Webinar #7: Ghosts of Property Rights Past!

December 14th at 6PM EST

It’s Christmas time and so it’s time to expose how the Government’s Scrooge is stealing private property!!

This presentation will feature four victims of private property rights grab and government corruption. One of the main reasons we oppose Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policy is that it builds massive government power and corruption, most often felt directly by property owners.

Too often we focus on these policies in official forums and meetings. But we can’t forget, the victims of such policy are real, flesh and blood people who have had their lives and dreams shattered. They didn’t ask for this to happen. How are they impacted? What do they do now that the massive force of government has targeted them? How do they fight back?

Here are a few of the victims I will feature on December 14th: 

Martha Boneta, Farmer: Fauquier County, VA An organic farmer who was put under siege by a tyrannical environmental land trust working in collusion with county government to take her farm – because she stood up to them to defend her property rights. She has endured threats of $15,000 per day fines, an IRS audit and massive legal expense.

Jennie Granato, Homeowner: Montgomery County, Ohio Lives in a 150 year old farm house. Suddenly the Regional Government announced, not only the widening of the road in front, but the including of a bike “highway” that would take out her entire front yard and run within seven feet of her front door. No protest she made moved the government to even consider what they were about to do to her life. As the bulldozers arrived and destroyed her front yard, including her mother’s beloved Magnolia tree, from the shock, her mother suffered a heart attack and died. Her land is now worthless for any purpose.

Travis Geary, Landowner: Augusta County, VA Suddenly discovered that Dominion Power intends to run a natural gas pipeline from West Virginia to North Carolina, straight through his property. It will start with a 200 foot wide path of destruction for the construction area, resulting in a permanent 75 foot wide easement that will severely restrict his ability to use the land while still required to continue paying full taxes on it. Geary has found that the power company has alternatives to the route over public land, but green pressure groups won’t allow it, so the easy path is across private land where landowners lack the organization and money to fight.

Willets Point, New York City  An entire ethnic community is set for annihilation because New York City has decided it should no longer live. Set in the shadow of Citi Field stadium, where the Mets play baseball, the Willets Point community is to be replaced with more parking lots and a shopping mall. It’s a unique neighborhood with history and character. But it’s being strangled, services cut, roads almost un-drivable as they are left unpaved, all done to force people to leave so corrupt government officials in partnership with private developers can pad their pockets with their private land. It’s the classic ploy being used by governments across the nation to control land.

That’s why you need to join me in these monthly American Policy Center-sponsored Webinars to STOP AGENDA 21.

We’ve started at the beginning to teach an introduction to Agenda 21. And each month we will get more and more detailed into the issue and the tactics necessary to fight.  And if you missed the first six APC webinars they are archived on the APC web site:  www.americanpolicy.org/webinars

The battle to stop Agenda 21 is heating up in communities across the nation. Every American must learn of the dangers and how to stop it.

Here is your call to action! 

Join me on December 14th for this next important installment.

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Now is the time to Stop Agenda 21 and restore American Freedom!

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.