Reading to your children – the next taboo for Social Justice

Political correctness has been with us a long time; Social Justice for almost as long.  Many people did not understand the implications.  Many still don’t – some because they have been brainwashed to follow the crowd, some because they haven’t taken the time to think it out.  The article below is a good one to work with to show every person the fallacy and sickness of Social Justice (political correctness run amok).

Because some parents can’t/won’t/don’t read to their children at bedtime then no one should, otherwise that gives their children a leg up on the children who aren’t receiving their parent’s attention. Is there a single person out there who doesn’t see the irony in this?

Understand that Social Justice is not about equal rights but about everyone being equally dumbed down to the status of a global village idiot that doesn’t question authority and serves simply as a useful cog in the machine. No individuality. No human progress. And, apparently, no joy in the loving arms of your parents. That makes for a pretty grim future.
Reading to children at bedtime: ABC questions value of time-honoured practice
Daily Telegraph

THE ABC has questioned whether parents should read to their children before bedtime, claiming it could give your kids an “unfair advantage” over less fortunate children.

“Is having a loving family an unfair advantage?” asks a story on the ABC’s website.  “Should parents snuggling up for one last story before lights out be even a little concerned about the advantage they might be conferring?”

Kathleen Marquardt
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