Stand with us against Agenda 2030!

As you know for more than 24 years APC has led the fight to expose and stop the UN’s Agenda 21 and its Sustainable Development policy. For most of those years it has been a very lonely battle, with few victories to show for my efforts.

Elected officials have ignored the warnings. Property rights have been destroyed.

People have less and less access to their government as non-elected boards and regional government rules the day.

Powerful special interests and planners operate in the dark of backrooms.

The size and power of government have soared. And certainly our nation has been transformed.

The situation became even more dangerous last year as the United Nations rebooted Agenda 21 into Agenda 2030, determined to finish the job.

Barack Obama is leading the way, using the EPA as his main weapon, killing industry, destroying jobs, grabbing power over every aspect of our lives.

The Agenda 21/2030 forces are now convinced that we cannot stop them. During those “wilderness years,” when few were listening to my warnings, I refused to give in.

I traveled the nation, speaking out. In just one year I gave over 100 talks in 35 states. And that pace continues. I hit the air waves on radio. I appeared several times on national programs like Fox News.

As I spoke out a wave of activism followed in my wake. A firestorm broke out in Spokane, Washington. A teacher in Ohio used my materials to create a Stop Agenda 21 class. The state of Alabama passed an anti-Agenda 21 law. And the Republican National Committee added an anti-Agenda 21 plank to its platform.

I was instrumental in bringing the Tea party into the Agenda 21 fight. That helped bring in activists from all fifty states.

More importantly I made it my mission to create tools for activists to teach them how to fight back right in their own communities. APC’s “Stop Agenda 21 Action Kit” was, and is, the most comprehensive source of information ever produced on Agenda 21.

Last year I produced a series of ten Internet Webinars for activists. These featured some of the nation’s leading Agenda 21 experts.

And just a couple of months ago I hosted a special national teleconference call specifically for elected officials to bring them the latest threats and tactics.

These efforts forced pro-Agenda 21 groups to respond and attack me as a danger to their cause.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has produced at least four reports targeting me. They call me a domestic terrorist!

The American Planning Association, the largest Agenda 21 planning group in the nation, was forced to create a “boot camp” to retrain their people to deal with local citizen activists that I taught to oppose them.

One of our targets has been the UN-sanctioned organization called the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). This organization helped write Agenda 21 and then set off to enforce its policy in every community in the world. By 2011 more than 600 American cities were paying dues to ICLEI.

To date, APC’s efforts have resulted in getting over 150 cities to stop paying dues to ICLEI. That is an absolutely astounding fact.

The head of ICLEI USA expressed his fear of my efforts. He said, “We are terrified of them… we can’t get new cities to join us. They have made us political poison.”   That statement alone is a huge victory!

So why am I writing to you today, telling you all of these details?

Let me be blunt.

For years, many have considered the American Policy Center to be a nice, reliable little organization that does some good work.

Our supporters have been faithful to sustain us at that level. I have been grateful for that support and have done my best to carry out our programs with the limited funds we receive.

But, today, because I have stuck to this issue and never wavered, opposition to Agenda 21 is fast becoming the most important issue in the fight to restore America’s freedoms.

And the American Policy Center is THE recognized leader in this fight.

I am buried under calls and letters from people asking for help in their community. Now even elected officials are calling for help. That’s huge!

The amount of people visiting the APC Internet web site has doubled in just the past few months as desperate people are learning about us and downloading our Sustainable Development special reports and articles.

In short, the American Policy Center has become a big deal. We have become a national leader. And we are facing an opportunity that I have worked towards for over twenty years. Victory over Agenda 21.

But… as I face this avalanche of new found responsibility, I am struggling to meet it armed with the funding base of a much smaller organization.

Simply put, if I can’t raise more money to fund our new responsibilities, APC will have to stand on the sidelines and watch as this opportunity for victory is lost.

I need to produce and distribute more materials. A copy of my manual on Sustainable Development should be sent to every single county commissioner and city councilman in the nation. Every mayor and every state legislator should hear from us.

That’s just what our opposition has done. And that is why they’ve been winning over the past several years.

But there is no way APC can do that under our current funding. I can’t even consider it, even though I am getting calls daily from activists pleading that I do so. I have the materials – just not the funds to get them out to the public.

I have worked my whole life to reach this moment. I can see victory just over the next hill. But I don’t have the funds to get there.

As you know, APC receives no grants from large foundations or corporations and I would never accept grants from the government. So I have only those individuals who will voluntarily contribute to my efforts.

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But, whatever you and I do together – we must do it now. We cannot wait.  People across the nation are determined and ready to fight now.

We can’t miss this opportunity to strike a death blow against such a dire threat to our freedom.

I have never been more excited about our ability to win. We have ICLEI on the run. Elected officials are finally asking for our help.

But I must have the funds to fight it.

This is our issue.  We are the ones to fight it. This is our time.

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Please stand with me now.
Yours in Freedom,

Tom DeWeese

Tom DeWeese
[email protected]

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.