Announcing Sustainable Freedom Lab (SFL)

It’s time to turn the tables on Agenda 21

I’m excited to tell you this news.

I have joined in partnership with fellow activist John Anthony – and together we have created a new and exciting way to stop Agenda 21 in its tracks,

Together we’ve created the Sustainable Freedom Lab. And I believe that it will turn the fight against Agenda 21 on its head!  Over the next several months SFL will produce a series of training programs over the Internet.

I want to invite you to join John and me for these Internet presentations.

As activist Karen Bracken has said, “Tom and John have traveled the country and developed new answers based on the input from Freedom Fighters. This is not more of the same old information.”  

Learn all the details on how to use these exciting new tools on our first SFL Webinar October 9th at 7PM (EST), Second airing October 13th at 10AM (EST) and the third airing on October 14th at 4PM (EST). Register here.

You will learn:

  • An introduction to Agenda 21 that encourages people to want to learn more.
  • New skills and information to fight back against planner’s slick presentations and cherry-picked surveys.
  • How to help public officials in their struggle to manage legitimate duties while identifying the threat of “social planning.”
  • How to overcome public officials’ resistance to learning about the risks of sustainable development, regionalism and social equity.
  •  How to win over community members and work together to manage unfair planning meetings.
  • A simple technique to force planners, agencies and non-profits to expose how their plans take away citizen’s choices.

In this first webinar you will see actual video of a county commission meeting featuring an SFL activist presenting an incredible new tool for property rights protection – the “Planners Resolution to Protect Property Rights.” We’ll show you how it’s used and how it affected these County Commissioners. Our activist said they were like “deer caught in the headlights!” it’s that effective.        

John and I have designed these monthly Internet programs to help activists from across the nation learn new winnable tactics in shutting down Sustainable Development in your town.

As activist Lisa Martin says, “I hope you’ll watch this. Tom and John really have changed the direction of this fight.”

However, SFL is more than a webinar. It will be a total process that trains and organizes activists and works directly with elected officials and planners to recognize and stop the threat of sustainable development.

And by registering for each SFL webinar you will be doing much more than training. You will be helping to provide the tools we’ve always needed to win. Here’s how: Part of our plan (if enough people sign up) is to use the proceeds from your registration to:

  • Organize a network of elected officials to help them interface, share, and assist one another as they face those working to use them to enforce Sustainable Development.
  • Establish a legal defense fund.
  • Create “SFL Response Teams.”
  • Create a network of trained field coordinators.

Until now, we have been struggling to play catch-up to planners, NGO’s and government agencies. The question we must ask now is – will we continue to accept business as usual or are we going to change the game? SFL has the answer.

Nothing like SFL has ever been possible before.  We’ve heard your pleas for help, along with the growing frustration and despair from property owners. Now, with the creation of SFL, that’s all about to change. We finally have the answers, the tools and the cadres of activists we’ve so desperately needed.

Register now: Watch the program right in front of your own computer. But don’t watch it alone! We urge you to invite 5 or ten of your friends and fellow activists. Share the registration fee. Make it part of your group’s research and training. Use the program for your entire group to watch the seminar and then take action together. You can share the one connection fee of $99.

Together, John Anthony and I have created a plan which will turn the tables on the Sustainablists and electrify our movement!

With 20 years experience in the fight to stop Agenda 21, I truly believe that by working together, with new tactics and a new attitude, we will win.

Please join John and me in this exciting opportunity to change – and win –  the battle to restore American freedom. 

Register here. 

For more details please go to our new website:


Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.