyone’s future.

How best to teach them these things? Let’s form a partnership with businesses to help the children learn about work, right there in the school.

In fact, we can even let the children take half of each school day to go to the job as a volunteer. To make sure that everyone participates, we’ll make it part of their grade.

And to make sure that they always keep the valuable lessons and don’t stray from the special teachings they learned in the school to work partnership, let’s keep their education going for life.

For the adults, there can be public visioning classes for them, too. After all, we can’t fully organize the community around our grand idea if there is resistance from some of the people.

So, again, with our business partnerships, and with the help of the Chamber of Commerce, and the schools, we’ll work with the folks on a neighborhood basis.

There are other things that the committee will find necessary to ban – in order to assure that the citizens have the opportunity to improve their lives.

Obesity is a national epidemic. We must also control what people eat. Our plan will make sure that they eat properly.

That’s why we can’t allow precious farm land in our county to be wasted on raising cattle for beef consumption. Beef is harmful to your health, so it will be banned. Wheat and soy will be grown on that land instead.

Ever had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner of tofurkey?

With our new healthy diet, as outlined by the committee, we will no longer need things like 7-11’s and McDonalds and their unhealthy fast foods and snacks. They will be banned.

There is one more danger to the happiness and security of our community that must be addressed – overpopulation. The committee will decide the proper number of folks who can comfortably live in our community limits.

If we don’t control the population, we will be overrun. Some strict guidelines must be imposed, for the sake of the community’s well being and for the protection of our environment.

Birth control education and supplies will be a major part of the process for keeping the population down.

But if our folks don’t heed the committee’s warnings, if the population begins to exceed our limits, drastic action will be required.

Limits on the number of children a family may have will have to be imposed. Those conceiving children against those limits will have to pay a high price.

Fines, of course. Imprisonment for exceptional cases. Now, what to do about those yet unborn, but illegal babies…? Action must be taken, for the sake of all of us in the community.

Do you understand where we are headed, my friends?

Name the issue – name the aspect of your life that is not affected by such a mentality.

All of this, and much more is the future under Sustainable Development. This is not about “preserving the environment for future generations.”

It’s indeed a wrenching transformation of America – away from a nation of well protected liberties – to one of all-controlling regulations.

Across the nation Americans are now facing an assault on their liberties as never before experienced in the land of the free.

On the New River in West Virginia, 100 families suddenly found they were going to lose their homes to the National Park Service. Why, because the Park Service had acquired control over their property years ago when the New River had been designated a National Heritage River.

No homes. No people. You see, their homes were in the view shed of the new parkway. Some tourist might like to take pictures of the scenic view and their homes were in the way.

That’s the only excuse needed.

When one elderly family asked a park ranger why they were taking the home they had lived in all of their lives – he answered – “because we can.”

In Columbia, South Carolina, The Richland County Council passed a Town and Country Land Use Vision Plan that will restrict forever the use of land by private property owners.

Kay McClanahan, a property owner and courageous fighter for her rights has organized her neighbors to fight the plan. For her trouble, she and her husband were bodily thrown out of a Council meeting, even after being recognized by the chairman to speak.

In Klamath Falls, Oregon, more than 100 farmers have been threatened with extinction after environmentalists got a court order to turn off their water to support a sucker fish.

Now, the folks who worked their private land and turned it into a thriving oasis, are dying of thirst – their farms turned into wasteland. As they suffer the loss of their American dream, power thirsty environmentalists move in to buy up their land and declare them willing sellers.

In Falmouth, Maine, Mary Alice Davis seeks to develop a few acres of her 187 acre estate with million dollar homes. But she has been blocked by a community elite who refuse to allow her to use her property for any purpose other than her home that already exists.

Again, she is told that her property is someone else’s view shed and their sunsets take precedent over her economic desires. Such restrictions – imposed on no one else in town – have basically rendered her land worthless because no one will buy it with such controls.

This is how Sustainable Development is affecting millions of Americans and their private property, their hopes and their dreams.

Remember, to rewild 50% of all the land in every state, as called for in the Wildlands Project, Americans have to lose a lot of private land. These are just a very few of the victims.

The rest of us are next.

But what about the courts, you may ask? We have laws in this country.

Keep in mind those who tell you that the United Nations has no control over our nation – that it is no threat to our sovereignty.

Then listen to these words from Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer: “Through commerce, through globalization, through the spread of democratic institutions, through immigration to America, it’s becoming more and more one world of many different kinds of people. And how they’re going to live together across the world will be the challenge, and whether our Constitution and how it fits into the governing documents of other nations, I think, will be a challenge for the next generations.”

So much for the rule of American law. Sustainable Development is now official policy of the Supreme Court of the United States, too.

There has never been a single vote in Congress to create Sustainable Development. It’s all done through cleverly rearranged wording of existing programs and budgets, using UN treaties as guidelines. It’s all under the radar.

Former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown told a meeting of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development that his agency could implement at least 67% of the Sustainable Development agenda with no new legislation.

That’s how it’s done. And that’s why you’ve never heard a debate on such a radical transformation of our nation.

Sustainable Development is the greatest threat ever perpetrated against American liberty.

There can be no hope of living in a nation of limited government with Sustainable Development as official government policy. The two are diametrically opposed.

Americans would never concede their liberty to Swastikas or Hammers and Sickles. But tuck it in a green blanket for environmental protection and we’ll toss it all on the fire like a good old fashioned book burning.

This is about totalitarianism. It’s about controlling every aspect of our lives with decisions made by committees that will grow more powerful and more oppressive with each passing day and each new regulation proposed by newly empowered special interests groups.

There will be no satisfying their lust for power. There will be no part of our lives that is overlooked or uncontrolled

Our homes, our food, our babies, our liberty.

To defeat it we must understand that it is free men operating in free markets, untethered by government regulation that allows us to find solutions to hunger, decent housing, superior medical care, education; overcrowded highways and human happiness.

We must understand that it is only bad government that causes poverty, overpopulation and environmental damage. Totalitarianism, socialism, fascism and almost every other ism are the root of suffering on earth.

The logo of Sustainable Development, with it’s three concentric circles, should be viewed by all who love liberty as the new swastika of our era. There is no greater threat to our way of life.

Sustainable Development is anti-science.

It is anti-knowledge.

It is anti-human.

It is anti-reason.

It is the creed of the mindless savage who seeks brute force over reasonable thought.

And if we don’t learn of its evil now,

If we don’t heed the warning…

If we don’t rip it out of every level of government policy by its well-entrenched roots…

Then American life, indeed human existence, as we know it, will enter a new dark ages of pain and misery unlike any ever experienced by the community of man.

But it’s an agenda that ultimately doesn’t work. Because government control of individuals is a bankrupt scheme, proven a failure time and time again throughout history.

And that’s why it can be stopped.

The key to victory is to first understand your enemy. Know where he is headed and you can cut him off at every turn.

Let me give you one suggestion that you, as a political party, can do to stop Sustainable Development.

Don’t waste your time sitting in meetings, trying to compromise or discuss. Don’t allow yourselves to be manipulated by their consensus meetings.

Don’t bother with Congress to solve the situation.

Instead set your sites on the ballot boxes in your local communities.

There are approximately 3300 counties in this nation. Those counties are the closest level of government to each of you.

And by the Constitution, still the most powerful level of government – if you handle it right.

Begin now to elect county commissioners and city council members.

Make sure that they understand Sustainable Development. Then make sure they have the courage to stand up against the pressure from green groups.

If they say no to the federal grants that are the Trojan Horses for implementing and enforcing Sustainablism in the local communities, then we can stop it – community by community.

There will be little the Sustainablists can do short of sending in federal troops.

We are engaged in a battle for the American dream our founding fathers worked so hard to guarantee.

I feel they are watching us now.

They knew one truth that we must all relearn very quickly.

The only way to make sure that government doesn’t abuse its power is to not grant it in the first place.

Sustainable Development must be stopped.

Arm yourselves first with that knowledge and then step by step – take your community – and then – take America back.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.