The Most Dangerous Man In The World

Ed Note: This is a speech I first gave to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in 1996, just four years after the UN’s Earth Summit in Rio. At the time I gave this address there were strong indications that Maurice Strong could be chosen as the next UN Secretary General. It didn’t happen, but that didn’t diminish his influence over the body. In fact, In 1996 all roads in the UN led to Maurice Strong. This speech represented the first time that the CPAC audience and most conservatives had ever heard of the radical agenda of the environmental movement. It was probably the first time the term Sustainable Development was ever heard by a conservative audience. In fact, at the time I gave this speech, environmentalism was the most popular and most powerful movement in the world. Yet, here, 15 years before “Climategate” I was revealing the very root of what was to become the “Climate Change” movement and its drive to destroy the industrial West. By the way, tapes of this speech became the most popular of any ever produced by the American Policy Center and continues to be one of our best sellers. TD

Let me begin by asking you a few questions. They may seem rather silly – but I have a point. So, please, just indulge me for a moment – just answer with a show of hands:

How many of you know of Adolf Hilter – and that he was evil? How many of you know Mao Tse Tung – and that he was evil? How many of you know of Lenin and Stalin – and that they were evil?

How many of you know of Maurice Strong – and that he is evil?

There is the point of my questions. Maurice Strong has the potential to be the most powerful and most evil dictator the world has ever known – right now – today – in our day and age – and yet, most of you have never heard of him.

So let me sound the warning bell – loud and long. Maurice Strong will, in all likely hood be the next Secretary General of the United Nations.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m talking about the subject of the United Nations when this panel is about the assault on property rights. What does Maurice Strong have to do with American property Rights? Everything.

The assault on property rights – in fact the entire radical environmental agenda – is being driven by the United Nations. And Maurice Strong is the number one force behind UN environmental policy. Maurice Strong is the leader of a radical contingent of Environmentalists that believe technology and modern industrialization must be stopped.

Does that sound overstated or too extreme? Well, let me read you a much more radical statement and these are not my words – they’re Maurice Strong’s:

In 1992, Strong told a UN conference…:“It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work place air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

Now, let me explain this new term “Sustainable” that you will see popping up in environmental policy more and more. Radical greens believe that all of man’s activities on Earth are harmful (and therefore not sustainable). They believe that man is a cancer on the Earth. Their goal is to slowly cut back and finally end all development and reduce human habitat to specific areas while the rest of the world is turned into wilderness.

Maurice Strong and his buddies are the driving force behind a ndw age pagan religion known as Gaia. It is pure nature worship. Strong owns a 63 thousand acre ranch in Colorado called Baca Grande that will never be bothered by the Forest Service or the Army Corp of Engineers. Because Baca Grande is the Mecca for Gaia worshippers and mystics. Here, Strong has built a temple to a Babylonian Sun God. Baca Grande, Strong believes, is the “Vatican City” of the New World Order.

Maurice Strong is also a director of the Temple of Understanding in New York City, where pagan rituals and earth worship include escorting sheep and cattle to the alter for a blessing. Elephants and camels walk the aisles. A soprano sax is used to create the sound of the wolf moaning its extinction at the hand of man. Here, Vice President Al Gore delivered a “sermon” as worshippers marched to the alter with bowls of compost and worms.

This wacky scene is the basis for today’s environmental agenda that has grown way beyond a call for clean air and the recycling of plastic bottles and newspapers. In Maurice Strong’s Gaia- driven world – it’s OK for a beaver to build a dam – but not man. It’s OK for a bear to fish in the lake – but not man.

It’s OK for a wolf to eat meat (especially if it’s the farmer’s sheep – but not man. Suffice it to say that no human activity is “Sustainable.”

So, when Maurice Strong speaks of Man’s consumption of meat, the use of air conditioning, or the ownership of suburban housing, can there be any doubt what he plans for the future? Can there be any doubt where he intends to take the United Nations once he’s Secretary General?

Maybe this will make it clearer. In yet another interview, Maurice Strong said, “It is not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation states, however powerful.” That’s the Constitutional sovereignty of the United States he is talking about. And what does he plan to do about it?

You may have heard recent reports that the United Nations is floating the ideas for global taxation to fund the UN’s activities. There has been a lot of whining that the UN can’t live on its members’ contributions and that sound economics demand that it find an independent way to sustain itself. The media is reporting these taxation ideas as just possibilities. But the plan is very well along toward implementation, and Maurice Strong is the driving force behind it.

Strong said in 1994 “the 50th anniversary of the UN provides a unique opportunity to restructure and revitalize the UN to prepare for the vastly increased role it must have as the primary multilateral framework of a new world order.”

Current UN plans call for a permanent volunteer army, conversion of the international monetary fund into a world central bank and the adoption of the concept of global taxation. Just one of Strong’s taxation schemes would pour over $1.5 trillion into UN coffers.

Now, it is extremist, radical fringe and politically incorrect to suggest that the United Nations is engaged in a drive for one world government. It is well known, – according to our president and the news media, – that the UN is only interested in promoting world peace and stability. So you won’t hear such radical statements from me.

But it does cause concern when a man, who believes that industrialized society is the most vile, evil structure on earth, is placed in charge of an organization, without general election, and that body is able to reap trillions of dollars of income, answerable to no one, with its own army, its own world bank and treaties signed by every nation on earth giving it control over policy and development.

And the United States has signed such treaties – lots of them – with many more pending. And the Clinton administration is using every means necessary to assure all such UN treaties are signed into American law. And virtually all of Strong’s ideas and beliefs are reflected in those treaties. Maybe I’m just paranoid – but all of that concerns me.

But there’s more – Maurice Strong, the man who will soon rule the United Nations’ empire, the man who will control the UN’s army and its massive income and will be unelected by any of us – wants to write a novel.

During an interview for “West” magazine, Strong mused about the plot of his novel. It reveals much about how the man thinks.

According to Strong’s book idea, each year, world leaders would meet in Switzerland for an economic forum. These leaders would decide that the only way the planet could survive would be for the rich nations to voluntarily agree to reduce consumption. Strong goes on to explain that, in his novel, the rich countries do not sign such agreements, so the world leaders decide the only way to save the planet is to bring down industrialized societies.

They create a secret society and place its members in strategic government positions and at the helm of critical financial institutions. Then at meetings of the forum in Switzerland, mercenaries are hired to hold the world leaders hostage while the members of the secret society proceed to crash the world’s economy by jamming the gears of the commodity and stock markets preventing any of the world’s markets from closing.

Within hours, “the rich countries…” Strong stopped the story and flicked his fingers as if he were tossing a cigarette butt. – gone.

Maurice Strong today controls the UN’s Business Council for Sustainable Development. It is a hand picked group of 50 of the world’s most powerful business leaders. Among them: Kenneth Derr of Chevron and William Ruckleshous. Both Derr and Ruchelshous now serve on the President’s Council on Sustainable Development.

Within the next few weeks President Clinton will announce the report on his Council on Sustainable Development and that will become Clinton’s blue print for environmental policy. This document comes straight out of the United Nations. – straight out of the cunning mind of Maurice Strong.

That environmental policy calls for turning 50% of every American state into wilderness, it will destroy industry and jobs and take away private property rights. And it will tie American sovereignty directly to United National policies. It has nothing to do with preserving clean air and water. It has everything to do with Maurice Strong’s demented drive for power.

Throughout history tyrants have sought to rule the world. Always their efforts to achieve that goal have brought harsh dictatorship and misery. Always men have asked how these mad escapades were possible. America was created to prevent it.

Hitler, Mao and Stalin were amateurs compared to Maurice Strong – because he’s well on his way to world dictatorship without ever firing a shot.

The biodiversity treaty and UN Heritage Sites are being implemented on American soil right now. And property owners are already suffering as environmental policies are taking their land and their jobs.

There is only one way to fight back. Only one way to stop Maurice Strong’s Drive for power. In this day of MTV politics and 10 second sound bite policy statements let me give you a sound bite as the solution. Shout it from the rafters. Demand it of your elected representatives. Make it your personal political goal.

(you can say it with me) Get the United States out of the United Nations.

(say it again as loud as you can) Get the United States out of the United Nations. And keep saying it until someone hears you.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.