The RIGHT Steps to Take America Back


When did the destruction of
our precious Republic begin?

What needs to be done to stop it?  

I’ve got two incredible plans that make
the solution surprisingly simple!

There is a very specific reason why our Republic is being destroyed – and there is a very specific, yet simple way we can stop it. 

And I have just the tools to inform and organize Americans across the nation on how to do it.

The fact is we CAN take back America – if we take the right steps.
It is true that America’s freedoms have never been more threatened 

When the Founders created the Constitution the single most important issue was to avoid the rise of an all-powerful central government.

But now it has happened.

Government is out of control. Rights are being stomped on. Taxes are soaring. Spending is skyrocketing. And the American people seem to have absolutely no say in the matter.

We need to take action.

But first we need the facts. We need to know exactly how the nation was maneuvered into this mess.

And we need to know exactly how to fix it.

To reveal all of the history and the details and to provide a step by step plan to stop the massive power grab of the federal government, I have commissioned a special report entitled:

“Why the 17th Amendment Should be Repealed and How to do it.” 

This is an exclusive report. Unique. And necessary
if we are to save the Republic.

We can win – but only if Americans know exactly how to do it. 

There is no time to waste! You need to immediately get a copy of this brand new special report – There is no other like it.

To make that happen, I am prepared to rush to you a free copy of “Why the 17th Amendment Should be Repealed and How To Do It.

In a moment I’ll tell you how you can get it.

First, though, it is important that you understand why I commissioned this vital, one-of-a-kind document – and why it’s perhaps the only weapon that will help to effectively reverse America’s drive toward totalitarianism.

The first question we must ask ourselves is how did this happen after such careful planning by the Founders?

One of the prime reasons the U.S. Government has been able to get away with ignoring the controls that the Founders wrote into the Constitution is because of the passage of the 17th Amendment.

The 17th Amendment made a drastic change away from the careful Constitutional construction created by the Founders.

The 17th Amendment changed how U.S. Senators are put into office.

The Founders made the STATES choose the Senators. That assured that the STATES had a representative in Congress to speak for them.

If a Senator then took actions that hurt the State, the state could recall and replace him.

It worked for over 125 years – keeping a lid on the power of the federal government and maintaining a careful balance of power between the federal and State governments – just as the Founders intended.

Then in 1913, that balance of power was destroyed with the ratification of the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution. Now U.S. Senators are elected by a vote of the people with very little ability to control what they do.

Since ratification of the 17th Amendment, U.S. Senators have become an elite club. Their term is longer than any other elected official and they are almost impossible to remove.

Worse, since the ratification of the 17th Amendment, the balance of power with the states has literally disappeared and the states have become all but forgotten in the structure of government.

That’s why today the federal government is able to dictate to the states that they endure:

  • Federal control of schools
  • Federal control of health care
  • Federal control through environmental regulations
  • Federal control of income like the federal income tax
  • Federal regulations that kill local industry
  • Federal trade deals like NAFTA that kill local economies
And the States have had to sit back and take it as the Senate ratifies international treaties that have massive impact on the citizens of the states – but the states have no voice in the debate. 

That’s why we are now seeing local communities affected by the UN’s Agenda 21; the Endangered Species Act; and a hoard of treaties and agreements that force control of land use; control of energy use; control of water use; control of local development; and so much more.

The Senators, who now have to raise money for their re-election campaigns give their loyalty (and their votes) to special interest groups like the Sierra Club, the National Education Association, and the Pharmaceutical industry, instead of looking out for the interests’ of the states or the citizens who live in their states.

Thousands of lives have been ruined, and billions of dollars have been wasted, fighting enforcement of regulations designed to control behavior and redistribute American wealth in global schemes.

All because the Senators no longer owe allegiance to their states – but to the deep pockets of the special interests who buy their votes.

In short, by messing with the brilliant framework of the Constitution, America is now suffering under a despotism that is destroying our nation.

The answer to this situation – Repeal the 17th Amendment.

The report was written by my good friend Henry Lamb. Henry is the man who first issued warnings about the UN’s Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. He is my mentor and the most knowledgeable person in the nation on this subject.

Now Henry has focused his incredible research skills on the issue of repealing the 17th Amendment. And he has made this special report available to my DeWeese Report readers.

  • This special report, “Why the 17th Amendment Should be Repealed and How To Do It” explains in detail how it can be done.
  • And this plan does not support repealing the 17th Amendment through a Constitutional Convention as many are now calling for.
  • The report explains in detail why such a plan is dangerous and could result in the complete destruction of the very Constitution we are trying to save.
  • And it provides a time line for organizing a repeal campaign.
Why the 17th Amendment Should Be Repealed and How to Do it” is the most complete explanation of how America started down the road to disaster. 

And more important – it provides the solution to get us back on track to restoring our precious Republic and its protection of our freedoms.

When you have finished reading this document, you will have the knowledge to take action, to alert your neighbors and to organize to stop the destruction of our nation.

For years, people have been asking me for more details behind the articles I write in my monthly newsletter, The DeWeese Report.

Americans want to know all that I know so they can understand these very complex issues and be better equipped to fight back.

This report gives you vital ammunition to do that. I assure you, very powerful forces in the nation do not want you to have this information.
Repeal of the 17th Amendment is the last thing they want you to focus on. 

You need to have this valuable report.

And you can get a copy absolutely free.

I have reserved a Free copy in your name. All you need to do is order an online subscription of The DeWeese Report today.

But before you do that, let me make this free offer to you even better.

There is an additional tool that is growing in effectiveness in the battle to save the Republic – it’s called “Coordination.”

This is a strategy for use on the local level to stop federal programs from being enforced on local communities against their will.

You see, every one of those laws passed in Washington must be enforced in your local community before it can affect your life. Most local officials think they have to go along – or “cooperate.”

So, as laws and regulations have been forced down our throats, there has been very little any of us could do about it…UNTIL NOW!

It is a little known fact that written into most laws is a provision that requires the federal government to “coordinate” with local and state governments before it can enforce a law.

Up till now that language in federal legislation about “coordination” has been interpreted by the states and communities to mean nothing more than to “cooperate” or “consult.”

In other words, it has come to mean that the local or state government is simply a slave to the dictates of the federal government.

But if the local government is on its toes and carefully examines the legislation – it finds that is not a slave – but is actually an equal partner – if they demand it.

In other words, the way federal law must be written – according to the Constitution – any local unit of the government, from city council, to county commissioners, to the school board – or any unit of local government – can demand an equal seat at the table to decide if federal rules should be applied to that community.

If the community then decides not to accept that regulation over its jurisdiction it can refuse it.

That’s “Coordination.”

Does that sound to far fetched to be true?

Then here is a shocking bit of information for you.

Coordination is the exact tactic used by three small communities in Texas to stop the Trans Texas Corridor
just a year ago.
It is a little known, but dramatic story about how this massive, unpopular international highway was stopped – even after the Texas Governor and his all-powerful Department of Transformation had ignored the efforts in the State Legislature to vote to stop it. 

Even after massive rallies were organized to protest its building, still the Trans Texas Corridor marched on – seemingly unstoppable.

But, finally, the mayors of three tiny communities directly in the path of the Trans Texas Corridor organized with the city councils and the school boards and demanded that the Texas Department of Transportation “coordinate” it plans to build this massive highway through their communities.

And that’s exactly what the Department of Transportation had to do – by law. And in the end, the State of Texas had to stop its efforts because these tiny communities refused to let the Trans Texas Corridor pass though them.

That’s the power of “Coordination” and it is now being used in communities across the nation to stop the tyranny of federal mandates.

Yet Coordination is almost a secret in most of the country.

Now I can offer you a very special manual to teach you how to use this power in your community.

It’s called “Coordination: A Strategy for Local Control.”

The manual explains in detail,

  • What is Coordination.
  • Why federal agencies must accept it.
  • The near hidden language in federal laws that mandate “Coordination”
  • A step – by step plan to organize the process in your community.
This special report was written and provided to me by my close friends at American Stewards of Liberty (ASL). They are the ones who actually discovered and created the “Coordination” process. They are the recognized experts. 

Now, for the first time, I can offer you their incredible action plan – “Coordination: a Strategy for Local Control” for FREE!.

You can use it to organize to take back control in your community.

You can share your manual with your local elected officials to arm them to fight back. .

This will be one of the most valuable weapons you have ever had to fight back, counter the massive power of the federal government and take a giant leap to restore the Republic.

So that’s two of the most valuable tools you have ever had to take America back from those who seek to destroy it.

So here’s the deal!

I will send you a copy of both reports, “Why the 17th Amendment Should Be Repealed and How to Do It” and “Coordination: A Strategy For Local Control” – ABSOLUTELY FREE- with a one-year on-line subscription to The DeWeese Report for just $30. Yes, in ADDITION to your valuable DeWeese Report subscription for one year (12 issues), you get this incredible, one-of-a-kind report described at the beginning of this letter.

The DeWeese Report is unique to any other publication. It’s dedicated to the cause of freedom and exposes anyone or any organization that threatens it – be they Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative.

Over the past year, in the pages of The DeWeese Report, I’ve been the first to reveal stories like these:

  • The drive to create an “International” ID surveillance system and how the use of biometrics can make you a prisoner in your own country.
  • In fact, I was the first to report on the Department of Homeland Security’s confidential report that said if you advocate your belief in the Constitution – then you are a potential terrorist – really — it said that.
  • The real agenda behind “education reform.” It isn’t academics – but behavior modification.
  • For 18 years I have been reporting on the dangers of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development – my reports are now flying through the Tea Party Movement as Americans are finally catching up to what my readers have known all along.
  • Last year I blew the lid off a dangerous plan to call a Constitutional Convention that would mean the death to our precious founding document. Today, there are powerful forces still calling for a Con Con and I am on the cutting edge, exposing them, naming names and trying to stop it.
There simply is no other publication that gives you such cutting edge information like The DeWeese Report. 

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With more and more Americans finally looking for ways to stop the massive growth of government, these two special reports offer all the facts to answer the questions as to how America is being changed before our eyes – and – more importantly – how to stop it.

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I urge you to act quickly. Government is eating up our liberties rapidly, destroying our economy, grabbing our private property, and causing unnecessary shortages of energy – causing a rapid rise in costs.

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Tom DeWeese
Editor/Publisher, The DeWeese Report

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Tom DeWeese
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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.