Why Drug Companies are Working to Control Natural Supplements

November 25, 2009

By Tom DeWeese

As the battle over government-controlled health care continues, many Americans simply want out of the whole mess. They instead seek a plan of wellness based on healthy eating and natural supplements.

That approach, however, is the opposite of the health care agenda of the American Medical Association and the Pharmaceutical industry. Those forces, which literally control America’s health industry, are based on sickness. The sicker you are, the more drugs you will buy.

In addition, insurance companies, working hand in hand with the AMA and the drug companies, refuse to provide coverage for the wellness approach. Most won’t pay for natural supplements nor will they pay for visits to homeopaths or chiropractors. The only thing most Americans can do when sick (and unable to afford to pay for natural treatment out of their pockets) is to stick with the big pharma/AMA game plan. In short, it is cheaper to be sick than to try to stay well.

However, in spite of a stacked deck in favor of the sickness agenda, more Americans are going for wellness and the natural supplement industry is growing. In response, and to preserve their dominance over health care, big pharma is lobbying hard to get the Food and Drug Administration to make many natural supplements available only by prescriptions issued by AMA licensed doctors. In other efforts, they seek to drastically reduce the dosage of natural supplements sold over the counter, making them useless. Again, only a prescription would allow a workable dosage.

As the drug industry works to get the FDA to take control of supplements here in this nation, there is also an international body working to make such regulations world-wide. Its name is CODEX (the European Food Supplements Directive).

For a full insight into the diabolical minds of the drug companies, according to Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News, here are ten reasons why organized medicine supports CODEX:

  1. It eliminates access to key nutrients that prevent disease, thereby creating a population of diseased, malnourished customers who will inevitably turn to high-profit prescription drugs.
  2. It focuses people on the debate over the safety of nutritional supplements, distracting them from the debate over the safety of prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs.
  3. It makes nutritional supplements more expensive, putting their purchase out of reach of more consumers.
  4. With the loss of vitamin sales, many natural retailers will be forced out of  business, and this is good for organized medicine. The fewer health shops exist, the less competition there is for prescription drugs.
  5. It establishes a legal precedent of control over not just supplements, but food. This sets the stage for the future banning of nutritious foods that prevent disease such as blueberries and garlic.
  6. It allows for the arrest and incrimination of key proponents of natural health (vitamin manufacturers, retailers and consumers), removing them from the public stage so that they no longer have a voice.
  7. It discredits the entire nutritional supplements industry, creating fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of consumers who aren’t aware of the real motivations behind the law.
  8. It erects huge barriers to the introduction of new supplements to the market by forcing manufacturers to spend millions of dollars on compliance, even for substances that have been safely consumed by humans as medicine for thousands of years.
  9. It sets a legal foundation from which other nutrients can be outlawed. Each year, watch for the ratchet to be tightened as a growing list of supplements are banned.
  10. It allows natural health critics to use circular logic to attack the industry. They’ll say, “If these vitamins weren’t dangerous, then they wouldn’t have been outlawed, would they?”

Of course, they will tell you its all for your protection. It’s for the children. IT’S FOR THEIR STINKING PROFITS!

Tom DeWeese is the President of the American Policy Center and the Editor of The DeWeese Report. TThe DeWeese Report is now available online, for more information click here.

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