Stop the Strong Cities Network!

You’ve been targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice as a threat to American cities!

That’s because Attorney General Loretta Lynch says you are an “Extremist.”

To protect yourself and your family it’s URGENT that you sign the attached petition to House Speaker Paul Ryan to demand that he take immediate action to force Attorney General Lynch to stop her threats against you NOW!

Here are the facts.

In September, 2015, at the United Nations, Attorney General Lynch announced that the United States is going to implement a new program called the “Strong Cities Network.”

This program is one of the most powerful and frightening threats to American freedom ever conceived.

In fact, I believe the enforcement of the Strong Cities Network is high treason to the Constitution of the United States!

Lynch makes the Strong Cities Network sound like a plan to help cities prepare to defend themselves against radical Islamic terrorist.

She said the Strong Cities Network is a plan for cities to join hands with others around the world to assure “extremism” is kept in check.

The truth is, the Strong Cities Network is the brainchild of a UN organization called the Institute for Strategic Dialog (ISD).

But according to the ISD, the target is what they call “Far Right Extremism.” In fact, the ISD actually thinks “Far Right Extremism” is actually a threat to Islam!

And what do they mean by “Far Right Extremism?”

The ISD, and now Attorney General Lynch (representing the government of the United States) are “alarmed” about Conservative opposition to illegal immigration and our opposition to the nation being flooded with radical Islamists.

They call that “Far Right Extremism” and a ”threat to world peace.”

Do you oppose illegal immigration?

Do you oppose the invasion of radical Islam into our country?

Do you oppose the enforcement of Sharia Law in the United States?

Then you are a direct target of the Strong Cities Network.

Some now believe that this Obama-backed program will result in a United Nations police force on American soil.

I don’t know if that will happen. But I do know that at this very minute, the Southern Policy Law Center (SPLC) is conducting training seminars for our local police forces to teach them about how to combat Domestic Terrorism.

In 2010, The SPLC issued a report entitled “Rage on the Right: The Year in Hate and Extremism.” What did they describe as acts of hate and extremism?

Opposition to Obamacare. Opposition to illegal immigration. Opposition to abortion. Opposition to gun control. Opposition to big government.

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And the Southern Poverty Law Center has contracts with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to define and target extremists.

Apparently the SPLC’s brand of extremism doesn’t include beheadings; burning people alive’ drowning them in a cage as they are slowly lowered into a pool; or targeting people of specific religions, such as Christians.

No – people like you are considered much more dangerous than radical Islamist terrorist, according to Loretta Lynch and the Strong Cities Network.

Do you understand? The Strong Cities Network is Obama’s response to your opposition to his policies.

The Strong Cities Network is designed to be a blockade around you!

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That’s why I call it treason. Treason to the Constitution. Treason to every right and freedom America has ever stood for. It must be stopped now, before it can be fully implemented.

If you think this is simply a hollow alarm or a conspiracy theory, let me tell you, the American cities of New York, Denver, Atlanta and Minneapolis have already joined the Strong Cities Network. That means millions of Americans are already under its direct threat.

We cannot let this threat grow. It must be stopped.

That’s why it is urgent that you sign the attached petition to House Speaker Ryan to demand that he take immediate action to stop this monster now, before it can gain a foothold across the nation – before there are UN police patrolling our streets.

You may think that signing such a petition does no good. But I assure you that if thousands of Americans suddenly demand action – that demand is heard.

APC was able to get the SPLC to back down when it labeled Dr. Ben Carson an extremist. We did it by making a major protest.

APC has led the fight to get over 150 cities to drop their memberships in the UN group ICLEI, as it attempted to enforce Agenda 21 on them. In fact, the head of ICLEI USA reported that he is terrified of our movement because we made their very name political poison and they can’t get new American cities to join them!

With enough protest now, we can get those same cities to fight enforcement of the Strong Cities Network.

That’s what we can accomplish if we fight!

If we do nothing, then we will see our freedoms destroyed under this tyranny.

Please don’t let that happen. Please sign your petition to Speaker Ryan to demand that he take action to stop the Strong Cities Network.

We can win this fight.

And please, help me and APC lead this fight by supporting APC with your dollars. Your financial support is the only way I have to fund this effort. APC is effective. APC is a leader in the fight for freedom.

Together you and I can and we will stop the Strong Cities Network.

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Thank you,

Tom DeWeese

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.