Never Underestimate the Power of a Pebble in Your Shoe

A plan to Stop Agenda 21

Thousands of grassroots activists across the nation have taken up the fight against Agenda 21 and its policy of Sustainable Development.

Where once there were only a very few of us speaking out against this “comprehensive blueprint” for the complete transition of American society, now hundreds speak in meetings and testify in legislative hearings.

We know it is an assault on property rights, energy use, building development, even education and health care. The policy’s impact is massive and, to many, overwhelming.

Yet, our voice of opposition continues to be ignored. We get the roll of the eyes, the snide remarks, the accusations of conspiracy theorists and fringe fanatics. They smirk. They laugh and they move forward with their plans conceived in the back rooms out of sight of a sleeping public.

How can we stop it? Where do we start?  How do we overcome the almost unlimited political power and funding controlled by the other side?

I have fought this mega-force for over 20 years. I have been thrilled to see our little rag tag band of grassroots activists score enough victories to make the planners and Non-governmental organization (NGOs) very nervous.

But it’s not enough.  They continue, regardless of opposition because we fail to make them feel pain for their actions. They suffer no personal or political consequences, even when their plans go so very wrong.

We need a plan. We need to organize the many individual activists into one mighty fist of opposition. We need to show the planners that their actions have consequences that are forcing American citizens to suffer.

I have such a plan. It’s divided into three sections:

  1. Activist organization, training and recruitment
  2. Legislative action
  3. Outreach to the general public
I have used my own 47 years of activist experience to design this plan. And, in preparing it, I have reached out to some of the most successful leaders and elected representatives to help me perfect it. Above all, while fully aware that there are other things that can be done, given our limited resources, I know that I can put my plan in place almost immediately, if I have the necessary funds in hand.

Here is an outline of the plan that I believe will finally produce substantial victories in the battle to finally stop Agenda 21.

1. National Training Seminar

A gathering of national leaders, activists, and elected officials to create a plan of action, prepare legislative language, and open lines of communications to organize the nationwide fight to stop Agenda 21. This will not be a conference where attendees sit in an auditorium and listen to speakers. This will be a series of working sessions.

Elected representatives (city council, country commissioner and state legislator levels) will meet in sessions to network, and work to create effective language for various legislation designed to protect property rights and stop Agenda 21.Sustainable Development programs.

Meanwhile, activists from across the nation will meet in concurrent sessions to learn new organizing tactics and tools for effective ways to fight pro-SD programs and to effectively support elected officials who introduce pro-property rights/anti-Sustainable Development legislation.

In addition, activists will learn to use new methods to create precinct organizations to build a permanent infrastructure to support and elect candidates who oppose Agenda 21.

Bottom line for both of these sessions is to create a plan of action to write and introduce effective legislation and to then prepare a strong force of support in each legislative body to help pass it. Ion addition, we will build a permanent local precinct structure for local and state election victories.

2. Agenda 21 Video to every elected official   
A 15 minute video prepared specifically for elected officials entitled “Your Actions Have Consequences.” This video will be narrated by an elected official and it will detail the dangers of planning programs that are being used to change our American system of government and the consequences of sustainable development programs they are enforcing.

The video is to be sent to every Member of Congress, Governors, state legislators, mayors, county commissioners and city councilmen in the nation.

Proponents of Agenda 21 have buried our elected officials under tons of information to promote their agenda. Yet, many still say they have never heard of Agenda 21. Others fail to understand it.

3. Field Coordinators in every region (4)
There are dedicated activists throughout the nation who are ready to organize against Agenda 21 in their communities. But they lack the knowledge of how to get started. APC will provide field coordinators who will answer the call. They will establish a presence in every region of the nation and will go into a community to work directly with local residents (or state organizations) to provide leadership, materials and strategy for countering the pro-Agenda 21 forces at work there.

4. Website Clearing House listing pro-property rights/anti-Agenda 21 candidates, organizations and activists nationwide    

How do activists know which candidates to support in any election cycle? Politicians are always trying to say the popular thing to any group they are addressing? But all too often, once elected, they do the opposite when faced with policy decisions.

The American Policy Center will create a special web site to act as a clearing house for such information on candidates across the nation, at every level of government.

Many organizations send out questionnaires and polling to provide such information. But there is no central clearing house where activists can easy gain access to the data.

The site will also list contact information for activists and organizations in states and local communities so those concerned with fighting such policy can easily connect and network with like minded activists. The site will also list any recent activities taking place in each state.

Providing a steady stream of up-to-date information, successful legislation victories and new tactics are the key to exposing and defeating Agenda 21. It is imperative that APC have the very best flow of information to feed to the media, elected officials and the public in general.

5. Reaching out to the general public with the Stop Agenda 21 message:  A national television ad campaign to build support for property rights victims   
Americans have been emotionally moved by ads on television depicting the plight of neglected dogs and cats. However, there is much more unseen suffering taking place across the nation by human property owners. These are our friends and neighbors, suffering ad the hand of their own government. Shattered dreams, destruction of homes, families, businesses, even whole industries, are the result of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policies.

Yet most Americans remain ignorant of such disasters. Rarely does a news program talk about the plight of property owners. By making the American public aware of this plight, we can create awareness of the consequences of these outrageous policies and gain a lot of support in our fight to stop Agenda 21.

To that end, the American Policy Center plans to produce an ad similar to the animal ads, complete with a depiction of the victims and with original music that tells the story. The song, “Shattered Dreams” has been written and recorded by singer/song writer Susan Toms. Readers can see the rough draft of the ad here:

Regardless of the great divide in this nation, one thing remains. People are fair-minded and react to injustice. Our ads are designed to reach out to the average American and show them how their neighbors are hurting. That is a powerful message we intend to tell.

In addition, as part of the outreach to the general public, APC has created an international symbol for Property Rights Freedom. That symbol will be used by every activist group fighting Sustainable Development world wide. It will be used in our ads, publications, web sites and correspondence to show we are united.

In addition, as we build support for property rights freedom among the business community, we will ask them to display the symbol in their advertising to let people know they support our cause. To gain the right to display the symbol will require signing agreement to a Property Rights Statement of Principles.

These then are the five points to my plan to fight and stop Agenda 21/Sustainable Development policy. Fully implemented, this plan will bring major changes to our fight and start us down the road to restoring local government control. And I believe that if we can restore freedom on the local level, then we can restore it as a nation.

But how do we make it happen? The budget for this plan is $500,000. That may seem like a lot of money for our little movement of dedicated activists, but it’s a drop in the bucket considering the millions of dollars controlled by the Sustainablists.

I need 100 volunteers – dedicated activists – who will take one very specific action. To raise the funds to make this plan a reality, I have created the “Living Room Money Bomb.” One hundred people, bringing their friends and neighbors into their living room for the sole purpose of teaching them about Agenda 21 and raising the money to make this plan a reality.

And I don’t expect these 100 people to do the talking. I will. It’s easy. I have recorded a one hour video presentation that tells the details of Agenda 21 and why it is such a threat. I then go through the plan to stop it and then I make the pitch for funds. It’s that simple. The full plan, video, and budget can be seen at

If each of the 100 “Living Room Money Bombs” raise just $5,000, I will have the $500,000 needed. Or, as one activist said the other night during a discussion of the plan, if activists in each state would raise a total of $10,000 per state, we would have the needed funds.

That is such a small number considering the entire nation and the thousands of dedicated Americans trying to save our Republic.

Of course, there are the doubters who don’t believe we have a chance of winning. They hang their heads in despair, crying that we have lost the Republic. They tell us that someone behind the scenes makes all the decisions. “They” decide the future of our lives goes the cry. How can we possibly compete with their billions of dollars, ask the doubters? How can we overcome their massive political power?

My plan is designed to play to our strengths of grassroots organizing. It uses assets that we already have – elected representatives who understand and are fighting from the inside of our government. Americans know something is very wrong in this nation, but many just don’t understand what it is.

This plan will unite us, train dedicated activists with new tools and new tactics, and bring together a great number of elected officials who want to do something, but now lack the ability or the knowledge. We will fix that.

Step by step, we will move forward, take the offensive and march inland to attack and destroy the Sustainable Development policies that are infesting every community in this nation. And we will help those officials who are blindly implementing Sustainable Development understand that their actions have consequences on American citizens.

And so, I’m looking for just 100 dedicated Americans who want to stop Agenda 21. All you have to do is go to and sign up to host a “Living Room Money Bomb” to help provide the resources I need to put this plan in place to defeat Agenda 21.  It’s that simple.

Yes, we’re small! Out numbered! Out spent! But, never underestimate the power of a pebble in your shoe, because a few pebbles carefully placed, after time, create a festering sore that can stop an army.  And that is exactly what my plan is designed to do.

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.